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On leaving home, and traveling to London to see the Hobbit

Today’s post is about packing a suitcase, and braving the big world.

I really hope I don’t forget my f*cking passport when I travel to London the weekend of the Hobbit première!

OK, as a member of EU, I don’t need a passport to enter the UK, but I hope that’s not what you’re focusing on 😉

Yep, the decision has been made!

We know the when and where, although the rest of the details are still a little fuzzy.

My GBF and I are heading to London to check out the Hobbit première at Leicester Square, and will try to catch a glimpse of Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner on the red carpet.

Time to start thinking about designing special T-shirts and signs 🙂

Well, technically, I’ll be getting my RA crazy on, and Max will be pretending he’s never met me before, as he stands by, embarrassed by my fangurling behaviour 😉

I know Judit is also planning on traveling there, although she has warned me she won’t be camping out for 4 days straight at Leicester Square just to get a good spot.

Not to worry, that’s so not me either.

I’d much rather have a look, then go to a pub for a nice drink, some fish&chips, and a good old chin-wag about Richard!

We could all meet up and see the film in the company of other Armitage admirers, which I think could prove to be an absolute hoot!

If you are also planning to travel to London that weekend, and would like to meet up and celebrate the success of Richard’s biggest acting achievement to date, please let me know 🙂

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  1. Oh, Pinup Girl – if I had the money, I’d be there like a shot. It would be so cool to meet you and Judit especially

  2. Just don’t forget your camera! Would love to see some pictures. : D

    For me meeting up is the best part, and I’m planning on NYC whether RA is there or not, since I have other very compelling reasons for going near Christmastime. It would be icing if the U.S. premiere with cast were there. It’s happened in the past, so I don’t rule it out. But it won’t spoil the trip if there’s no cast.

    • I’ve told my long-suffering BFF that his job will be to man the camera, as I’ll be in no state to take any pics 😉 I really don’t know if Richard will be there in London, although the chances are pretty high. The most important thing is to make this premiere as memorable as possible, and I think meeting my online friends and fellow RA admirers would be a good way to achieve that 🙂

  3. I would really love to make the Hobbit premiere, and meet you, my very first visit to England. When is it?

    • It’s Friday 14th in London. There are no more details for now, but we’re guessing Leicester Square, as that’s where most of the red carpet film premiere events take place. Not sure we’ll get tickets for the movie on Friday, but we could all go on Saturday (once or twice, depending on what you’re up for). It’s a very rough plan for now, but I’ve decided to start the ball rolling 😉

      • Yes, Saturday is more realistic in terms of getting a ticket..

      • I think it’s a really good idea to start the ball rolling now, since it’s less than 4 months away. And, it takes some planning to find hotels also. 🙂

        If I can’t make it to London I will go to the grand opening in Stockholm. Since I’m sure we can spot Beorn there atleast. 😉

        But it would really be so nice to take the first trip to England, the first time flying, meeting you all, having a great and fun time…. and m_a_y_b_e spot Richard. 🙂
        And all with the first premiere of this particular film.

        • We were thinking Sweden too, but London beat it, as it’s one of the best cities in the world 🙂 Now’s the time to start looking for cheap flights. Hotels are always a problem in London. I’ve stayed in such places, I don’t want to even start telling you. But that was over 10 years ago, and I have NEEDS now, like a CLEAN bathroom and a toilet that isn’t just a cabin with a loo that forms the wall with the room next door.

  4. I’m not planning to attend any premiere, but I wish you all have fun watching the movie together. 😉

    • That is very sensibe, but as the premiere of the Hobbit in Poland is after Christams, I really couldn’t take that lying down, as you know 😉

  5. YAY!!! I like your plan!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time and that more people are able to meet up with you and Judit!

    • I really hope so 🙂 There’s still plenty of time, so I’m sure others will decide to take the leap 😉 I hear there a NY RA admirer meet-up too, and one in Australia. We really going all out for the Hobbit! The burning question is, who will get Richard at their premiere? *whispers Loooondooon, please Loooonnndoooon….*

  7. O Kurde! chyba musze tam być!…co sprzedać? zastawić?..i Judit też będzie?!…O Kurde!

    • Może i będą koleżanki zza oceanu, które coś pomrukują że może warto byłoby odwiedzić Londyn! Oj, kochana, będzie się działo! A zostało kilka jeszcze miesięcy by nerkę sprzedać na czarnym rynku, albo sprowadzić z Turcji kilka swetrów i posprzedawać na łóżku turystycznym, i trochę grosza zarobić. 😉

  8. Is Dec 14th the actual premiere premiere date for London? I thought that was the opening, but usually the premieres, with the parties and actors, happen in the weeks before. Ian had mentioned they were doing premieres (complete with their parties and press junkets) in Wellington in Nov. then onto NYC, London and Japan. I’m just currious and confused because I haven’t seen any official announcements of dates for premieres, except for the first one in Wellington. Any links? 🙂 Thanks

    • We don’t know anything, and I don’t think there’s any announcement yet.
      The reason I’m traveling to London for the 14th Dec is because the Hobbit isn’t out until after Christmas here. My aim isn’t really to see the red carpet event, although that would be great, but to see the film at about the same time as the rest of the world.

      • Luckily my aim is the same, plus I want to see the film with the original voices and not dubbed into Hungarian *shudders*.. Can you imagine missing out on Richard’s voice?? Talk about ruining the experience!

