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McAvoy’s Rory O’Shea Was Here, and it made me think…

When the news spread about Richard’s first post-Hobbit project, I was less than thrilled.

I’ve written a post about the Category Six before, making light of it, but I found it difficult to express why I was a tad disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go see it with an open mind.

It just that I wanted… more.

A while back I saw, and wrote about,  “Van Gogh. Painted with Words”, with the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch playing the part of Vincent Van Gogh.

It inspired me to search for other projects he had been in.

Cumberbatch is hailed as the hottest actor around, appearing in both independent films, but also being scooped up by the big name directors.

It would seem that appearing in blockbusters and playing ambitious parts is not mutually exclusive.

On my British Actors high, I also started collecting films with James McAvoy, and yesterday I watch him in, what the critics call, one of his best roles.

“Inside I’m Dancing” also known as “Rory O’Shea Was Here”, came highly recommended by Joanna.

We both have a thing for British actors (who in their right mind wouldn’t?), and she suggested I give it a try.

As open-minded as I am, I sometimes feel prejudiced against some books or films, especially when the subject matter isn’t something I would ordinarily pick.

Michael (Steven Robertson), who suffers from cerebral palsy, has spent all his life in residential care.

He has spent his whole life at the Carrigmore Home for the Disabled (“a special home for special people”).

His life is structured and safe, and he’s sheltered from everything that is happening beyond the walls of the home.

In comes new resident Rory (James McAvoy), a rebel determined to gain freedom and independence despite his Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Rory and Michael become friends, and eventually persuade the authorities to give them a personal living allowance.

They create their own ‘cripple heaven’, with the help of a beautiful personal assistant Siobhan (Romola Garai).

The story has you laughing out loud, crying like a nut, but it also makes you pause and think what freedom and independence really means.

It was this film that summed up why I was disappointed with RA’s new project.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Richard is testing out international waters, and he probably chose the part with care, but I would love him to be able to play such a challenging character.

The much loathed season 9 of Spooks proved that Richard can play a character unravelling, falling apart at the seams, and this was with some extraordinary dodgy writing.

We all know he can do it, as he attacks each part with an intensity, and ends up adding a third dimension to a character that would ordinarily be as flat as a pancake (Porter, anyone?).

Maybe producers and directors see him as an action hero, but I don’t doubt he would be able to give any character the vulnerability needed.

How about giving Richard Armitage a chance to be more than that?

Anyway, as always, YT gives you the opportunity to see “Inside I’m Dancing”.

Here is the first part.


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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this movie. It really shows a great potential the two actors (McAvoy and Robertson) had at that time. JM is here now proving it and mixing intense dramas and blockbusters.
    On RA career, I woudn’t change a word of what you wrote and have to confess I’m a bit skeptical about it!! ;-(

    • As I’ve said before, I’d love him to have a career like Cumberbatch, McAvoy or Depp. I like the projects they are lucky enough to participate in. I know it’s a question of what’s on offer, so i’m asking producers and directors to look outside the box.
      Wasn’t that what Sir PJ did? He hired a tall handsome British actor, and I doubt he was unhappy with his choice.
      Am I being unfair? Probably, but that’s how I feel 😦

      • I agree entirely with you!!! Unfortunaly I’m used to see actors who look like a good promise just disappear from the business. I really don’t want to see it happens to RA. Besides, we need good actors acting. I’m tired of silly week actors making lots of bad movies, appearing everywhere and getting rich!! Guess I am too demanding. ;-(

        • I’m a huge fan of the British Film and TV productions, especially BBC, so I have no doubt that id the US doesn’t to that well, he’ll always have something to come back to. The reason why I find it frustrating is that I think the value of productions like Inside… put American films to shame. I’m generalising, but a smaller budget means less CG and fancy explosions, and more room for an actors skill to shine through.

          • I’m a huge fan of European movies. I like to see plots about real people (where you can also see the talent of actors/actresses) instead of super productions, super heros, super anything. It doesn’t mean I don’t watch them at all. I do. Sometimes I just want to relax and laugh a little. But if you look for content…Anyway, we can’t predict the future and I know myself: I’m very anxious and tend to be a little pessimist sometimes!!

          • Always an open mind! I’ve been wathcing a lot of Cumberbatch and McAvory films, and all I can say is WOW! I don’t know what they put in their tea, but it’s working! That’s not to say I don’t enjoy big budget stuff, I also watch American TV series. Coming across an excellent BBC production is like finding a beautiful piece of amber on a nasty overcrowded beach!

  2. So pleased to know that someone shares my disappointment (Tornado movie) and my hopes for RA’s future as an actor. Richard, being the kind of actor that he is, he will certainly be presented with excellent opportunities, let’s not despair. New Line is the Production Company for both the Hobbit and “Category Six” so maybe this tornado film was kind of an obligation attached to the Hobbit contract? I’m also a huge fan of Cumberbatch and british actors in general and I’m absolutely convinced that Richard’s hard work will continue to be rewarded with more demanding, rich and deep characters for him to portray. 🙂

    • I really hope you’re right. It will all depend on how this Twister-style movie does. There’s a threat that if it does well at the box office, he’ll be typecast as an action movie actor. Now sure if that’s a very bad thing, but it’d probably close him off from other types of films. Let’s hope that he joins the ranks of Cumberbatch, McAvoy and Hardy. I think he deserves it!

