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Mr Bad Guy, and other nasty Armitage characters

I’m extremely exited as I’ve just given my Armitage Birthday Celebration the green light.

It’s going to take a lot of time and organisation, but I hope it will be fun for the RA fans.

I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I am going to hint.

My first hint is this: I’m collaborating with Seba, from GisbornesBoy 🙂

Not saying anything else for now, but I urge you to make sure you pop back here in the second week of August.

So excited!

Anyway, this project has me sifting through Armitage characters, and I was wondering this:

What is the worst thing an Armitage character has done?

Does remorse and hope for redemption lessen the crime?

Is a crime of passion easier to forgive than a calculated one?

Which would you choose?

Is it Heinz Kruger’s Big Boom?

Is it Guy’s misguided attempt to win the heart of the woman he loves by putting a sword through it?

How about Mulligan making sure his girlfriend didn’t travel light?

Ricky Deeming?

BTS Lee, for those socks in bed?

Percy and his orgy-loving ways?

There are so many Armitage baddies, and we love each and every one of them!

But which is the biggest villain, the lousiest scoundrel?

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  1. I am also very very excited! And I promise not to say a thing about or Secret Mission. But, it will be great. Oh, so GREAT. I hope. YOU will be great. Me? Well, we’ll see. LOL. 😉

    And which one of his characters would I choose… Hm. I don’t know. I like the bad boys. I don’t mind bombs, drugs, head-to-toe-leather-men sticking swords in stupid Marians… As long as I can get some lovin’. LMAO.

    • LOL! EPIC! At least it’ll be that way to us. Others may think: Ehhh I’ve seen better… 😉
      I like a baddie myself, especially if he’s unrelentless in his evil ways. Add the leather and a nice long sharp sword, and I’m a gonner!

  2. Waiting anxiously for the surprise(s) you two are preparing! I’m sure only good things will come!! 😉
    On the bad RA characters, my fovourite is Sir Guy. He was so unable to acomplish his ‘duties’ that he was more funny than bad!!! Besides, he was a very sexy bad Guy and I couldn’t think much while watching RH!! LOL

    • It’s difficult to watch an ambitious man like our Gizzy be put down by the Sheriff. I think he was as much the victim as he was the victimiser. Perhaps the case of the bluuied becoming the bully? I think it was all that hot leather. Had they stuck Guy in a nice pair of silk pyjamas, he’d be the nicest Guy around 😉

  3. It has to be Sir Guy, my favourite bumbling boobie ☺ LOL

  4. Przepraszam ale nie umiem wybrać .:) Wydaje się ze Ryś nie potrafi zagrać złego do szpiku kości człowieka….albo nie wierzy w istnienie złych ludzi.

  5. Agzym, my dear, it was only ONE SOCK!!! 🙂

    • Don’t know if it makes matters better or worse 😉 I know people say it was supposed to represent the heat of passion… but it left me cold…

      • Oh dear. I just had a very naughty idea. Maybe the other sock was put on another part of his anatomy? 🙂 That would make perfect sense!*blushing furiously*

  6. @Judit! :D….tulips, I see tulips…why?

  7. Hi Pin Up and Gisby,
    Sometimes RA is so “bad” he is good! I look forward to hearing about your project. Cheers! Grati ;->

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