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The Perfect Hobbit première Companion for Richard

KRA Week is in full swing!

I hope you’ve given the Scavenger Hunt 2012 a try.

Day 3 questions were a killer, and I’ve been moaning about them ever since they broke this ignorant’s back 😉

I’ve answered the questions from the other days (correctly, so Yahoooo!), and decided to go back to Day 3 later.

The deadline is 3rd of September.

In other news, if you’ve enjoyed the wonderful work TORn has been doing, it’s your chance to give back.

RAFrenzy explains.

With the première of The Hobbit moving closer, and our excitement levels rising to disturbing levels, I was thinking about finding a date for Richard for the big red carpet event.

As far as I know, RA’s never taken a girlfriend or female companion to an event promoting the projects he’s been in, so I though it would be fun to pair him off.

Before some of you start huffing and puffing, and blowing this post down, let me explain.

Let’s stick this in the ‘Silly Sunday’ category.

Take one tuxedo-clad Richard, like so.

Take a few of the more interesting female characters who have appeared opposite an RA character.

I’ve decided to go for the less obvious choice for The Hobbit date for Richard.

So, let’s break all the rules, and transplant them into a reality where going to a première with Mr Armitage is actually an option.

You know, like you transplant yourself into a reality where Richard Armitage does his best Harry Kennedy impression, decides you’re the love of his life, and insists you marry him 😉

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Ros Myers


A very beautiful and intelligent woman

Richard could need the extra security at the première


Could beat RA to a pulp

Would probably be on a secret mission, therefore placing Richard in danger

Fanny Thornton


A good catch

The ultimate Milton party girl to rival Pris Hilton


The ultimate Milton party girl, probably mimicking Paris Hilton in her behaviour

Would draw attention to herself with her flashy clothes, nervous giggle, and superior manner

Would test the patience of a saint

Katie Dartmouth


Very intelligent, would have plenty of interesting stories to tell

Political and passionate


Political and passionate

The daughter of a very famous father, which could draw unwanted attention

Alice Tinker


She’d be ever so thankful for the chance to get out of Dibley and rub shoulders with celebs

She’s a good laugh, and once a tall handsome man explains a joke, she actually gets it

Good to have the descendent of Christ at an event like that


Richard would actually have to stand there while Alice annoys all the celebs

The pink anorak would clash with the red carpet



I’d be ever so grateful


Too many to mention 😉

These are a few of my suggestions.

Who do you think should be Richard’s date for the Hobbit première?

Just remember we are sticking with characters, and not actresses who play them 😉

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  1. Very funny, happy Sunday x

  2. This was sooooo funny, thank you for the LOLs!! Can’t he take Geraldine? She’d crack him up thereby defusing the tension of the situation! Or take Agzy so she can report back to us every minute detail from behind the scenes! 🙂

    • I tried to stay away from the obvious choices, although I’d take the Vicar, with JC’s divine intervention she could turn water into wine, and the party could just go on!
      I’d vote for Agzy too 😉 We’d give her a spy cam, and set her loose. Of course she’d get kicked out within minutes by security, for loud rawdy behaviour, but she thinks it’d be worth it!

      • Yes, sorry I skipped the bit in the post about staying away from the obvious choices! Oops…

        • Well, if you look at the women who end up on the red carpet, The Vicar wouldn’t be an obvious choice at all, which is sad! Can you imagine how the tabloids would rip into Richard for taking a plus-size woman as his date?
          An 18-year-old that hs the body of a pre-adolescent? No problem, great! But a curvy woman?
          BTW in Polish we call big women ‘fluffy’. It’s supposed to be cute…

  3. You are hilarious, darling! So much fun! x
    I’d give you my vote, definitely!

    • Thanks for the vote Hon! That make 2 for AgzyM. Woohoo! And that isn’t even counting MY vote! Hear that Richard Armitage? The people have spoken! Pick me up at, say, 8? LOL

  4. You get my vote too ! And don’t forget the spy cam and a bottle of polish vodka. I see you both staggering along the red carpet !!!

    • Unfortunately I’m not a happy dunk 😦 My body rejects booze, so I think I’d have to stay aways from more than a shot or two. Plus a drunk person manning the spy cam might not be good as you’d get exclusive footage at the red carpet. Literally, hours of what the lens pointed at the carpet picked up 😉 Plenty of nice shoes though, I’m sure LOL!

  5. Never mind the Cons.. You still get my vote! LOL

  6. I don’t see any cons in taking you to the première. You are unique!!! 😀

  7. My order of dates: 1) ME, 2)YOU, 3)Gisbornesboy 4)Merguy 5) Judit 6) Nadia 7) Summer, 8) Luciana. WOuldn’t that not be amazing. Think of all the photos and inside information we would get!!

    • Thank you for putting me on the list! I’m very honoured, gracie! 🙂

    • I ALMOST love that list, I’ll just make a little change and it’ll be perfect 😉 I think we should all get pimped out, and go with Richard as his entourage. Doesn’t every superstar have one? I’ll even get a grill on my teeth to look extra cool! The one with little emeralds in it, so I look like I have spinach stuck in my teeth!

  8. So funny, Agym! I think I’d vote for Alice, simply because I’d hope she’d bring along some Daleks. How fun would that be?

    • I really like this option, and here’s why.
      Alice nicks stuff. You need toilet paper? Just tell Alice, boom, there you go. You need to re-carpet your living room. Boom. Will red do? She can fit an amazing amount of stuff in that hot pink anorak. You place your order, Alice will get it for you. She’s a bit like IKEA, but with super-sticky fingers!

  9. He should take his mom!

    • This is a great idea, Servetus!
      I actually had to google who Fanny Thornton is, as this womanon this pic looked so unfamiliar to me. Oh, she has changed a lot!! Does she still have this squeaking voice?

      • Yes, she has changed a bit, but then I don’t look like I did 10 years ago either 😉 I love Fanny, she annoying as all hell, but adorable at the same time!

    • That would be so sweet. 🙂

      If Mum Armitage couldn’t go, A, you get my vote. I think we’d get an amazingly unique perspective on the event! *giggle*

    • I’d really love to see that, but I think Mrs Armitage probably values her privacy. That would be an amazing treat for her, though!

  10. I give you my vote too, Agzym. I think RA would have so much to laugh about with you, that he would forget all about the red carpet and premiere.
    Oh, but then I could not get a glimpse of him in photos of the event, so perhaps, I rather follow Servetus’ suggestion ;o)

    • Well, when I’m super excited, my courage grows, and I get very energetic. I’m literally on a natural high, which I know can be fun to watch, but I think it can also exhaust 😉 If Richard has good stamina, I’m his perfect date. He would probably finally have to go on holiday after. Many films back to back wouldn’t knacker him, but an evening with me as his companion probably would 😉

      • Głosuje na Ciebie Agzym!:)…a jak spotkasz Aidana i będzie więcej niż chętny to zadzwoń do mnie albo do Sebastiana, zastąpimy Cię przy boku Ryśka z radością.;)

        • Hahahaha, hobbitowa orgia 😉 jeszcze dorzućmy Gandalfa dla odrobiny smaczku i mamy niezłą imprezkę!

          • pssst…myślisz ze Gandalf dałby radę?…a właściwie to tak , to przecież czarodziej.:)
            …a mogłabym jeszcze dorzucić Martina Freemana?.;)

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