  3. Obejrzałaś Agzym! Bardzo się cięszę i jestem (nie znajduję innego słowa) zaszczycona że znalazłaś czas , i jeszcze…no wiesz…moje imię…w twoim poście!*squeee*;)
    Wracając do p.Armitage, naprawdę mam nadzieję że kiedy już ugruntuje swą pozycję w Hollywood powróci do prawdziwych produkcji a może nawet spełni marzenie swego życia tzn.wyprodukuje a może i wyreżyseruje serial o Ryszardzie III.:)
    Mam dobre przeczucia jeśli chodzi o Rysia…jeszcze ludzie będą poważnie go traktować….musi tylko trochę się zestarzeć i zbrzydnąć.;)

    • Jeszcze raz wielkie dzięki za polecenie tego filmu.
      To ja zaproponuję Tobie film, chyba że widziałaś. Benedict Cumberbatch i Tom Hardy “Stuart, A Life Backwards”. Właśnie skończyłam. Brak słów. Niesamowicie wzruszająca historia, oparta na faktach.
      Co do Pana Ryszarda, naprawdę nie wiem co to będzie, ale nawet jak wróci do rodzimych proukcji, myślę że będzie OK. Problem polega na tym że ma ponad 40 lat i jest znany z ról w serialach sensacyjnych. Pewnie nigdy nie dostanie takich propozycji jak Cumberbatch, McAvory czy Hardy 😦

      • Oj tak,oj tak!:( Pewnie dlatego łapie co popadnie.
        Dzieki Agzym! ….mam nadzieję ze już dziś znajdę ten film na YT.:)( i jeszcze jak mi się spodoba to będe musiała go kupić:))!…a tyle jeszcze książek polecanych przez Ciebie czeka w kolejce.
        Aż się boję czy mam dosyć miejca w sercu… bo ani Benedykt C. ani Tom.H nie są w moim typie … ale przecież p. Armitage też nie był.;)

        • Film jest zchomikowny 🙂 Trochę żałuję że nie było napisów angielskich, jak obejrzysz to zrozumiesz dlaczego 😉
          Uwielbiam Toma H. po obejrzeniu The Virgin Queen gdzie gra wielką miłość Elki I. Wtedy był pięknym młodym chłopcem, dopóki Hollywood się do niego dorwało. Pożniej tradycyjnie balangi, flaszka, narkotyki. Teraz znów wraca do gry!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. This sounds like a fabulous movie. Something I would go for.

    As for RA, I will see anything he is in. EVen beer commercials. I am not into the SB genre but I watched it and could appreciate John Porter. I think the same thing may happen with some of his projects. Not all will appeal to everyone but he will always have appeal.

    • That’s true Gracie. I’ll see anything RA’s in. I think I was just thinking aloud what I’d like to see him in, what direction I’d like his projects to go. It’s not like these ambitious films aren’t being made. The question is why are they being made without him 😦

  5. Yes, and yes, and yes. An actor who prepares like him, pays so much attention to detail like him, who becomes the character like him, is wasted on the lightweight stuff he mostly does. He could do wonders, given something meaty. And I really don’t understand why he doesn’t do meaty stuff. I’m trying to console myself with the idea that the tornado movie is just a filler and/or that some kind of career plan is behind it, but it did disappoint me, not because I’m not too thrilled to watch it, but because I see him wasting his potential. Is it because no-one thinks of him when they cast films like this, is it because he’s not trying hard enough to get something like this or because he’s only interested in the well-paid and high-profile stuff? I would have loved him to say no to the tornado movie and take time and choose the next project with care. He may think he looses the opportunity to earn money and present himself to a wide audience but he would gain the chance to prove he can do something different.

    • I’m trying not to judge him too harshy, after all I don’t really know anything about the biz. All I can say is what I hope for as a fan. Maybe the Twister II will rock my boat, but I really can’t see that happening, and it might be even worse if it’s one of those ‘straight to DVD’ films. I’d love to see RA stretch his acting muscles, he’s got the ability, the experience, now he needs the chance.
      PS We’re forgetting that maybe the Tornado malarky thingy was the only thing available between Hobbit obligations, and that’s why he jumped at the chance.

      • I try not to judge him harshly either, but I have followed his career for six years now, and I see a pattern repeating itself. Maybe he will choose an independent film once he’s filthy rich, or maybe when nothing else is on offer or if the ambitious film itself is a well-paid and high-profile project, involving famous actors and directors. On can only hope that his performance in the Hobbit makes such an impression that latter happens.

        • It’s going to be tough on him to get the big Clooney status. I guess it all depends on how he manages the American accent. Some actors have a talent for them, like McAvoy, who can juggle the American, British, Scottish and Irish accent seamlessly. Heinz Kruger offered a tiny sample, but it was too short to pass judgement.

  6. Wow! I watched this movie today on Youtube (except for part 8 which was missing for some reason). Thank you for making me aware of it. It was wonderful. It reminded me a bit of Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot. That was a break through role for him.
    It’s not that I would like Mr. Armitage to play a role as a disabled person, (of course we know he would nail it!), but I get that this is such a better quality type of film than a Hollywood disaster film could ever be.
    However, I had never heard of this movie. At least in a disaster movie – it’s popularity should lead to more (and better) roles in the future. Not everyone is has seen LOTR but nearly everyone has seen some type of disaster film. So perhaps a middle of the road, action adventure flick was something his handlers (or he) decided he needed.
    I do hope he is not just grabbing at any offer that comes along.


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