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1 Day till Richard’s Birthday! Operation Armitage Competition!

Welcome to the countdown to Richard Armitage’s Birthday!

Congrats to yesterday’s winner!

This is the last day of Operation Armitage, and your last chance to get your hands on a cotton shopping bag, with an amazing illustration by  Seba, from Gisborne’s Boy.

Thank You Seba for working so hard on these illustrations!

It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I hope you will soon forget how difficult it has been, so we can work on a project soon!

Congratulations to the winners.

If you haven’t been lucky, not to worry.

Tomorrow, on Armitage Day, I will be posting a very special picture created by Seba, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own Armitage print goodie!

The Hobbit related image we have in store for you tomorrow is simply beautiful, and I bet you’ll want it on your T-shirt or bag 🙂

I will also be awarding a prize to one of my super loyal readers, who happens to be the one who has commented most on my blog, so please stop by!

It’s the last day of the Operation Armitage Birthday Countdown.

I know some of you really REALLY!!! want to get their hands on the Armitage Bag, so I’ve decided to help your luck!

Let me introduce:

The Richard Armitage Hunger Games Twist!!!

You can give multiple answers to the competition question.

Each time you do, your name will be put in the box.

The more times you answer, the more times your name appears in the box, the bigger chance you have of winning!!!

You can litter that box with your name, leaving you opponents far behind 😉


Either I’m very good, or terribly nasty, but let’s see who wants it bad enough 🙂

To read about the rules, please go  HERE.

This whole week has been a barrel of laughs, so it’s only fitting that the last cotton shopping bag has this print on it!

Bilbo is adorable, although I’m not a fan of hairy toes 😉

I wonder if dwarves also have hairy feet.

On second thought, I’d rather not know!

Remember that if you want to strut to the cinema to see The Hobbit with this bag on your shoulder, please leave the answer to the following question in comments and keep your fingers crossed.

Bear in mind The Richard Armitage Hunger Games Twist!

The question is:

Why is Thorin juggling fish?

Comments close at 12pm GMT tomorrow!

Please make sure I have the means to contact you either by email or Twitter!

Also tomorrow, there is a special Seba image for all the RA fans, and a guide on how to print it on your T-shirt or bag at home!

Good Luck!

Comments are CLOSED!

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72 responses

  1. Why is he juggling fish? Well, you see, when Thorin was just a teenage dwarf, he ran away and joined the circus . . . and his specialty was fish juggling. Just brushing up on his skills.

    LOVE the bag, they’ve all been great and thanks again to Seba and AgzyM for doing this for us and making the countdown to the big day even more fun. (Now I have to come up with more answers . . . hmmmmmmm)

  2. mmmm…because one of the fish from the river jumped into his barrel and he doesn’t want to share the space?? Very poor, I know, but I want this bag sooooooo badly, I’ll say anything 😀

    • Is it horrible of me to say that the bags are way cuter in person? OK, not the bag, the image! I had to use low res pics in the post, as worp*ss and my internet connection were getting moody about posting anything of a higher quality.
      BTW tomorrow I’ll be posting a special Seba pic, and a guide on how to make your own AdoRAble Armitage goodie. We’re also trying to figure out how to keep the competition pictures special and one-of-a-kind for the winners, and yet let others enjoy them.
      Od dear, I’m starting to feel like a politician 🙂

  3. Why? Because the fish is cold and clammy and he can’t stand the feel of it on his hands. Even worse than the previous one, Kathryn. You’re hopeless

  4. I’ll think about an answer after stopping laughing!!! LOL
    The illustration today is so lovely and funny!!! Thank you both again. It’s RA birthday, but we’ve been getting the gifts!!! 😉

  5. Because it seems more sporting than SHOOTING fish in a barrel. 😉

  6. Because he wants to join a circus, lol.

  7. Or because I would like to make a gift to Golum. We all know that Golum loves eating fish. 😉

  8. Because it’s easier to juggle them than teach them to ride a bicycle. Hey, I have been up since 2, remember.

  9. He’s just doing it for the halibut.

  10. I think you’re amazing to be able to come up with such good ones, no matter how long you’ve been awake! Keep ’em coming, I’m having a great giggle 😉

  11. Congratulations to Joanna !
    He is not juggling ! A battalion of fishes occupy his pants and tickle him ! He gets rid of them.

  12. Oh you ladies do sport with a quickstart!! Heavens!! Fish?? Me and fish in a barrel!! No way! I must be akin to Thorin!

  13. Wow, is it already the last day of the competition? You really made the time til RAs birthday pass a little bit faster, so thanks for that, Pin up and GB! I’ll try my luck one last time and say this for you: Thorin is actually not so much *juggling* fish, but he was going to start a fish-slapping contest among the dwarves. Here, let me refresh your memory 😉

  14. Fab illustration! You’re so right, A. They have been getting more and more adoRAble as the week has gone on. And yes, it is terrible of you to say how much better the bags/illustrations look in person. 😉 Naughty!

