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On Richard Armitage, Time, and Procrastination

“Just once I want to wake up with more time on my hands than hours in the day.”

I have a looming deadline, as the first chapter of my MA thesis is due Tuesday.

That’s 20 pages on the theory of fashion, including the concepts of Barthes, Boucher, Carlyle, Simmel, Spencer, and Veblen.

Number of pages completed as of right now: Zero!

I have a rough draft (drafts seem to be haunting me of late), but it requires a general overhaul.

The whole situation is just winding me up.

It’s vital that I meet this deadline, because my university professor picked me personally to guide me through my thesis.

Guilt is a wonderful thing at times, and I just can’t imagine letting her down.

I feel ticktock pressure breathing down my neck.

The feeling of impending doom is ticking me off, just not enough to inspire me to sit down and write.

And here’s why:

When you’re a fan of an actor like Richard Armitage, there’s ALWAYS something to do.

First off, if you’re a blogger, and treat it semi-seriously, you will soon learn that it really is a part-time job.

There are always posts to research, write, and schedule, like clockwork.

For me there’s a necessity to go back and correct any mistakes I’ve overlooked in posts, as I have very little attention to detail, and my keyboard ‘swallows’ letters.

It makes me cuckoo!

Replying to comments is the highlight of my morning, and I consider it time well spent.

Then I might get an idea and start fiddling with RA images, which sparks a new post idea, which completes the cycle of research, write, schedule.

Every click on a blog I follow offers a release from the tensions of any RL obligations.

There’s always something to look at, comment on, watch.

Once I do my blog rounds, it’s time to pop over to Twitter.

 I can kiss a few hours goodbye.

Rest easy you’ll come across someone there chat with, exchange views and observations.

Whenever I know I should leave, I just keep coming back for seconds 🙂

The truth is, if I got paid by the hour for Richard Armitage admiration, I’d be a rich woman.

Don’t worry, Mr Armitage.

My love don’t cost a thing 😉

With the amount of time we spend at work keeping abreast of RA news, I’m sure some country’s GDP  has dropped.

The truth is, the time spent interacting with the RA community is priceless!

It doesn’t feel like a time-waster.

We may not be out there saving the world, but I’d like to think we’re creating a wonderful RA reality, full of friendship and creativity.

Case in point: This post took close to 3 hours to complete *sigh*

And yes, I did have to go back and correct a mistake…

Oh dear!

About Agzy The Ripper

Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. No pic’s, something wrong my end?

  2. Richarding is NOT a time-waster. It brings so much happiness and makes RL bearable !!!
    Dear Agzym good luck for your thesis !

    • Thanks Nadia! I’ll need all the luck in the world, but I’m starting to make sense of things, which is very much needed!
      RA is not a time-waster. He’s my little ray of light that heats me up before I go back to the cold reality of RL 🙂 Shame I can’t just make a living of adoring RA, though 🙂 That would be swell!

  3. “Absolutely Fab blog” says Edwina

  4. Time spent doing what we love is the best one. Regarding RA community, it always brings good energy to brighten up our days!!! 😉
    However, some ‘obligations’ can’t be forgotten, so I hope you find the time and inspiration to write the first chapter of you MA thesis!! Good luck!! 😀

    • 🙂 I’ve corrected the old draft, then I made a plan of what was important (gender, class, wealth and body), as I was all over the place before. Now I’m ready to start typing 🙂 Oh, and I pulled out some weeds in my garden, just to procrastinate a few minutes longer!

      • Guess the ‘secret’ is to alternate work and leisure. At least it works for me!! 😉

        • I think the probelm is I’m on my summer holiday, so it should be a time for reading, catching up on my viewing of stacks of DVD, spending hours surfing. I found it very hard to shift from that mindset. But the more I do now, the sooner I finish, the less I have to do later. That’s my mantra for now!

  5. Some people work best under pressure. There’s no better way to procrastinate than with RA characters! ♥

    • Sad but true, if I didn’t have deadlines, I’d never get anything done! But if I’m going to spend time not doing the things I should, RA admiring is the perfect occupation!

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  7. AGzym, you have a great, great sense of humour!!!I love your posts!:) Truth is, we’d all be filthy rich if we got paid by the hour for our RA admiration!!! I don’t blog but still spend a good chunk of my working hours (shhh don’t tell my boss!) Richarding! Good luck with your thesis; I had no idea there were theories of fashion? I’m the Grand Master of procrastination – it took me 3 years to complete my thesis! Had to get a special license from the Head of Department to submit it, and the prof who was supposed to be my “supervisor”(not sure that’s the right term) refused to have anything to do with my work…I’m just not good with deadlines I suppose…

    • LOL, my supervisor won’t be pleased with me either 🙂 I’m studying American culture, so everything falls into that category. It’s more about theorising fashion than anything else.
      It’s a full-time job admiring Richard. I don’t think people from the outside realise the hours we spend. That’s a good thing, as they’d see just how crazy we really are 🙂 Best keep that info between ourselves LOL!

    • I should have said Mistress of Procrastination I guess! 🙂


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