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2 Days till Richard’s Birthday! Operation Armitage Competition!

Welcome to the countdown to Richard Armitage’s Birthday!

This is day SIX of Operation Armitage.

I’ve been having so much fun, and I hope you have too.

Congratulations to the winners so far!

Congrats to the winner of the competition from yesterday 🙂

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

This image of  Thorin, Gizzy, Thornton, and bearded Armitage, created by our super talented  Seba, from Gisborne’s Boy, is one of my favorites 🙂

It’s hard not to be swept away by Richard Armitage.

Even producers agree, and have hired Richard to play in a tornado movie.

I think all of us hope that if a tornado sweeps Richard away, he’ll land right on our doorstep.

Remember that to enter the competition, and get have the postman deliver this bag to your door, please leave the answer to the following question in comments, and keep your fingers crossed.

The question is:

If you could save only ONE Armitage DVD or audiobook from a tornado, which one would it be and why?

Comments close at 12pm GMT tomorrow, when the next opportunity to win an Armitage shopping bag is posted 🙂

Please make sure I have the means to contact you, either by email or Twitter!

Comments are now CLOSED!

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50 responses

  1. Reblogged this on gisbornesboy and commented:
    Join AgzyM and be swept away by her wonderful competition! Yet another chance to win an Armitage goodie.

  2. It a very hard question Agzym, lol. My first answer will be “Robin Hood ” because I love Gisborne character, but my answer for the competition will be “North and South”.

    It was my very first “meeting” with Richard and I love this BBC Serie. I was very impressed the first time I saw him. He was so great in the role of Mr Thornton and the story was wonderful. 🙂

    PS : if you’re interested, here’s my post telling my first “meeting” with Richard 😉 :

    • Thanks April, I’ll check it out. My sister asks how I’d answer these questions. Some of you end up writing what I woud, but the answer to the RA autobiography woud be: Don’t care what the title is, as long as it’s a pop up book 😉
      The answer to todays would be: In my heart N&S, but seeing that RH and Spooks were so expensive to buy, I’d go for those, for economic reasons 😉

      • Oh, “Robin Hood” and “Spooks” are too exepensive ? Have you checked on Amazon or Ebay ? You can maybe find these dvd for a nice price. 😉

        • I did the next best thing. I requested them as Birthday and Christmas gifts 😉
          This year I’m asking for Richard – the man, wrapped in a lovely bow, stuck under my Christmas tree LOL!

          • I think that we will all ask the same thing for Christmas, lol.

            My birthday and Christmas are on the same day… so I will perhaps double my chance, lol.

          • I hope everyone understands that double celebration means double presents! I’m lucky as all my special days are a few months apart (we also have Name’s Day here). That means that there’s always a list of stuff I’d like 🙂 I’m very easy to buy for! Just give me a price range, and you’ll get a list of items that would bring a smie to my face! I try to make the rocess of spending money on me as easy as possible LOL!

  3. This is one of the best illustrations!! Loved it!
    Well, I would save North&South DVD because it was the one which introduced me to the wonderful Armitage world!! 😉

  4. The North and South DVD. Why? Because of the last scene!! 🙂

    • I needed to grow up to that scene, as it wasn’t my favorite from N&S, but now I repeat it and rewatch, analysing the hand movement and the lips LOL! So much to observe!

  5. I’d save the audiobook “Lords of the North” because, even if Richard lets himself become “old, fat and ugly” (his description, not mine!), his voice will still sound much the same as it did when he recorded the book. .

    • That audiobook does things to me… plus it’s the hardest to come by, and it contains 12h of RA voice bliss! Sheer perfection!

  6. Sadistic question ! North and South, my first love.
    No need to say I passionnately fell in love with the overbearing Master ! And as Armitage Army members say the rest is history.
    (Then I fell in love with Guy ‘sigh”, Lucas, Harry, Thorin etc…)
    In real life if a tornado hit, I would take my RA hard drive !

    • Hahaha good choice!
      BTW, I don’t know if you got my email regarding you being the winner a few days back 🙂 I’ve resent it just in case, both to the email address you give here, and to one I found from Fedoralady’s Good news email. I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  7. Well I’ve got all the audiobooks on my iPod + some pix and his narrations! So that is what I would save over a DVD might load movies & fanvids too if I was getting ready for such peril!!

