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The Value of each page of a Tolkien Book

On hearing there was to be a third Hobbit movie, my best friend Max asked if we’ll have to fly to each premier.

I could see him calculate the costs, and the number he got wasn’t to his liking.

What can I say?

Sometimes admiring Richard Armitage doesn’t come cheap, especially if you add up the DVD Boxsets, Audiobooks  and such.

Over at Set Phasers to LOL, they’ve decided to estimate how much each page of a Tolkien book is worth.

According to them, it goes like this:

how much money is tolkien's writing worth per page

I’m crapaloo at numbers, and I never seem to have money, so I don’t really worry about figures, but this is how I see it:

The estimated cost of each Hobbit film:

Richard Armitage playing the sexiest dwarf in the history of Middle Earth in three 3D films:


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  1. I don’t know about figures, but I like how you lay it out. Mr. Armitage is indeed priceless! And if they want to make more money they’d better make a lot of Thorin action figures because it won’t be just children who want them!

    • Our precious is priceless 🙂
      I’m not sure I’ll get any merch from Hobbit, but if they had a Thorin bobble head, I’d jump at the chance!

  2. These numbers are a bit scary, but I have do agree with you: RA is priceless, for all the other things use your Mastercard… LOL

    • If I’m honest, I wouldn’t be able to pay for much using my debet card right now 🙂 The figures for such a huge production are scary, and it makes you realise how much is at stake. Movies like these really need to earn money at the box office! I bet Sir PJ spent a few sleepless nights over the whole issue 😉

      • Of course the style of PJ’s movies damands a lot of money and the investors are expecting their profits. I’m sure he had some sleepless nights, but honestly I don’t thing he needs to worry about it!! 😉

  3. Your post is priceless too. Hilarious. And I would pay good money for a Thorin bobble head. I don’t know how I have been able to live without one. lol

    • I can see myself spending hours just looking at that bobble head! Up and down it would go, and I’d be staring, like in a trans. Hear that Sir PJ, there’s a market for these! LOL!

  4. I will have a page of The Hobbit please!

    • Hello YoSista aka Magzy aka my sister dearest 🙂 Nice to see you’re finally moving towards the 21 century by commenting on my blog as opposed to commenting about it! We’ll make an Armtage fan of you yet. You mark my words! Love you!!!

      • Oh AgzyM! You force me to bring up the embarassing story of the “Magzy how do I write Roman numerals on the computer” (and that was already in the 21st century!). Proud of you for your comittment to this blog – some of it (although not exclusively RA) is priceless! Love u 2!!!


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