    Onto the (first) answer to your question:
    He’s practicing his juggling in case this whole King of the Dwarves thing doesn’t work out.


    (Angie … you’re on fire,girl! 🙂 )

  15. It’s easier than juggling chainsaws.

  16. Thorin is practising his juggling in case he is Hungary!

  17. He’s floundering.

  18. Thorin is trying to turn them into flying fish

  19. Thorin is practising because he has heard that fish juggling will be a demonstration event at the next Olympics.

  20. OMG!:D OMG!:D…me?…really!?..I’m not worthy, for sure, but thank you very much Agzy!<3
    Thank you Sebastian- this special bag will be hung on the place of honor, I will treasure it!:)
    PS: Jak myślisz Agzy, czy mogłabym prosić utalentowanego autora o autograf?:)

  21. Thorin is not juggling, the fish have been caught up in a mini tornado.

  22. He heard the a juggle a day keeps the dragons away.

  23. He’s channeling Dr. Seuss … one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish …

  24. He’s trying to keep them away from Bombur.

  25. He’s practicing to become one of the “tossers” at the Seattle Pike Place Fish Market — aka the flying fish market —

  26. This is just the best place to be if you’re feeling down – I’m grinning like the proverbial village idiot from reading all these funny answers. Wonderful 😀

  27. And in my haste to be silly, I forgot to say …
    Congrats, Joanna!!!!!

  28. Reblogged this on gisbornesboy and commented:
    Last day to win an Armitage goodie, everyone. Come on now, this is your chance. Yes, even yours lurker! Even yours. Come on now. This one is a big laugh!

  29. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    Last day of the Operation Armitage Competition!!! C’mon, you know you want to! 🙂 It’s easy, it’s fun, and we’re all having a blast! (See, I didn’t even say barrel … oops! 😉 )

  30. First, a big thank you to everybody for all the hilarious answers! Here’s my feeble answer: Why is Thorin juggling fish? Because it refused to grant him 3 wishes!

  31. Can’t see the pictures, wordpress is refusing to display them! 😦

    • Oh no! Is it better now? It’s OK on my end although wordp*ss can get very moody at times, the old cow! If you can’t see it, trust me it’s very cute and worth bombarding comments with answers to better your chances of winning 😉

      • Agzym, even if I left 15000 comments, I still wouldn’t stand a chance of winning. It just does not happen.

      • I can see the pix alright now, but sometimes when I access the blogs using my laptop at work the picture content gets blocked. Maybe it’s the system administrator’s doing- he’s trying to “rein in” (sp?) the Richarding so I get more work done! 😀

  32. Another idea: Thorin is practising his fish juggling skills for his new cooking reality show, Dwarves’ Kitchen.

  33. Congrats Joanna!
    As we know, Thorin is pretty greedy dwarf, so I think that a fish swallowed a gold ring, and Thorin looking for the one who did it.;)
    Seba, I love your version of Thorin.:)

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  35. Why is he juggling fish? People juggle knives before they aim and throw. For Thorin his weapon of choice is fish; juggle, aim and throw!! He can juggle many things, he’s adapting himself to any possible arena – if the arena turns out to be mostly sea at least he’ll be able to kill people with fish.
    He’s smart that Thorin 🙂

    Twitter: PegasusZ

  36. Hi Pin Up and Gisby.

    These challenges and graphics are really cute!

    Why was Thorin juggling fish?

    Because his Momma Dwarf wasn’t there to remind him “Don’t play with your food Thorin, or I will take your knuckle rings away from you.”

    Cheers! Grati ;->

  37. Congrats to all the winners!

    Why is he juggling fish? Because he can bearly stand the stench of sweaty dwarves (including himself), so he needs to get rid of the smelly fish asap. It is simply too much for him. 🙂

    The bag is really lovely! It would be wonderful to go to see the Hobbit with the bag on my shoulder, hopefully on Dec, 12 (12.12.12)!!

    • Today at 12pm GMT we’ll be posting a special Seba Hobbit pics for everyone who hasn’t won, but would like to make a snazzy RA goodie at home for when the Hobbit is out! I’ll be guiding you through the very simple process 🙂

  38. Thank you for the laughs everyone! I’m not even going to try to keep up with you lot! I am hopeless at puns, jokes, etc.
    Congrats to all who have won a gorgeous bag. 😀

  39. Thorin is juggling fish because it is easier than shooting fish in a barrel

  40. Maybe he simply wants to impress the boys??? Poser!

  41. Why is he juggling fish? Because he is preparing for the annual competition, which includes juggling fish, hurling axes, pulling beards and tossing dwarves (though the last one should be done in a team with some human bloke).

  42. Hey fishwomen, where are you???? It’s fish market day and there is a new arrival (imposing hairy lad), offering his fish in a quite outlandish way! You must have a look! Nosy?? Come on girls…..

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