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Richard Armitage and the word ‘Bulge’


Such an interesting word.

One of its definitions is:

A protruding part; an outward curve or swelling“.

Most of us associate it with putting on a bit of weight and feeling that out trousers are filled to capacity.

That would fit another definition:

A sudden, usually temporary increase in number or quantity”.

In 1944 there was The Battle of the Bulge.

In astronomy a bulge is a tightly packed group of stars within a larger formation.

On a TOTALLY UNRELATED note, here a picture of Lucas North:

You know what can cause bulges?

Hands in the pocket:

Then there are those unexpected bulge dangers lurking about…

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  1. Oh my… Is it getting hot in here? Anyone else? Puh…

  2. LOL! There’s a reason why those tight Lucas jeans were soooooo popular. Of course, Sir Guy had some nice “bulges” in certain scenes, too. (Oh Guy, get that smirk off your face!)

  3. :D..ale…o co…chodzi?…TROCHE SZACUNKU!!!….
    …a tak między nami dzięki za wyjaśnienie tego słowa:) To ostatnie zdjęcie to Pani Kochana -HORROR!;)

    • To ostatnie zdjęcie to istne zagrożenie dla przyszłych ewentualnych pokoleń! Nawet jak ten kamień jest z gąbki, to i tak zmierza w złym kierunki!

  4. yeah, baby!

  5. Admiring RA helps the foreign fans to improve their vocabulary… LOL
    There are no limits to your imagination and I can’t stop laughing over here!!! 😀

  6. Ah, don’t think there is much danger from the “bricks”. It’s just chocolate cake.

  7. You are absolutely pretty priceless, Agzym!! Yeah, “bulge” was exactly the adequate “expression” I needed today……Sigh…..

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  9. Giggles Pin up!
    But shameless hussy that I am, I beg to mention that you missed my favorite image. You know the one–with the red fire extinguisher in the background that no one notices: Ha!

    Of course, the next frame after that, we also have this one:



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