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If Sheriff Vasey was high in Nottingham, that would explain a thing or two…

I was meaning to write about this story over a month ago, but it got side-tracked.

It seems that Keith Allen, who is constantly described by British tabloids as ‘Lily’s Dad’, will be taking a cocktail of Class A drugs on British  TV.

Allen, who has a history of drug use, will be under strict doctor supervision.

This will be part of Channel 4’s Drugs Live, a program, which will be screened in the Autumn, that will examine the effects drugs like cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy have.

You can read more about it here.

I really don’t have an opinion regarding the program, and will reserve judgment until it airs, although it does seem like a very controversial idea, and no doubt will bring in plenty of viewers.

In a world where having sex live on Big Brother, and selling booze at petrol stations, is apparently OK, some may regard this next step as natural.

It did however get me thinking of Sheriff Vasey.

Talk about mood swings!

I wonder if Allen drew upon his experiences to add that note of drug-infused madness to the character.

An addiction to some mood-altering substance could explain his volatile behavior, controversial ideas, and why he was so prone to violence.

There’s a twinkle of madness in Vasey’s eyes.

Of course, his temperament, and horrible behaviour towards Guy of Gisborne, could simply be the result of a thoroughly nasty character.
Maybe the sheriff’s simply high on life, and drunk on power!

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  1. Like everybody, Vasey was a multifaceted character. In this case, for the evil. In relation to Guy, he was very manipulative, using Guy’s hate for Robin to reach his own purposes.
    In relation to Allen’s new program… what the heck this people are thinking? I wouldn’t affect me in any way, specially because I wouldn’t watch it, but don’t people deserve anything better? Probably the answer is: NO!!

    • It is a strange idea, and I think winning the ratings war is at the heart of the decision to air the show. But can you imgine Keith Allen high? Dear heavens, save us 😉 He’s a bit of a mad character on any given day.
      Let’s be honest, he’s hardly the first to be under the influence of drigs on telly, just the first to be honest about it, and make it a feature of a show.

      • You’re right!!! I think we are living a criativity crisis on TV and all we have is garbage!!! That’s why I rarely see TV… Anyway, I’m a drop in the ocean!! 😉

  2. I think Vasey was hitting the psychedelic mushrooms. Either that or the fumes from whatever they used to concoct his black nail polish had him high as a kite! 😉 I don’t know what to say about this new show. Educational or not, there seems to be something incredibly questionable about having people who’ve struggled with drug addiction taking drugs…doctor’s supervision or not.

    • LOL, watching him, and Guy at times, it does make me wonder if the water at the castle wasn’t contaminated by something 😉
      I agree that a former drug addict taking, say, cocaine on telly, even supervised by doctors, is still a dodgy idea.

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  4. Keith Allen has taken part in social experiments before, I can’t remember the programmes title but he lived alongside a family who had severe problems, he really tried to help and had some success with the younger members I came away with a degree of respect for him.
    I must get round to reading his autobiography, I believe its very ‘raw’

    • There’s somthing very refreshing about the Allen Family, they’re all a bit nuts, in a very interesting way. I didn’t know he wrote an autobiography, but that goes straight on my ‘must read’ list 😉


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