  8. But if my answer does not qualify it would have to be Lords of the North audiobook, hands down

  9. Lovely prizes you are offering! My answer has to be North and South because it’s simply the best!!

  10. I *love – love – love* this illustration! Oh, GB, great job! 🙂 I’m so glad you berated/cajoled/convinced him to do these, A! *giggle*

    Only one incarnation of Mr. A’s recorded talent? Sheer torture, A!
    OK … trying to think logically … quantity of performance? Ease of replacement? Favorite? Oh, poo!

    Honestly … I’d grab whichever one was nearest my hand, since a tornado is one of those natural disasters you cannot plan for (like a hurricane or blizzard, for example). It’s definitely a grab and go proposition.

    Soooo … final answer … whichever one was closest as I’m running for shelter, because I want to get out of the path of danger to be able to see/hear it again.

    (So much thinking for so early in the morning! My brain hurts!!! 😉 )

  11. Felicia Ontiveros

    To save but one immortalized man
    From destructive tornado’s evil plan

    I’d cling to North and South at least
    For Mr. Thornton is a sexy beast. :-*

  12. Congrats to mujertropical. She deserves it 🙂
    Today’s comp: Initially I thought I would cheekily say “The Spooks Box Set”, trying to get away with as much RA as possible. But on a more romantic level, I’d grab N&S and get out. (Don’t tell Sir Guy that I am leaving him behind… despite being a Guy-girl *ooops*)

  13. I am afraid I’d do the same as Zan and grab whatever was closest at hand at the time–which would probably be either, RH3, N&S or SB.. Along with a cat under each arm. Mr. Armitage would approve. DVDs can be replaced, loved ones can’t. 😉 Oh, and LOVE today’s image.:D

  14. Love the design.

  15. One and only “North and South”!:)…every second is priceless.
    PS: mam 2 komplety płyt, jeden dla znajomych a drugi tylko mój ,mój!!”My preciousssss”!!!

    • Ja też. Pierwsza kopia z Gazety Wyborczej, obiegowa. Druga z amazonu, moja perełka! Tak apropos, pożyczyłam znajomej N&S, co by sobie popatrzyła i pokochała. Kilka dni póżniej pytam jak jej się podobała. Ona na to że fajne, ale trochę smutne zakończenie. Ja na to Co proszę??? Jakie smutne? A od kiedy to ślimak z ślicznym Ryśkiem na stacji kolejowej jest smutny??? Okazało się że wariatka obejrzała tylko pierwszy dysk LOL! Myślała że scena wyznaniowa to koniec! Szczera prawda, przysięgam! Najwyrażniej nie ma dziewczyna pojęcia o zasadach ‘costume drama’! To dlatego w starych filmach dawali napis The End. Co by ciężej myślące osobniki wiedziały z całą pewnością że to koniec historii. Hahahaha uwielbiam tą anegdotkę hahahah!

      • Hahaha! dobre!:D…a propos”ślimaka ze ślicznym Ryśkiem”…czy wiesz jak Oni(tzn.pokolenie mojej córki) nazywa pocałunek?. Zamiast powiedzieć że się pocałowali to mówią “przelizałam się z nim”???
        PS: żałuję niezmiernie ale żadna z moich znajomych nie wielbi dramatow kostiumowych,a moje bratowe tylko z sympatii do mnie mówią ze Ryś jest niezły:)
        cytat:” no fajny, ja też lubię facetów z defektem”???…z defektem!!!…jakim defektem???

        • Hahahaha u mnie to samo! Mówią że Rysiek jest OK! OK??? Naprawdę? Może to dobrze że tylko ja szaleję, bo biada nam, biada, jak tak wszyscy zaszaleli. Kto by pracował, zarabiał, opłacał rachunki? Hahahah
          ps. Ta dzisiejsza młodzież! Za naszych czasów…

  16. Well,it looks like I will not be too original, because without hesitation I’d take “North & South”. Why? Well, because this movie is my remedy for sad days, and watching this film always helps me when I have to take some important decision. (And just between us, and please don’t tell anyone, I have one extra copy “N & S” unopened yet, just in case.:D )

  17. Agzym, how is anyone supposed to answer that question? If I had to choose, I’d probably go with North & South, seeing as it was the first role I saw RA in. (In truth I keep all my RA DVDs in a zippered case in which they slide into sleeves, so I’d grab them all.) 😉

    Great graphic again, Gisby!!!

