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Smilde’s Clouds take the Art World by Storm

Artist suspends real clouds in the middle of the room

Artist Berndnaut Smilde seems to be able to control the weather.

What is more, he does it for art’s sake.

He merges art and science to create man-made clouds that exist indoors.

Smilde uses a fog machine to make the actual clouds, but also carefully regulates the humidity and temperature.

For a moment, he creates sculptures from clouds.

Then they quickly dissipate inside the room, but every cloud has a silver lining.

The effect is breathtaking, and the artist’s popularity has taken the art world by storm.

Inspired: 'I imagined walking into a classical museum hall with just empty walls. There was nothing to see except for a rain cloud hanging around in the room,' Smilde said

Fleeting: Each cloud only exists for a moment before dissipating


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  1. Wow… there’s always something new in the world!!! 😉

    • That’s what I though! Just when you think they’ve done just about everything, someone plays a trick on nature and captures such a beautiful phenomenon. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up to such a lovely sight? As long as it doesn’t rain indoors, I think this is quite beautiful.

      • Considering the current dry season, I would like to have a cloud of these in my room and it could even rain a little!!! 😉

        • For about a month, it was the Sahara here, but the last 2 weeks have brought rainy cold weather. I did some mega laundry, meaning almost all my clothes. The moment I hung out the wet clothes, the temperature dropped and the rain came. I didn’t have anything to wear 😦 I walked around like a 60s hippy with no bra on for 2 days, because all my undies wouldn’t dry! LOL! It was quite liberating;)

          • LOL…
            No problem if you are on holidays and don’t have to go out!!! However, if something happens… 😉

          • I’m in the countryside, the average age is about 75, so it wasn’t bad 🙂 Plus I paid enough for them to look good no matter the circumstances LOL 😉

  2. Jakie ładne!:) Chciałabym tam być. Nie miałam pojęcia że takie czary-mary są możliwe:)

  3. 😀 hahaha..prawda!..ale znowuż gdybym miała takie cudo w łazience to wszystkie kumpelki popękałyby z zazdrości. 😉

    • Chyba jednak taniej i szybciej po prostu włączyć prysznic jak ma padać w łazience 😉

      • 😀 Oj tak,wystarczająco dużo czasu poświęcam na doprowadzenie jej do porządku po moich dwóch fokach…i ten ręcznik(biały) zawsze musi leżec na środku podłogi..i to odwieczne pytanie”dlaczego zostawiłeś ręcznik,mokry ręcznik na srodku podłogi?”
        P.S: dzięki Agzym że poswiecasz swój cenny czas dowcipnie odpowiadając na moje skądinąd niezbyt mądre uwagi;)…wdzieczna fanka ze Śląska:D


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