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Another fan encounter + Write me maybe, Richard!

I adore waking up to wonderful Armitage news.

Yet another fan got the chance to meet Richard.

Suzi describes her encounter at RAC (see pic below).

A huge Thank You to Suzi for sharing!

She says Mr Armitage is nothing special to look at, quite grumpy, refused autographs and pictures, and was a thoroughly unpleasant man.

OK, not really, but I think this encounter may break the back of some RA fans who long to meet him 😉


I live vicariously through other lucky RA admirers!

I’m still waiting on a message from Richard, although it seems that it’s the last days of shooting in one location, so things have been busy for our precious on the set of Black Sky.

My sister has another theory about why we haven’t received a post-Armitage Day message yet (apart from one simply never coming…).

Our fandom consists mostly of fab females.

In order to write a message to his female fans, Richard would require a set of:

Yes, ladies, our dreams have come true!

In many countries females were given the right to vote in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the good people at BIC finally realised we simply can’t use those ordinary masculine pens, that we are now able to exercise our rights.

The pens as slim (we are women after all, and that word should be our mantra), pastel coloured, and some swear that in the place of a dot, it draws little glittering hearts!

And no, they don’t vibrate…

I can hardy contain my joy, and I’m not the only one who’s bursting with pride and emotions!

Don’t take my word for it.

Read about the revolutionary aspect of *gulp* giving women a pens of their own, but be warned.

We ended up spending hours yesterday evening, crying with laughter.

After all, who thought it was a good idea to give a woman a tool that is mightier than a sword?

What’s next?

We leave the kitchen?

Get a job?

The mind boggles!

Thanks BIC for identifying my needs.

Now get Richard Armitage a set, pronto!

A nice set of pastel-coloured, super slim pens, to write a message that any average Mary, Jane and Sally can understand!

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  1. However will our dainty little hands find the strength to move even the slimline pen about the page. Things could get out of control and we might cause a smudge or worse, a blot. Whatever shall we do? Find a man to help us, of course. I hear Mr Armitage is asked by women all over the globe to handle a pen for them. Where is he, I need him now.

    • I know! Give a woman her own pen now, what’s next?
      They join that interweb thingy? It’s madness 🙂
      I’m not sure what I’d prefer. Me write, Richard read, or the other way around 😉 I’d sure love for him to handle my pen though 😉

  2. Poor Richard… so many expectations, dreams, wishes, fantasies… It must be tiring to be a fixed idea in most of our minds… LOL

  3. So funny Agzy ! Aaah the comments on Amazon are hilarious. Thank you BIC I couldn’t be happier ! They shouldn’t forget the Alpha males. I can’t wait for a “BIC for Him” !
    Richard, you are so beautiful to me on this picture !

    • I’d love to see the BIC for men. Khaki coloured, with car elements on them , shaped like t*ts 😉
      Richard really is beautiful in this picture, and we can even see a glimpse of a white vest under the blue shirt… not that I was looking…

  4. OMG What a beautiful day !!!! I woke up to a beautiful story with a beautiful man. I know now life will be more beautiful with a BIC for Her and ice on the cake ……. I’ve just received your BEAUTIFUL shopping bag !
    It is really great ! Thank you again and again Agzy and Seba !

    • I’m so happy Nadia! It is a glorious day! With the sun shining, and yet another Richard picture (which does things to me I can’t go into detail about…) It’s enough to make me want to break out in song! 🙂

  5. I absolutely LOVED reading about this fan encounter. Richard is a beautiful person, full stop. So happy for this fan. 🙂 🙂

    • Especially that you look at those pics and think: Yeah, I hit that! He cuddled me too, only tighter…
      He does seem like a good hugger. He’s very… hands on… in a good way, mind! I especially like how he wraps his arms around the person he’s been photographed with. I bet you haven’t washed that arm since Richard touched it. I wouldn’t LOL! I’d set it in a cast to preserve that touch! LOL!

