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Celebrate Richard’s Birthday with a slice of Armitage Cake!

Happy Armitage Day!

Happy Birthday Richard!

I hope you don’t sleep though this one.

Have a nice glass of bubbly to celebrate the amazing year you’ve had!

What’s a Birthday celebration without cake?

I don’t know if I ever shared what cake I had for my birthday last November.

It was designed by my sister Magzy, and boy, does she know her audience!

It comprised of 16 individual TV sets playing my favorite shows.

These included Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock, Deadliest Catch, and my guilty pleasures (don’t judge me!) Toddlers and Tiaras, Jersey Shore, UK X-Factor, just to name a few.

My sister has a crush on Gordon Ramsey ( don’t ask…), so this is what she dug into:

My BF Max has a crush on Vampire Eric, so he chose this:

I wonder if you spotted the piece that I ate?

Let me tell you before you ask!

Lucas was finger lickin’ good!

Creamy, chocolaty, and simple melted in my mouth!

The nature of our friendship is such that we can almost only share things virtually, so please tuck into this yummy Spooks cake!

BTW, I do wonder what my sis will come up with next year.

I’m hoping for a Lucas bum cake, if I’m honest!

That’s something I’d gladly stick my teeth into on my Birthday 🙂

Talking about cakes, you HAVE TO visit one of my favorite sites.

Do yourself a favour and stop by!

Cake Wrecks is so funny, I spent 5 hours the first time I visited and I had tears streaming from my eyes, I was laughing so hard.

They present the most catastrophic cakes professional bakers can produce!

I really struggled to find the perfect wreck, as there are so many to choose from!

Here’s the inspiration for the cake, which the customer requested:

What she got is this:

Then there are the head scratchers:

Have a Yummy Armitage Day!

About Agzy The Ripper

Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. OMG your video is hilarious ! For me a Guy bum cake !!!!

  2. Wow, that was a wonderful birthday cake ! 🙂

    Happy Armitage Day to everyone. 🙂

  3. Chocolate cake … chocolate Spooks cake … *takes a bite* mmmmmmm, yummy indeed! 😉
    And I hope you get your wish for your next birthday cake. *giggle*

    • I’m not going for subtle anymore 😉 It’s all out there, for everyone to see! I’ve proven my Lucas bum admiration so many times on this blog, that I’m sure I’ve broken quite a few laws 🙂 Don’t believe me? Just google Lucas Bum! I’ve littered the search engine with Lucas North’s behind LOL!

  4. Dear me, what will Big Brother (IT) think if he finds out that I watched that video at work??*blushes to the roots of her hair*

  5. You’ve got one very cool sis, Agzym!

  6. Your sister is amazing! Happy Armitage Day!

    • Poems should be written about my sister, and if you think I’m joking, I’m very serious. She is ace, with a red cherry on top (whatever that means…well, you get my point!). Having her as my big sis is actually the biggest luck I’ve had in my life, and I’ve had a very lucky life 🙂
      Happy Armitage Day, and I can’t wait to check out King Richard posts!

      • many ice cream desserts in the U.S. (sundaes, etc.) have a red “maraschino” cherry on top. (In quotes because the concept of the maraschino cherry has been seriously watered down — not something to look forward to eating anymore IMO).

        KRA — hmm. Guess I better start writing some 🙂

        • Oh, I know US sundaes! I used to love a dessert called Heart attack at TGIF. The surprise was a brownie under all that icecream and whipped cream! But I’m Polish and we ALWAYS finish what’s on the plate. It’s a habit left over from communistic times, when products were hard to come by.

          • A Ja mam taki denerwujący zwyczaj zostawiania chociaż kawałeczka na talerzu, wiesz ze niby nie wszystko zjadłam, lubię się oszukiwać chyba. Świetna ta twoja siora ja mam 2 młodszych(trochę przygłupich braci)…to zart oczywiście..Kocham ich baaardzo!(ale i tak sa przygłupi;))
            PS: coś nie tak…nie widze twojego funvid-u..a teraz ide pooglądać”Cake Wrecks”. 🙂

          • Oj, to zaraz sprawdzę. Podobno Vimeo likwiduje niektóre video, by chronić prawa autorskie. Jest to o tyle śmiechu warte, że tylko mała grupka je widzi, i przecież nie zarabiamy na tym grosza.
            Jeśli mój został wywalony, to pewnie z powodów artystyczno-moralnych Hahaha!

          • O żesz w morde jeża!…i miałabym tego już nie zobaczyć?:(

          • Sprawdziłam u siebie i poprosiłam by zerknęła siostrzyczkę. Działa bez problemu. Może Tobie mąż założył jakąś blokadę byś nie mogła pooglądać tyłeczek Ryśka, skubaniec i zazdrośnik 😉

          • Hahahaha!

  7. Your sister is AMAZING!!! Seriously,that cake is awesome! I love Cake Wrecks too, I can spend hours scrolling through both the disasters and the Sunday Sweets. Thanks for the laugh. The vid was hilarious.

    • I think your blogroll is where I first heard of cakewrecks, so Thank You Jas! Itąs mz favorite place to visit when I just donąt have anzthing more to saz, give write. The person who writes the post has the best sense of humour EVER!
      And yes, Magzy is AMAZING, and then some 😉

      • I have sisters and I adore them.
        B…. de M… (French swearword) I forgot to congratulate your beloved sister Magzy .
        Hello Magzy !

  8. I’ve always thought about ordering a special cake for my birthday and I usually gave up. Maybe next year I can find some inspiration in your Lucas bum cake!!! 😀

    • Funny story, we order all our snazzy cakes online (and there have been quite a few), from this very nice bakery. Turns out that the woman I would email to place the order lives in the flat right next door to me! True story! That’s life in a big city for you…
      Now I’ll shut up and let us go back to the Lucas Bum cake 😉

      • That’s too funny! I just had a such case of real life crossing into my virtual world; turns out I had been chatting with a distant family member for two years and we both didn’t know it LOL nothing like a great sister! Mine (who introduced me to RA, I’ve got 2 others besides) insists RA lives with her 🙂 actually she’s heading somewhere your direction I think. Super cake yours got and love your vid with his best peachy aSSet.

        • I think my poor sister thinks I think RA lives with me 🙂 She watches RA things, and liked them. Just not enough to cross over to the dark side 😉 Oh, it would be fitting if the Ra cake had peaches in it LOL!

  9. Well Agzy now you have gone and done it! I WAS going to get you that last cake for your birthday this year but … now that you have put it out there where … would the suprise be? Oh well I am sure I’ll think of something! Wink wink!

  10. Twoje ciasto wygląda bardzo mniamniuśnie:) Pozdrowienia dla Twojej niesamowitej siostry:)

    • Dzięki kochana! Tak apropos, cukiernia która wykonuje takie piękne torty (ale jeszcze nie wykonała pupki naszego agenta) jest w Warszawie, i mogę ją z całego serca polecić. Są na FB pod ‘Galeria Słodkości’ jeśli się nie mylę.

  11. Now, that you came up with this tempting sweet stuff I can only think of fresh peaches, yummy birthday cakes and alluring bums. More precisely, slinky Lucas’ luscious bum!! Heck where do I get some easing, some replacement cake and Rich or Luc or any of the Johns, now that I’m feeling so needy greedy at this tropical hot August evening???? Argrrrhhh…. It’s your fault sistas……

  12. Happy Armitage Day! I love the cake wrecks blog too. 🙂

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