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Picking though the Hobbit Group Picture and on picking a bit too much!

I’m still fascinated by the Hobbit group picture.

Based in the investigative powers of the RA community, I can now conclude that the mystery man on the stair, with the Simon Cowell cleavage, is indeed Mr Armitage.

It seems the stairs were the hot spot in the picture, as we can also catch a glimpse of Aidan Turner.

I’ll surprise you, though.

It wasn’t spotting the two hunks that made my day.

Imagine this scenario.

You have worked on the set of the 2 most anticipated films of 2012 and 2013.

You were fortunate enough to take part in the cast and crew photo of said films, being the envy of millions around the world.

This is a picture that is proof of your involvement in the films, and one you will no doubt show your grandchildren in years to come.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re this unfortunate man, you will stick your finger up your nose at the precise moment the photo is taken.

Dear Sir, I’m not sure if this was the case of an unfortunately timed nose itch, or if you were indeed digging for something up there.

Maybe you took the ‘Watch the Birdy” too literally, thinking it was wedged up your nose.

Maybe ‘Cheese‘ made you think of some smelly Camembert or Brie.

Either way, this is bad timing on your part.

Based on my observation, I have noticed men favour the moment they are standing at the traffic light to engage in a little around the nose activity!

They don’t usually wait for the moment when an entire cast and crew are photographed to capture and celebrate cinematography history.

Not cool, Sir!

There’s a lesson to be learned here, Readers!

If you ever pose for a Peter Jackson End of Shooting Cast and Crew photo, make sure you keep your hands well away from your face!

Thanks to Crapitycrap for pointing this out 😉

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  1. Oh my God! Poor fellow *lol*

    • I know! But it’s not the case of blinking the moment a pic is taken (I’m sure there are dozens of those in this picture). There’s clear closeness of the finger and the nose. Unfortunate!

      • Yup, caught in the icky act 😆

        • It’s not that we don’t all do it. It’s just the timing that kills me! Well, at least he wasn’t adjusting his underwear. That’s what a man did yesterday in the shop. As I was passing him, he had his hand stuck in the back doing who knows what! We made eye-contact, but it didn’t change a thing 😉 Men!

  2. ….a tu zobacz wnusiu stoi twój Dziadziuś. 😀

  3. Ahh, don’t be too harsh on the poor guy. Ages ago RA himself said that picking his nose is this own worst habit.

    BTW I guess is still in costume? He wears the Thorin wig and that may be the shirt he wears under the heavy overcoat? The last scenes seem to involve Legolas, so maybe it is something about capturing the dwarves.

    • I do feel sorry for the guy, but Queen Elizabeth II and Obama have both been caught with their finger up their nose, so I think the man is in good company 🙂
      I think RA just really loves the wig and could part with it! It gives him a good excuse to be all many, brutal and butch! LOL! Your explanation is more plausable though!

      • The manager of the German football (soccer for Americans ;)) team Joachim Löw is regularly caught with his finger up his nose during matches. He must be doing it for stress relief! Strange habit because otherwise Mr.Löw seems like a well-brought up and polite gentleman.

  4. Maybe he is just scratching his nose. lol

    • Yes, maybe he was just scratching. Still bad timing. I was thinking about that possibility, but don’t we usually not seperate just one finger to scratch our noses? The middle finger is usually somewhere close bye. Here we have a seperation 😉

  5. Bwahahaha! Hilarious post! I officially LOVE your blog Agzym 🙂


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