  18. This is the cutest RA comic I have ever seen. I’m totally in love with little Thorin but bearded Richard is a close second! Which DVD I would safe? Strike Back, because I still haven’t watched it.

  19. The cartoon is adorable! If I had one of those bags I’d load it up with all my Richard DVD’s. I’m not sure it would hold them all – but I’d give it a good shot! 🙂 But to get down to business; if I HAD to grab just one it would be N&S as this was where I first “fell” for Richard and I’ve always found it a great “port in a storm” for me SO many times! 😉

  20. A really hard question! At first I thought my answer would be that I wouldn’t choose anything. I would just treasure whichever is left. Nearly all the DVDs I have are equally dear to me – if there is a first place, it keeps changing.

    But if I really have to choose one DVD, that wourld be N&S, because that’s where it all started for me. And it has the most beautiful ending ever! I have two copies of N&S, so, if I could, I would grab the one in better condition 🙂 Strictly speaking, the question asked me to choose just ONE DVD. That would be disc two of N&S – because of the last scene 😉

    If I had to choose between an audiobook and a DVD, I would always choose a DVD, because in that way I could both see and hear him. But I would still like to say which audiobook I would choose. That would be “Venetia”, because of the totally sexy voice Richard has created for Lord Damerel. His voice is ALWAYS sexy, but Damerel’s voice is beyond all sexiness!

    Thank you so much for the challenging questions. This competition has been great fun!

  21. I just realized I didn’t answer the question. It would be a tossup between Sparkhouse and Strike Back. Probably Sparkhouse. But actually they’re all on my harddrive now and my laptop would be the thing I’d go back into a terrible situation to salvage anyway 🙂

  22. Artistic-Beauty

    I would totally have to save my DVD of North & South. The rest of the stuff I have seen online but yeah North and South was my first venture into Mr. Armitage and i’m SO thankful!!!

  23. Great graphic Gisborne’s boy! Congrats to Mujer Tropicana!
    My work of choice is The Hobbit trilogy (assuming of course, this tornado is hitting after it’s been released) because I know this is going to be my favorite.

  24. If I’m going to lose everything to a tornado, then I’m going to need some laughs to get me through it! So, I would have to say The Vicar of Dibley: A Holy Wholly Happy Ending. I love the entire series, so having Armitage in these episodes is a extra little treat! His character comes off as such a sweetie, that I can’t help but smile every time he’s in a scene!

  25. Sebastian and Agzym you are doing an amazing job. It’s so much fun. Thanks for the two of you!
    Congrats to the naturally gifted and lucky winners so far (including me!! Ha, Ha,! 😉 )
    Though the questions and the making of decisions getting more difficult every day…… As today, I could just be shrewd and say: Saved it ALL (including LOTN !!) on my harddrive to have it to go but actually it would be my beloved JT whom I would choose, as he’d thrown me right into the middle of my own tornado when making his acquaintance back then!! Nothing was like it had been before ever since……….

    • Thanks Linda! We aimed to please, but it was all the people who participated that made it what it is! Without you comments I’d be stuck with a number of RA related bags 😉 I’m really happy we could find some cool homes for them!
      BTW, it warmes my heart to see all the love for John Thornton and N&S. I’m testing just how many times an individual can actually watch N&S before they’ve crossed the line of mental health and sanity. I can’t lie, I sometimes fast forward the Hale’s (they bug me) and the strikers meetings, but Thornton has my full attention 😉

  26. This is harder than coming up with that poem a few days ago!!! Let’s see…I would have to say Spooks because – believe it or not – I don’t own any of the other movies. In my defense, I had been stocking up on the movies of Rufus Sewell, who is my other Movie Boyfriend. So, as romantic as Richard is playing Mr. Thornton, as sexy as he is playing John Porter, as warm as he is playing John Standring (whom I simply adore and want to protect from the witch; I mean, from Carol), and as irresistibly complex as Guy of Gisborne is, I’ll be saving Lucas North. Oh, what a traumatic decision to have to reach for Mr. Gorgeous and take him with me to my shelter!!!! How will I ever be able to cope with that tautly built body, and those hands, and that silky hair, and those magnetic eyes, and that hypnotic voice? I guess I’ll do it for Queen and Country and…oh, wait, I’m not British! Well, dang it, coming to the rescue is the American Way. ♫Here I come to save the daaaaaay!!!!♪

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