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Awaiting Richard’s 2012 Birthday Message to Fans

It’s one of those morning, where I really didn’t know what to write about.

I usually jot ideas on a piece of paper, and every morning a topic pops up, which I end up elaborating on.

Often the final product has little to do with the initial idea, but that’s what makes blogging fun.

Today is not the day to pull something from the ol’ list, so I’ll just write about what’s been on my mind since Armitage day.

Am I the only one who really just can’t freakin’ wait for Richard’s Birthday message to fans?

I haven’t noticed any chatter about, but I doubt it’s not crossed your mind.

If you don’t know what I’m on about, or if you simply want to read the messages from previous years, please go to Richard Armitage Online.

Ever since Armitage Day I’ve woken up, switched on my laptop, and I’ve been going through RA blogs in hopes of finding that posts are littered with a thorough analysis of a new RA message.

Last year we were lucky to receive one on the 25th of August.

If you’re new to the fandom, let me just write a few words about the thrill of learning Richard has once again connected with his fans, and has been gracious enough to send us a kind word or two.

The best word to describe the thrill is electric.

Reading it is like being struck by Armitage lightening, but in oppose to the real thing, this one is immensely pleasant.

You’re hands start shaking, body temperature rises, you start hyperventilating a bit, and you’re mesmerized.

To quote Edward Cullen:

“[it’s] like my personal brand of heroin” 

The thought had occurred to me that it’s awfully presumptuous to automatically assume one is coming.

I’m sure he’s busy on the set of Black Sky, what with all the hugging of fans 😉

The man is under no obligation to do anything of the sort, but deep in my heart I believe he understands how much it means to the Armitage fandom.

But if it doesn’t, I don’t think I’ll be the only one who feels like this…

What do you think?

Can we be expecting a post-Birthday message from  Richard Armitage in 2012?

Update: The pic up top is a treat from @todd_garner and shows Richard on the set of Black Sky.

Garner also tweeted another pic:

The guy is handsome, and I’m thankful he shoots all the risky scenes, so our precious doesn’t have to, but, if I’m honest, he’s no Richard 😉

Anyway, thank you Mr Garner, and keep those tasty RA snacks coming, as we all have one heck of an appetite!

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  1. Oh, Pinup Girl…give the poor man a chance! He’s working right now on a movie that has to be shot in 8 weeks, so there might be retakes to do every now and again which could necessitate long days into nights.

    I’m sure he won’t forget – it just might take him a little longer than usual to respond 😀

    • Far be it for me to be pushy *struggles to control laughing* but it’s not like a message takes ages to write. I’m not expecting it to come scribbled on a piece of parchment, in form of an Ode to Fans!
      By the way, if it does come in the next few days, you’ll never hear the end of it how I wished the message to come, and my longing heart brought it into being LOL!

  2. It has been five days and I guess it won’t come any more. We got one last year but not the years before, so there is really no rule. Hope I’m wrong, but I take his kindness towards visiting fans as his “message”.

    • I really hope you’re wrong, but I think you do too.
      I wouldn’t see meeting fans on set as an exchange for the message. It’s not like he asked the lovely fans to pass on anything to other Armitage admirers. I know last year was special and unexpected, but I had hoped it would become a tradition, like me gaining weight each summer 😉

    • kindness as msg: yes.

  3. My assumption was that we only got one last year because he was flooded with stuff for his 40th. There’s been some anticipatory / disappointed chatter on tumblr. I’d actually been thinking if we heard from him at all this year we’d be lucky — he’s *so* busy.

    • Didn’t we get 2 messages last year – in August and December? And that was the shooting of the Hobbit, so super busy time for Richard. I’m not really worried there won’t be a message soon. I think we were lucky every time a new one came anyway 🙂

      • yeah, but as someone pointed out, there isn’t always a birthday msg. And if he felt himself busy then, I feel sorry for him this year 🙂

  4. :D. ..a niech się wypcha sianem!;)…całkiem niezły ten jego zastępca.;)

  5. Each message from him is a real treasure, but I think he is too busy to write something. Besides, I think he still has a lot of unopened messages, and perhaps he will write as he’ll come back home. 🙂

  6. You’re not alone in waiting for a message. The idea also crossed my mind!! 😦 However, I guess we’re already lucky to be getting photos and some news from the fans who visited him in the set recently. 😀

    • I knew I wasn’t the only one 🙂 I’m not sure I can look at it in an either/or category. Meeting fans was one thing, and it made me very happy to read about them, but I would hardly imagine Richard thought- No message because a few fans got to meet me in person.
      Richard, write me! 😉

      • I doubt he thinks about it anywhere as much as we do 🙂

        I’ve always thought — if you want a message from the guy, do something really nice that he just can’t ignore. I assume most physical pkgs / letters / wishes went to London, but he’s not in London. My answer to this dilemma would be “gift bomb his JustGiving pages.”

      • Let’s try the power of positive thinking… LOL
        Everything is possible in this crazy world!!! 😉

  7. Agzym, just to let you know, I’m eagerly waiting for a message too!!! Sigh!!
    But of course you super-duper hardworking RA-bloggers sweeten the hunger for our sweetheart and make this waiting bearable. Thanks for the shout-out! Good job!! 😉


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