  6. I love reading reading about these fan encounters. Especially when it seems like he goes out of his way to make a fans day. He could easily just walk by and wave and stick with what has been said by his assistant, but nope, the man is such class act!

    I saw the BIC pens thing last night and the Amazon comments had me literally laughing aloud. What were they thinking?! If you are going to cater a line of pens towards women, at least make them really fabulous. 😉

    • I know, they think an average woman would want a pen of a 12-year old 🙂 Really? Anyway, the comments had me in a fit yesterday. Poeple are so creative, but it also made me think how things have changed in the past decade or so. A few years ago this may have been seens as a good idea. Now it’s just odd and a tad offensive.
      Regarding Richard, He really is the most adorable man ever. He goes out of his way to say hello, and he always seems so kind. I need to get myself a husband though, if only to take him as backup when I meet RA. All the others seem to have done it, and it worked, so why mess with the system 😉
      A husband with a car and a camera is what I need!

      • I need the same, lol.

        • But it does seem a tad odd to only want a husband on the off chance you’ll get the possibility to meet Richard Armitage, and you’d want to appear less loony. What would you do with him the rest of the time? LOL!

          • Good question, lol.

          • My sentiments exactly!!!
            When reading about this new encounter this morning, a spontaneous notion came into my mind. It proves more and more to be true, that all our American spiritually akin RA-crazy sistas (!!!) seem to be married and therefore being at an advantage, whereas a lot of us European fans are not. Is this pure imagination of mine?? Finding a man/husband is going to be a hard job as the elegibility criteria nowadays are increasingly strict and the bars are set very high since our life-altering acquaintances with HIM!! Oh dear!
            What would we do with them the rest of the time???? A really important question and by no means should it be disregarded!! LOL (I DO NOT say now, that it is why we don’t have any man/husband!!!….Ha, Ha).

          • Maybe there’s just something wrong with European men? Maybe they aren’t very good marriage material for funky chicks like us?
            Anyway, I’d much rather hire an exotic dancer for the day to pose as my hubby while hunting down and meeting Richard. It’ll be cheaper, and I’d get to pick a real hotty. And while we wait for Richard to appear, he can do a dance or two. Mental note to self: Have plenty of banknotes that day 😉 Coins just slip out of the banana hammock, what with that rock hard body oiled down…

          • I’ve my doubts, whether our polite and modest man-of-desire would like to interrupt such a cosy get-together, when spotting you and the oily banana hammock dancer???…… 😉

          • Well, we really don’t know what he likes 😉 Maybe it would be the perfect setting to make him come even closer? LOL! Who doesn’t like a greasy muscle man, waxed all over, swinging his thingy in a pair of neon-coloured nylon? It’s like a car accident that’s just about to happen. You know you should look away, but you just can’t 😉

          • Confession: I actually DON’T like oily, greasy waxed-ALL-over muscle man. The operative word is ALL!! And neon coloured nylons.. Gosh Agzym! ALL this on a blameless thursday morning!!! Linda groans perceptibly…..

          • I think they are what men think women find attractive. Here’s what I think: Funny? Yes. Sexy? Hell NO!
            I once went to a show with male strippers. You know I’m not a prude, but I was just standing there embarrassed. The whole show activated a part of my grain that was very far from the part responsible for feeling attraction 😉
            I think even my gay guy friends find it all a little… greasy 😉

      • Hey Agzym!..if you want I can lend you well maintained but slightly used : 1.) car(Rover200-air conditioning works when windows are opened)
        2)Husbend(in quite good state)
        3)camera(pretty new-4 years old only;))

        • I have a car and a camera, but tell me more about that husband. He may come in handy when I need something fixed around the house, or a lightbulb changed 😉

          • Agzym I really love it when you speak frankly…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Just keeping it real 😉

          • Let me tell you that my hubby isn’t DIY, which is why I adore Mr.Armitage…to tell the truth most of my fantasies concerns our Rich …and my broken cabinets,locks,electrical outlets etc.;)

          • If only we could hire him out for a couple of hours to fix things around the house. The man who comes to my flat still wears his teenager jeans, but there’a huge beer belly hanging right above the trouser waist 😦 Not the sexiest look I’ve seen!

