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Spot Dwarf Kili

This is one of those posts that takes ages to put together, and at the end you wonder if it was worth it 🙂

It made me spend hour going through Turner and Armitage pictures, so I’m going to say yes!

When I started researching Aidan Turner, it made me realise how amazing the Armitage fandom really is.

Don’t get me wrong – there are fan sites dedicated to Turner, but nothing like the RArmy.

It made me very proud to be part of our little community!

But back to the topic of this post.

Kili (Aidan Turner) from the House of Durin will surely provide the eye candy, if and when you can pry them away from his uncle, Thorin.

He and his brother Fili (Dean O’Gorman) are the youngest among the dwarves.

Because Richard Armitage’s Thorin usually stands centre stage in the new Hobbit footage (YAY!), I’ve decided to shift the focus.

 Let’s play a game of  ‘Where’s Kili / Aidan?’

You will find the answers below.

But before that, I suggest a round of Spot Armitage and Turner!

Here are the answers, although, if you were able to peel your eyes off Richard Armitage / Thorin, I think it was pretty easy!

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  1. You’re right, the problem here is to take my eyes off Richard/Thorin… poor Kili!!! ;-D

    • LOL! That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to start conditioning RA fans to notice something / anything else when The Hobbit comes around 😉

  2. I’m sure Aidan Turner has his share of fans!! I’ll try to pay attention to him during the movie!!! 😀

    • Not so many as I would have suspected, def not as many as that sexy taented actor deserves. Researching him made me realise how well established the RA fandom is. It really is quite amazing!

      • There’s really something special in RA fandom! It always called my attention and made me more curious about him!!! 😉
        Regarding AT, unfortunately there are many talented actors, who aren’t given many opportunities and remain almost unknown, while others are super famous, but aren’t talented at all… Life is not fair!!! 😦

        • I think with Aidan it’s just a matter of time. He’s quite young and hasn’t acted that much. Even when we think about RA prior to N&S, he was almost unknown. I think it takes time to build up a career that will be followed by many fans. Especially if you don’t want to be a ‘one boy wonder’.

          • That’s truth! Talking as someone who loves movies, it’s really nice to see new talented faces on the big screen!!! 😉 So, let’s wait…

          • Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner on the BIG SCREEN, in 3D! Too much, I tell you! Too much 😉 I’ve never seen either in a movie in a cinema. Best not get popcorn, I’ll probably choke on it!

  3. Don’t tell me about it!! I imagine all of us sitting in the theater, looking at the screen and drooling…no need of popcorn!!! LOL

    • Tht’s why I’m happy I’ll be seeing it first in another country 🙂 Less chance someone I know will see me in such a state 🙂 Most people know I’m a bit ‘out there’ and that I like to be silly etc., but I think this goes soooo far beyond anything! LOL Shame we can’t all meet and see it together. That woulld be so much fun… but so wrong for many reasons.

  4. Oj masz rację Agzym,jakkolwiek wspólne oglądanie Hobbita świetnie brzmi-to może jednak lepiej ze nikt nie zobaczy sporej grupy dojrzałych kobiet zachowujących się jak nastolatki.;)
    Myślę tu o: głośnych wzychaniach, głośnych chichotach w nieodpowiednich miejscach,wygłaszaniu mało wysublimowanych komentarzy w rodzaju”Thorin!zdejmij koszulę” podskakiwaniu na fotelach,rzucaniu w siebie pop-cornem 😀
    Pewnie pójdę do kina ze 3 razy. Pierwszy raz z moim ślubnym(który jest fanem trylogii Jacksona) i naszą latoroślą(która jest fanką Aidana:), po raz drugi sama by pogapić się swobodnie z głupim uśmiechem na Ryśka,po raz trzeci by uważnie obejrzeć Hobbita;)

    • Świetny plan. Widziałam filmy Zmierzchu wiele razy, zawsze w ramach maratonu filmowego, i nie powiem, działo się. Grupa starych rumpieci wzdychających do nastoletnich wapmirów…
      Kiedy pomyślę że zobaczę zarówno Ryśka jak i Aidana na dużym ekranie, przechodzą mnie ciarki 😉 Bojkotuję Polską premierę i chcę wyruszyć gdzieś dalej w weekend premiery na weekend by zobaczyć film w tym samym terminie co reszta cywilizowanego świata. Plusem jest to że prawdopodobieństwo że ktoś kto mnie zna zobaczy mnie w stanie rozkładu emocjonalnego jest bliska zera! A póżniej to zobaczymy ile razy przyzwoitość pozwoli mi się pojawić w Cinema City na ten sam film 🙂


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