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Quirks, Imperfections, and why I’m in Good Company

Yesterday, my sister shared with me her new favorite pastime.

It seems she enjoys going through the comments on my posts (nothing disturbing there) and… has a giggle at my typos.

Oh Dear!

How lucky am I that she doesn’t read what I leave in other people’s comments 🙂

It’s true.

I’m a notorious Typoist!

I think the reason fo this is three-fold.

First of all, I type with 2 fingers.

I did attend a typing course, but abandoned it, thinking my two index fingers were more than ample to express my thoughts in writing.

Oh, the mistakes of youth!

This also means I’m not looking at the screen when I write.

I’ve been known to type a whole paragraph before I noticed the Caps Lock was on.

It doesn’t help that on reading my texts I see what I think I’ve typed rather than what’s really there.

Secondly, my laptop sometime experiences a case of ‘sticky keys’, which is a second-long glitch where the computer freezes, not registering the keys pressed.

Therefore, my sister got a charming request via email asking her to ‘pint this document’.

Last, but not least, when English stopped being my primary language, I’d continue making use of all my language skills apart from writing.

I’d speak English (it’s still the language I use both in my private life and at work), I watched BBC and Sky, I read English books.

Writing was the only skill I didn’t get to work on for a very long time, and I can honestly say spelling suffered.

Before you think this is my way of saying mea culpa, let my shatter that illusion.

As I said to my sister when she laughed at the ‘pint’, my typos are my quirk.

It’s my imperfection, and one I am willing to embrace.

I know there are one or two people out there who take a strange form of pleasure pointing out my shortcomings.

To them, and to all my readers, all I can say is this:

If you are willing to laugh at them, I’m willing to laugh along with you.

Like the time I sent @Sebababy a tweet that said:

“That’s Harry’s thong” (instead of ‘thing’).

Trust me, that shifted the discussion in a whole new, and very interesting, direction 😉

I truly believe that we are either all perfect, just the way we are, or none of us will ever reach that state.

I actually like imperfection, interesting noses being one of my favorites.

Yesterday I saw a before and after picture of Jennifer Grey, who’s best known for playing the role of Baby in Dirt Dancing.

Don’t get me wrong, she looks amazing.

The only problem is, by fixing her imperfect nose, she stopped being characteristic, and therefore recognizable.

This lead me to think about the imperfection of a certain Mr Perfect.

I know RA has had some work done, like fixing his teeth, and has most probably worked very hard to make that beautiful mane stay thick, luscious, and sexy enough to want to run your fingers through.

I’m so happy he never had work done on that glorious honker.

I shudder to think how his face would change if he ever decided to go under the knife (or the chisel…).

That imperfect nose works perfectly smack in the middle of his gorgeous mug.

He may have felt like a ‘beanpole with a nose‘ growing up, but now it’s attached to a body worthy to be on the cover of a Harlequin novel.

Armitage also possesses another one of my favorite imperfections, meaning he’s a sexy man with a cute little scar.

The one that decorates his forehead was most probably caused by a scratched chicken pox or measles spot, and never has a contagious disease created something so sexy!

So today, instead of focusing on what’s ‘just not right’ in ourselves, how about embracing it?

How about lifting a hand and saying: Yes I suck at this, that and the other!

How about laughing at our quirks, and therefore biting our thumb at them!

It’s our imperfections that make us interesting and characteristic.

If we’re lucky, as Mr Armitage has proven, it might even be sexy 😉

So, I’ll start:

Hllo, my naem in Agzy, and Im a notorios Typoist!

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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. I LOVE this. You and I are very much alike. I have the same problem, but I don’t care about it as much as others obviously do (at times). The “thong” thing is something I always seem to type. LOL. I blame the autocorrection on my phone… But it sure sets the conversation in another direction. A LOVELY direction. 😉

    • LOL! If it’s a part of me, then I might as well admit it and have a good laugh 😉 I can’t use the excuse of autocorrection, although I’m a horror when I type something on an iPad! I might one day learn to read before I press the SEND button, but it’s hard to break a habit of a lifetime.
      So, for now, it is what it is! Love me or leave me, but don’t try to change me 😉

  2. Hllo Agzy, I love you just the way you are!!! Pricelesssss! As you gave me another hearty laugh this morning, I can’t help it but give our „Queen of quirks“ something in return:
    Love it? I do. 🙂

  3. A, I loev yo jst teh wya you aer! 😉

  4. I totally agree with you!!
    A toast to our imperfections! 😀

  5. Oh and I did my research duties!! Crestwood village does REALLY exist, the mayor is still in charge (I mean it stays within the family!) and this explains everything: …In April 2009, the Chicago Tribune reported that for 20 years the city had been drawing its drinking water from a well that was contaminated with toxic chemicals…(source: Wikipedia) ?????

  6. My excuse for typos and ill-used vocabulary ? french are suckers at speaking a foreign language 😛 add an autocorrection in french to that and it’s the jackpot !