          • It seems that the same expert repaired my tap.;)
            People! Attenstion!..Polish plumbers do not look like those on posters distributed in France!;)

          • No, not at all like the ads for Sexy Polish plumbers! Either that, or all the hot ones have sod off to Great Britain! It’s all butt cracks while fixing taps over here 😉

          • Hahaha! exactly!. 😀

    • if pens were to be really fab for us ladies, they’d have their own shoe closets!

  7. Suzy was very lucky to meet him. Thanks for sharing the link. 🙂

    • Very lucky indeed, especially as it was the last day of shooting in that location. And we are almost as lucky to get the details of the meeting 😉

  8. Felicia Ontiveros

    I absolutely LOVE that picture of Mr Thornton and the quill pen! Wherever did you find it? It needs to be my new desktop wallpaper. 🙂

    • Thanks Felicia. I made that pic ages ago, on one of those fun photo effects websites, but i forget which one.
      I usually post these on my Tumblr, but it seemed fitting 😉

  9. Oh my…. what’s with the pens ?! How more sexist can it be ? Do they have a scent ? like, strawberry for the red, etc. And glitter, of course. Because, we, as woman, love glittery and perfumed pens 😀

  10. Usmiałam się ja norka cztając komentarze na Amazonie, ależ fajne muszą być te wszystkie baby! A słyszałam ze kobiety nie mają poczucia humoru i nie mają komediowych talentów.
    PS:Specjalna RAtorba dotarła 2 dni temu,dziekuję dopiero teraz bo przezywałam najazd kuzynki mojej Córki wraz z kilkoma koleżankami(nasz komputer i laptop męża przezyły parodniowy szturm:facebooki i farmy i Bóg wie co jeszcze).Dziękuje bardzo,torba wisi na widocznym miejscu,obrazek czeka na antyramę,Córa przewraca oczami(i chichocze z koleżankami) szanowny małżonek ciężko wzdycha.;)

    • Bardzo się cieszę. Ten obrazek jest moim ulubionym i myślę że może też bym sobie zrobiła taką, bo na razie szewc bez butów chodzi 😉
      W każym razie jak zobaczysz wariatkę niosącą torebkę z takim samym tornadem, to będziesz wiedziała że to ja 😉

      Albo możesz podejść i mnie po Rysiowemu uściskać, albo, co bardziej logiczne, zwiać gdzie pieprz rośnie, bo cholera go wie! LOL!

      • Jeśli ktoś rzuci Ci się na szyję…to JA!…..pamiętaj nie bij tej kobiety,nie wzywaj policji ani pogotowia, to Ja!. Będę Ciebie wypatrywać!;)

        • Hahaha, pastuchem też nie popędzę, ewentualnie torebkę bez bicia oddam, wraz z (pustą) portmonetką i telefonem 😉

          • Torebkę oddasz mówisz, hmmm to może być niezła sztuka znając Twój gust.Pewnie bym się połaszczyła.;)

          • Hahahaha to zależy od dnia 🙂 Może i jakaś reklamówka z Pewexu by się znalazła. Teraz to już retro, ale swego czasu! Fiu Fiu!

          • Ha! Pewexy!…Ziemia Obiecana!…jak dobrze ze to już historia(zamierzchła)
            Moja Córa ni w ząb nie rozumie o czym do niej opowiadam kiedy sobie wspominam..:D

  11. You guys are absolutely hilarious, but some of your comments are very hard to read Agzy as they appear in one long line (vertical)! Is it just my laptop or the browser I use(internet explorer)? Or have others experienced the same problem?

    • It’s the reply buttons!!!! It’s relatively ok on my laptop but absolutly unreadable on my smartphone. Thus the answer to this problem: Not that many replies ladies!!!! LOL


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