  9. Just thought I should mention that as a UK citizen I am required to carry a passport to travel into Europe & back so I presume the reverse applies. Although the UK is a member of the EU it’s an island and the immigration laws are slightly different from the rest of Europe. Would hate for you to miss seeing RA on a technicality 🙂 I know they probably don’t always check them but I always think the one time you forget is the one time they ask to see it!

    • I friend told me the other day that we (swedes) need passport to go to England, even though we are members of EU.
      So, I think you are right about that.

      • Nope, Polish citizens can enter the UK only using their ID card.
        Talking about entry requirements, although we are EU citizens, we still need visas to enter the US, although Americans don’t need it to visit Poland.
        Not cool!
        This means applying to the embassy, standing in lines, extra costs.
        Many of my friends, unfortunately including me, have decided not to travel on holiday to the US until this is sorted. I doubt it makes a huge difference to the US ecomomy, but it’s a matter of principle.
        It’s a shame because I do love the US,have plenty of friends there, and I love doing crazy shopping in New York 😦

    • I think it’s because you don’t have national ID cards as such. We do have those in Hungary, and that is enough to move around within the EU. However I always take my passport with me whenever I travel to the UK, just to be on the safe side…

  10. I would love to meet you Girrrlies over at London! 🙂
    It’s a bit problematic as December is usually a tough time where I work and it’s even tougher in London, esp so shortly before Christmas!!! I have to confess I’m not a big fan of a mighty concourse of people. One sure as death need to be fairly ruthless, as Leicester Square is yet without a red carpet one of the most overcrowded places in town. It depends how determined we all are?????
    Agzy, before you came up with this, I had currently started pondering if going to Berlin for the Hobbit Premiere would be a clever idea. It shouldn’t be as jammed as London. People attending will not go there due to RA as he is still quite unbeknown here in Germany. Perchance this gives one a possibility of a closer look at our beloved Man. I remember I’ve read about a German premiere somewhere, but cannot find any information right now. This should take place even before London. Big problem at that: Thorin talks German!!! ;-( Maybe quite interesting for RA himself. However most certainly there are various opportunities to see the Hobbit in original version.
    But, as it should be London, I’ll try to join you!! Let us definitely talk about it again!!!!!

    • Linda, I’m not a fan of big crowds either..Far from it! I have to admit, I don’t like Leicester Square at the best of times.. let alone if there’s a huge movie premiere such as this one. I remember my friend dragged me to a premiere there once back in 2000 (can’t remember the title of the movie, but it sure wasn’t as ginormous as The Hobbit!). And it was absolute mayhem! I hope that maybe some big screens will be set up around the square so people who can’t get close to the ‘action’ will be able see what’s going on? And maybe listen to the red carpet interviews?(if there will be some). Have you read somewhere that RA might attend the Berlin premiere? I’ve never been to Berlin, would love to go but…the dubbing would be a major letdown for me…Sorry, I have nothing against the German language which I really like, it’s just that I’d love to hear RA’s voice..

      • Judit, as it is not likely that we get tickets for the opening night show, right there at the red carpet, it would be anyhow a show in another cinema.There are a couple of foreign-language cinemas in the city where I live, which one might expect for Berlin as well. Then again it’s also all about this special 3D or 4DDD (???) stuff isn’t it ?
        It must’ve been around ComiCon when they formally stated the official opening ceremonies in NZ/Wellington and then further official events in Berlin, London, New York (and Japan?). They didn’t mention anything about who is going to be where. Questions over questions!!!

        • I have to say I’m not at all bothered about the 3D /4D or whatever fancy stuff, what I do care about is the VOICE. Richard’s voice, that is… Yes, you’re right, there are cinemas in Budapest too that show the original language version of big blockbusters, so of course there will be some in Berlin as well.. About who’s going to attend which event, they probably don’t know/not certain yet, that’s why they haven’t said anything..:)

          • Of course, it’s the VOICE!!!!!
            I wonder when they’ll come up with this information? That’d be quite essential in order to decide when to book a flight etc. or else we prob go anyway, just to meet up with the other RA-girls???

          • Yes, it’ll the 1st European RA Fangurl Convention! Whether in Berlin or London…I don’t mind. Though Berlin would probably be cheaper!And I’ve never been there. London is terribly expensive but I love it dearly..Tough choice.

          • No matter where, it’s happening 🙂 Now we just need to deal with the details 🙂 Ladies, it’s time to loose a few kg, get our hair done, go on a clothes shopping spree, and prepare for the 1st European RA Fangurl Convention ( love the name!).

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  12. I just read this and hope its up to date, ’cause I arrive on the 11th and camp out on LSQ and I am desperatly looking for someone to join… ! All the people I found are arriving early on the 12th, but I cannot be the only one who wanna camp out 😀

    • Hello Lisa, there are a few people who are attending the Royal premiere on the 12th. I’m sure someone might be camping out, although I haven’t heard of anyone. Please stay warm!!!

      • oh too bad … I cannot find anyone, where are the camper hiding? 😀 So I hope I will meet someone there! Thank you ! 🙂

        • I’m hoping our friends on twitter will keep us informed on RA news while we’re all in London so maybe there’ll be some radio interviews etc. that we can scope out. Are you on twitter? If so you’ll find me @agzym 🙂


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