    I couldn’t agree more with you about his nose. I like Richard because of his flaws 🙂

    • Oh, you French! With the spelling that goes on in your language, no wonder there’s no room for any other languages. I love the sound of your language, but it’s like you take a word, spell it out the way it’s pronounced, and then add 5 more letters just to confuse non natives 😉

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  8. Love the post, love the comments and the “divine derriere” as Angie said !!!

  9. Don’t forget RA is typoist himself and proud of it! I think orthography is overrated, as long as the meaning is understandable in context everything is fine. And there are spell checkers.

  10. Agzym, I love this! It is our quirks that make us special. How absolutely boring would it be if we were all perfect? As for the typing errors, I make plenty of them and I don’t have the excuse of not being a native English speaker! I’m always impressed by how well all of the RA fans from around the world convey their thoughts in English. And Richard…thank goodness he never had anything done to that beautiful nose of his!!!! His face would just be wrong with a more proportionate nose.

  11. Reblogged this on Me, My Thoughts, and Richard Armitage and commented:
    I just loved this post! Let’s celebrate our imperfections.

  12. If the worst thing that happens to you in a day is that you see people spelling things wrong or using poor grammar you should thank your lucky stars. No need to comment on it. Someone may be shy and take criticism poorly and just decide not to comment at all. 😦

  13. I convey my bubbly effervescence with delightful !!!!!!! Try them! They are habit forming. Ha!

  14. Surely “imperfections” are what make people interesting! I mean who could be more “interesting” than Richard Armitage? Personally I have never thought of his nose as large and I go totally into APM when anyone says it is! Grrr! I guess I’m rather sensitive about noses as I’ve always wished mine were a bit smaller. When I was about 7 or 8 someone laughed about it. I’ve never forgotten it. He may have thought it of himself when he was young but without it, it just would be “him”. So to me, it’s perfect the way it is!! 🙂

      • Ditto! Perfection is bland. Richard’s nose may not seem perfect to some, but it’s perfect for him! It’s part of what makes his good looks full of character, not just cookie-cutter handsome. (bikky-cutter handsome? I don’t think we have an Aussie equivalent!)

  15. Okładka Harleqina! :D:D:D sikam w galoty AgzyM!
    PS: Take a look at our polish celebrites they look like they came out from one and the same “chisel”…oh,sorry!.. it’s just great genes,goat’s milk and fresh home-made moisturaizing creams.

  16. “Agzym,” I am bad with typos too. Sometimes when I type a message to Judiang, I type Judo then catch myself. I have been know to put t-shit when I am typing out t-shirt. Fingers are not the most reliable to type correctly.
    I am in agreement with you that his nose is just right. I have seen male characters on harlequin novels resemble RA. They do have a nose similar to his, but his is much better and not created by a cover artist.
    Great choice to joke over your imperfections. Some will never leave, so we just have to make the best of it.

    • I think Harry’s thong would be a great thing for Geradline to read and think about. He might wear ones with chocolate bars printed all over them when he and Gerry have alone time.

      • LOL! I wouldn’t mind a pair myself. Then there are those head-scratcher typos like writing gods instead of dogs. Oddly enough, it does change the meaning quite a bit 😉

        • Well, you two gave a good idea for the Vicar of Dibley fanfic creators. I can only imagine the scenes involving that. Someone might add a thong of real chocolate though. Ok, I am going to go back to me residence in the gutter near my house. ||Chuckles||

          • You’ll find me in that gutter, so we may be dirty women, but at least we’ll have fun.
            I’ve always said there a whole market for RA merchandise that isn’t being realized. They should start with chocolate thongs, ad then expand the line LOL!

    • hahahaha, we should leave all our typos alone, and not go back and correct them! Can you imagine the topics we’d shift the discussion to? The sky really would be the limit.
      BTW, that’s it! From now on I’m calling Judiang ‘Judo’, and it’s all your fault 😉

      • Typos can be very entertaining. It seems like too perfect takes the fun out of life. Look at the shape of RA’s nose and his butt. Some say they aren’t right for him, but he would be like everyone else getting butt work, nose work, etc.
        Oh and I almost called Itsjsforme Icky once rather than Itsy. OOPS, but I don’t suggest calling her that.
        It’s actually a good thing that you don’t have the edit option for commenting. It gives us plenty of opportunities to be unintentionally funny.

  17. re his hair: his hairline is receding quite a bit and with the way it is combed recently, he’s not trying to hide it any more. Not sure he has done anything to preserve his hair, but as there are hardly any bald actors, surely some do. I definetely prefer his hair in it’s natural state, whatever that means with regards to colour and thickness. Not that I don’t like a thick black mane, but I don’t like the idea of men doing anything about it.

    • I can’t lie, I like the Lucas hairstyle 😉
      I think Servetus write a while back about the thinning hair, basing her post on a shot from BTS, where RA’s character is driving away in the car, and the pic is taken from above.
      I honestly can say I don’t care either way, It can’t be easy for a hansome actor to accept hair loss, and if he’s doing his all to save the sexy do, more power to him! I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to pull off the Bruce Willis look too 😉


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