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Richard Armitage and the Mean Face

Every time I research Richard Armitage, the following quote from The Telegraph pops up.

Nice try, Armitage!

Sure, the man can brood and snicker like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are a few examples of my favorites:

If Hobbit-Con has taught us anything, it’s that RA has a smile that just won’t quit.

It’s a billion watt smile, and no professing will convince me otherwise!

Don’t believe me?

Here are some examples, courtesy of RANet.

So, Mr Armitage, you don’t fool us one bit!

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  1. We always knew he had a lovely smile and his eyes light up.
    I still don’t mind him being a little broody, after all that’s who most of us fell in love with ♥

    Happy week end to all ☺

  2. He has a gorgeous smile. Thank you for reminding us.

  3. I wouldn’t mind having him smiling more often!! 😉

  4. AGAIN! APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE! You have succeeded in convincing me that you are one of the most creative people on the planet.

    Really laughed at this one — thanks for the fun. You rock.

    • Thanks Heidi, you really are the sweetest! First pics of RA smiling, now such a lovely comment. I do believe this has turned out to be a wonderful day 🙂

  5. He can turn the world on with his smile. He can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile… 😀

    • Very well put, Charlotte! Ad how lucky are we that we have Richard to brighten up the day. What is more, we have a RA admiration fandom, RArmy, whatever you want to call it, to share the joy 🙂

  6. I love RA’s smile! He has such kindness in his eyes. Cheers!

  7. RA is such a mean faced person!!! Yeah, most certainly! Why oh why don’t we believe him any word? 😉 Because we know better. We’ve seen him smile!!! This radiant, stunning (tantalising?) smile of him. We’ve seen him even roaring with laughter. Maybe a bit rarely for our liking, but every now and than he let us luxuriate in an overwhelmingly cheerful and contagious (tantalising?) smirk and so much much more…….
    agzym, many thanks for your ongoing brilliant writings (so witty and enjoyable, cheering me up so often!), the wonderful pictures and the unique topics you choose, I’m a regular reader and savourer, even though I comment quite rarely. Have a brilliant sunny Sunday!

    • Richard could conquer worlds with that smile 🙂 He’s a natural charmer. I really hope he never loses that, even when he’s up there with all the other big Hollywood actors. I think most of them could learn a thing or two from our Rich! The man’s got class, he keeps his personal life under wraps, he warm and friendly, but you know he means business. I’e said it many times since Hobbit-Con. We’re really very lucky to be fans / admirers of such an actor 🙂
      Re posts. THANK YOU! It’s really lovely to hear, although from my perspective it’s just me babbling on about things that peek my interest. I have the nicest, smartest, funniest readers! Not sure how I deserved them, but I’m really thankful for the positive energy (and comments) they bring when they stop by 🙂

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  9. Great post, agzy! One of the reasons I love looking at all the RA footage and pics that came out of Comic Con is that so much of it is of Richard smiling, and seemingly enjoying himself. He has such a beautiful smile, it would be lovely to see it onscreen more often!

    • Move over Leo, Richard is King of the World! I don’t know if it was the isolation of filming in NZ, or special schooling from Sir PJ’s people, but Richard rocked at Hobbit-Con. He seemed so confident and in control. He managed that while being witty and friendly. Good job, Sir!
      I could settle for his ‘mean face’ onscreen if he promised plenty of smiles during interviews and in photo shoots 🙂

  10. Uwielbiam ten jego chłopięcy uśmiech<3
    Tak go właśnie odbieram, gentelmen-tak,uwazny myslący obserwator-tak,inteligentny i elokwentny-tak ale przede wszystkim chłopiec. Ciężki orzech do zgryzienia dla każdej,, nawet wyjątkowo bystrej dziewczyny. No wiesz żadne babskie sztuczki na niego nie działają;)

    • Nie, chyba nie działają. Z drugiej strony, może to demon seksu, który uwodzi niewiasty na lewo i prawo. Jeśli tak, to cieszę się że nie robi tego publicznie. Tak to bym musiała oglądać jego zdjęcia z jakąs chudą lafiryndą i zastanawiać się co to za zdzira 😉

  11. Really, really funny, agzym! 🙂 Oh the last picture, the poor darling looks exhausted and ready to crash! Of course he has a gorgeous smile, and as for the menacing face, pull the other one Richard. Danny Trejo has a menacing face. Not you, dearest boy. (you can ACT menacing but it’s a different matter altogether!Right?) 🙂

    • Very true, Judit! Being something and having the ability to act something are two very different things! That face can channel pure evil, but luckily it’s reserved to onscreen action. RL Armitage it adorable, and there isn’t a darn thing he can do about it 😉


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