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A Good Morning for Armitage Admirers + Chicks Dig Glossy Armitage Lips!

It’s another great day for the Armitage admirers!

I’ll start with some yummy news.

It’s seems that Frenz has bagged an interview with Todd Garner.

He in the producer of the film Richard is shooting now called Black Sky.

You can also follow him of Twitter @Todd_Garner.

Garner has proven to be very friendly towards Armitage admirers, and has even tweeted the pic we’ve all been drooling cooing over.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to do a little cooing over Frenz.

As I tweeted earlier, out of all the American b*lls of Richard Armitage admirers, I think Frenz owns my favorite pair!

I can’t wait to read the interview 🙂

By the way, whenever the movie, and its lead Richard Armitage is mentioned, the following picture is used.

It’s interesting, as it shows our favorite desert trooper John Porter.

It makes sense you’d want Porter by your side with a natural disaster looming.

I would, however, go with the following image of Porter to promote Armitage’s involvement in the film.

His clothes just happen to have been blown away by the tornado 😉

A post written by Servetus reminded me of something I had been meaning to mention a while back.

I’ve seen North & South hundreds of times.

Each time I do, there are new things I observe, then there are those that always catch my eye.

One of the things that sticks out is just how glossy Thornton’s lips are in the scene where Nicholas Higgins comes to ask for a job at the mill.


I’m a bit fan of Smackers Grape Fanta  flavour lip balm, but in Thornton’s case, I’m guessing cherry 🙂

I can just imagine a make-up lady running up to Richard in-between takes, making sure that pucker if glossy, soft and kissable!

Some gals have all the luck…

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  1. I would love to do that job, and for free!! LOL

    • Me too! I’ve always said that a job where you get to put your hands on Richard’s face wouldn’t even need to be a paid one. I’d make sure tha foundation would be applied thoroughly!
      BTW, I would gladly share my Smackers with Mr Armitage 😉

      • LOL! I would be a perfect worker….from dawn to dusk…for board and lodging.;)

        • During the filming of Strike Back Porter probably needed regular suntan lotion applied so all that bare skin wouldn’t burn in that hot sun. No one contacted me, so i didn’t get a chance to send my CV as a pro skin lotion applier! So bummed about that!

  2. Ah ha…but just how would you share the lipgloss with Richard, I wonder? ;D

    There’s really no need to wonder, is there? 😉

  3. typo alert, girls….. 😀

  4. I would just make do with kissing those glossy lips……willingly on every occasion. Just trying to be nice…
    Have no idea what Smackers Grape Fanta flavour lip balm is, but next time I come around Boots I have a closer check…. Does it look like this girlie pinkish BICs you presented yesterday??? LOL

  5. Thank you for a lovely view to start my day, A! 🙂
    Coral Rush Juicy Tubes for me. No flavor, but oh so soft. 😉

    • Good choice! I’ve tried Juicy, but they are too sticky for me. I’m constantly talking, eating, smoking, so I can’t have anything lipsticky.
      I think we should hire Richard for an admirer lip balm tasting, and see which he likes the most 😉

  6. My day really starts after reading your posts and if it’s about our Richard… it’s even more special!!! 😉 Thank you!!!!
    Guess I have to watch N&S again!!! 😀

    • Good Morning Luciana! That’s lovely to hear! Servetus has some yummy Porter lips on her blog, and I thought maybe Thornton lips dererved a little recognition too 😉
      I was hoping to add a short clip of that scene, as pictures do not give the gloss justice. Alas, that is still beyond my skills, so you’ll have to go through the whole thing to be dazzled by the lip shine 😉

      • Thornton lips certainly deserved some recognition!! 🙂
        I’ll do a huge effort and watch N&S again, just pay attention to his lips… OMG, this is going to be a torture!!! 😀

        • Just fast forwars The Hale’s and strike scenes, and you’ll watch all the good bits in a little over an hour 😉 Unless you rewind all the hot Thornton scenes, then it may take closer to 6h.

    • No Frenz, Thank YOU! 🙂

      • No, thank, Todd Garner. I didn’t ask for an interview. I was just peddling my usual snark and also saying thanks to him for the picture. I really appreciate him offering to talk to me. A really nice guy!

        I’m working on my piece now. Will spend whatever it takes today to get it up for tomorrow. No cliffhangers this time. : D

  7. I’ve always thought he had really soft-looking lips–I bet he does treat them regularly with a bit of balm. 😉 YUMMMMY.

    • Absolute perfection. He seems like a water and soap kind of guy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually had an arrey of cosmetics to take care of his skin. I like macho men who fiddle with face creams 😉

  8. Want to really take a good look at his lusciously kissable lips? Want to fuel your imagination? Well look at what I found on my Tumblr feed this morning, from lovingdamonandelena’s blog!

    Sit down before you open it, though. ;D [You can thank me later for the tip. hahaha]


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