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May it finally RAin Armitage!

I’m off to the city for the next 24h to see Madonna in concert.

I’m Vogue-ing as I write!

I can’t remember the music world without her, although I haven’t really loves her past few albums.

I guess I’m growing old 🙂

What makes it even more exciting is that I’ll get to see the inside of our new National Stadium.

I was planning to publish a post about men’s private parts, but I need to research it a little more.

OK, that came out wrong…

I need to research the particular aspect I’m writing about.

It would have been cool to tie in Madonna and naughty bits, seeing as the Queen of Pop has never been shy herself, but the topic isn’t going anywhere.

While I’m in the city, I will FINALLY have good internet connection, which means I’ll get a chance to see all the video footage from Comic-Con.

I hardly know where to start!

I’d hate to miss anything, so if there’s a clip you’re fond of, please post the link in comments, so I can swoop in like a mad RA fan, to my heart’s delight.

You’d be doing me a huge favour, so help a fellow admirer out 🙂

By the way, as I was searching for images, I came up with a bunch I’ll call: I’m fed up!

Poor Richard looks like all he really wants is a hot shower and a pint of larger.

That’s funny, because that’s what most of us want when we look at him.

Richard taking a hot shower.

Thinking of it makes us thirsty, so a larger would be nice 🙂

It must be taxing to be so sexy, cool, masculine and witty all day long.

Either that, or there’s something suspicious with that water.

Maybe Richard went the Lindsay Lohan route and that’s not water at all.

Vodka anyone?

Images: RANet

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  1. Oh, my dear Pinup Girl – how could you possibly suspect that our darling Richard would slip anything into that water bottle? 😉

    • Do you remember the special features from Spooks, when they’re filming in Moscow, Richard takes a sip from a cup, says Cheers! The adds Vodka! I’ve always thought that was very cute. Maybe that’s his method though, just like Lilo 🙂 Down it and be the most charming person around! LOL!

  2. Indeed, in some pictures he looks to be dreaming to be somewhere else. I guess these events must be boring and tiring, particularly after a long flight from NZ. Unfortunaly, they are part of the business. However, we won’t complain as Comic-Con was a refreshment for the thirsty RA fandom!!! 😉
    Wish you enjoy yourself in the concert tonight!!!

    • I think that was the moment he needed to be in ‘his bubble’. You know, when you zone out for a sec, let your mind slip. That’s what it looks like to me.

    • It just occurred me that a third film in summer 2014 likely means three more Comic Cons!

      • I like your maths! But it also means Hobbit takes over Richard’s life for at least another year. That can be a good thing, but it would prevent him from taking on other projects.

  3. Speaking of Madonna and S-E-X …many moons ago there was a Seattle band (who shall remain nameless) that was scouted by Maverick, Madonna’s record company. Maverick had just hit it big with Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill” album and were looking for another alternative band. Nameless band met with Madge and it looked like they were on their way to a record deal when one of them joked that they wanted signed copies of her SEX book. Deal torpedoed. Oopsie.

    • Hahahaha shame, a signed SEX book is a collector’s item 🙂
      When I was living in NY, my friend introduced me to one of those beautiful dancers she had during the Vogue period. We’re dancing, chatting. I’m 20, young and foolish, so I ask: So, how’s Madonna? He looks at me and says: Who gives a f*ck!, turns around and walks away. Turns out they stopped working together on less than friendly terms, he was a lovely man, but you could NEVER ask him about Madonna, because he loathed her with a passion 🙂
      You live, you learn!

      • “So ,how’s Madonna?” – ale dałaś czadu!…hahaha:)… ale ta dziewczyna jednak trochę przesadnie zareagowała, nieżle musiała się im dawać we znaki babcia Madonna.:)

        • To czasy Vogue, więc to był żliczny gejek. Zresztą występuje w jej filmie ‘Truth or Dare’. Podobno lekko nie było 😉

          • Oczywiście, przecież napisałaś “He”, lubię ślicznych gejków bo… ładnie pachną.;)
            Głupi żarcik, wiem …ale tez wiem ze potrafią być bardziej drażliwi niż dziewczyna przed okresem i pamiętliwi jak bernardyn a plotkują strasznie.;)

          • LOL! To zależy od gejka Niektórzy są napakowani testosteronem, tak że wszystkie panienki piszczą na jego widok 😉

          • Hahaha! takich napakowanych testosteronem też lubię!. ;)…popatrzyć se przecież można ,co nie?

  4. Baw się dobrze Agzym!:)
    Ciepła wódka? wprost z butelki?..czemu nie:)

    • Zabawa przednia! Stadion wspaniały, po raz pierwszy po koncercie nie czułam się jak bydło. Jak wychodziliśmy ze stadionu, Strażnik Miejski zapytał się: Jak tam Babcia, dała czadu? LOL! Dała!

  5. Poor sweetheart. He looks really tired of some of the pics – but handsome as ever 🙂

    Have fun with Madonna agzym!

    • He does look zoned out! Looks like the adrenaline fizzled out a bit, and he was waiting for a fresh batch to hit his system.
      Someone who has no problem with low energy levels? Madonna!


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