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4 Days till Richard’s Birthday! Operation Armitage Competition!

Welcome to the countdown to Richard Armitage’s Birthday!

This is Day FOUR of the competition!

Doesn’t time fly…

I’d just like to say how much I’m loving the answers to the competition questions!

I don’t reply to each individually, as not to be accused of favoritism, but some had me crying with laughter!

A huge congratulations to the winners, and hopefully you (yes, YOU) will be one of them after today!

Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s competition!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Both Margaret Hale and her cousin doubted the value of cotton.

Today, I prove them wrong with this snazzy cotton shopping bag!

 This one-of-a-kind illustration, created by our very talented Seba from Gisborne’s Boy, shows the most handsome that blue, black and orange has to offer!

This set of characters is actually quite appropriate.

Guy tries to do as much damage as he possibly can, Lucas tries to stop him, and the good doctor A ends up picking up the pieces.

Remember that to enter the competition, and get your mitts on this item, please answer the following question in comments.

The question is:

Apart from a bum that just won’t quit, and a body to die for, what else do these characters have in common?

Your answer can be as broad as you like!

Comments close at 12pm GMT tomorrow, when the next opportunity to win an Armitage delight is posted 🙂

Please make sure I have the means to contact you, either by email or Twitter!

Good Luck!

Big Up to Seba, Magzy, and Max’s iPhone!

Comments are CLOSED!

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26 responses

  1. They have all saved at least one person’s life at some point. (Guy did save Marian from the hangman’s noose, after all). Lucas defused bombs, etc. and of course, Dr. Track used his doctorin’ skills on plenty of folks. 😉

  2. This is lovely again!! What else do these characters have in common? Mesmerizing blue eyes promising paradise!!! 😀

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    Stop by, leave a comment, and get the chance to win yet another Armitage goodie! 🙂

  4. Obsession. That is what binds these characters together. Alec is an obsessively good doctor. He is dedicated to his calling. So much so that he doesn’t even fully commit to relationships. Equally, Lucas is obsessed by his own job as an MI5 agent, trying to keep his country safe. Sir Guy could be said to be reasonably good at his job as Master-at-Arms, too. However, his obsession is a less lofty one. Or the loftiest of all? It is love, love for Marian. All three are driven individuals, in any case. My two Cents.

  5. OMG congratulations to me (laughs) I win a Thornton cotton bag !!! I know I don’t deserve it and I am not good enough for it but I promise I’ll treasure it ! Thank you Agzy and Seba.
    What my lovely boys have in common ? I think they are both unlucky in love !

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    I’ve got one more day to drive. Hopefully my driving discipline will be a bit better today. Meanwhile — more Armitage birthday countdown!

  7. Hmm let’s see. They like to bite into things? I’ve seen Lucas bite one of his gloves… so is Guy. Then there’s Alec Track who bites from gauze to syringes. This is a long shot btw.

  8. All three have appeared in black leather jackets at some stage and also in black tops

  9. Congrats, Nadia! 🙂
    I’ll ponder the question for a little bit … be back later!

    • What do they have in common …
      They all take great risks everyday.
      And they are just too gorgeous while doing so. 😉

  10. They all have not much in their life but their work

  11. First of all, congrats to Nadia! All three of them have extraordinarily sexy voices! (VERY lame, I know- apologies!) Love the drawing! Now can I please win something for the 1st time in my life?Thanks…

  12. Common for these characters is that I cannot detach my eyes from them.;)

  13. Porter as deliverer isn’t number-two choice either!!! WOW if he would show up in front of my door, I hopefully (wishful thinking!) could not guarantee for anything….
    Congrats to Nadia! Why the heck should you not deserve it?? It was one of my favourites too!
    Now, look at the three boys!! It seems they keep each other busy quite conveniently, but in the end, on closer look, they also appear to be best mates. Of course, a smaller, more modern and less ostentatious sword wouldn’t redound to Guy’s disadvantage (just my tuppence worth!! LOL) We lady’s meanwhile have enough time to spruce ourselves up (pin-up girls!! hint, hint). Go girls, go!! Wouldn’t that be fun?? Look, who’s waiting for us!!! Oh, I’m missing the point here. Just tried to write a bit more broad as Agzym suggested…..

    What do Lucas, Alec and Guy have in common? If either of them would look at me the way they usually look at, let’s say women, I’m referring to that smouldering, scrutinising however yearning look, I would dead certain just melt away….. I mean I would liquify, nothing left…all gone!! Therefore, no way all three look at me at the same time… You would not want to be rid of me, don’t you? I mean hopefully I’m an appreciated member of the RA-fandom???? Gosh…..Gettin’ a bit restless here. One never knows….
    BTW I just participate outside the competition. 😉

  14. Well they were rubbish at wooing the ladies, Lucas with the strange date at Claridges, Alec with his odd gift of a toothbrush and Guy stealing a necklace from a young bride!

  15. All three of them totally rock that ‘slightly longer hair with sideburns and designer stubble’-look!!
    I love you competition – great stuff! x

  16. Congratulations to Nadia!

    My answer to the question is: They are all strongly devoted to their cause/job. They do whatever is necessary to get the approval of their superiors. At first I thought the need for approval wasn’t quite so obvious in the case of Alec as with Guy and Lucas. But the need is there, perhaps a bit more under the surface.

  17. Tough question! I’ve never thought to compare those! Love Seba’s design!
    I’m gonna say they each have a color “uniform” identified with the character.

  18. Congratulations Nadia!
    Chciałabym powiedzieć to samo co Ania.:)
    P.S: Już podziękowałam Ci na blogu Servetusa ale chciałabym jeszcze tutaj. To jeszcze jeden dowód na to ze jak ktuś nie umie pić to powinien dac se spokój. Chyba wiesz o co codzi, napisałam tam ze ta fanka ze zdjęcia jest piekna i skromna… i zaraz po cliknięciu pożałowałam tego głupiego komentarza…po pijaku wydaje mi się ze jestem dowcipna a robie się głupio złośliwa.

    • Hahaha komentarz jest fajny, czego gupasie narzekasz??? Skromna jest, bo ja bym już łapami po tyłeczki mu macała, i byłoby to widać na zdjęciu 🙂 Ochrona by mnie osaczyła, powaliła, wyrzuciła LOL!


    Alec, Lucas, and Guy
    As you will clearly see,
    Have a few things in common
    And I’ll name them for thee.

    They are all civil servants
    Who commit to their jobs,
    And work hard with their wits
    On their road to the top.

    Bit by bit, they continue
    Reaching out for their goals,
    Not yet fully aware
    Of how this takes a toll,

    On their minds and their bodies,
    Not to mention, on love,
    For their time with the ladies
    Is affecting their souls.

    So, in spite of the fact
    That they look like Greek gods,
    With those eyes, and that hair,
    And a body that rocks,

    Don’t be fooled in the least
    ‘Cause they’re tall and so strong.
    These men sure are conflicted,
    Flawed heroes, the lot.

    Dallas, TX

    • Berta, this is one answer I can never top… *___*

      • Aww..thank you!!! Can you tell that I really REALLY want to win a bag? hahaha

        • Honey, believe me when I tell you, I’d love EVERYONE to win! If only I could make that happen… Maybe there’s a super rich RA fan that’d bankroll a givaway, that would be great! Richy Richardson, you know how to find me. Give us the $$$ and we’ll put it to super good use!

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