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Daily Archives: July 21, 2012

Spot Dwarf Kili

This is one of those posts that takes ages to put together, and at the end you wonder if it was worth it 🙂

It made me spend hour going through Turner and Armitage pictures, so I’m going to say yes!

When I started researching Aidan Turner, it made me realise how amazing the Armitage fandom really is.

Don’t get me wrong – there are fan sites dedicated to Turner, but nothing like the RArmy.

It made me very proud to be part of our little community!

But back to the topic of this post.

Kili (Aidan Turner) from the House of Durin will surely provide the eye candy, if and when you can pry them away from his uncle, Thorin.

He and his brother Fili (Dean O’Gorman) are the youngest among the dwarves.

Because Richard Armitage’s Thorin usually stands centre stage in the new Hobbit footage (YAY!), I’ve decided to shift the focus.

 Let’s play a game of  ‘Where’s Kili / Aidan?’

You will find the answers below.

But before that, I suggest a round of Spot Armitage and Turner!

Here are the answers, although, if you were able to peel your eyes off Richard Armitage / Thorin, I think it was pretty easy!

Flickr show

Richard Armitage and the Mean Face

Every time I research Richard Armitage, the following quote from The Telegraph pops up.

Nice try, Armitage!

Sure, the man can brood and snicker like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are a few examples of my favorites:

If Hobbit-Con has taught us anything, it’s that RA has a smile that just won’t quit.

It’s a billion watt smile, and no professing will convince me otherwise!

Don’t believe me?

Here are some examples, courtesy of RANet.

So, Mr Armitage, you don’t fool us one bit!

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