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Armitage caught in a Tornado

On hearing the news about Richard’s new project, a tornado thriller, we joked on Twitter that this means we’ll be investigating the natural disaster with an intensity only an Armitage fan could 🙂

I’ll be honest, already when I heard ‘tornado’, I wasn’t…errr…blown away…

Adding ‘thriller’ made me even less thrilled.

Having said that, I’m keeping an open mind, and I’m sure Richard Armitage and his people chose the project carefully, considering his obvious rise in notoriety in the wake of the Hobbit.

As always with Richard, I’m sure his acting will sweep me away.

As Entertainment Weekly  reports, the film titled Category Six (or is that 6?), from New Line, will start shooting 23rd of July in Detroit, and the film will be release in 2013.

Armitage’s character is described as: “a widowed father who, with the help of storm chasers, rescues his son from the aftermath of a string of tornadoes.”

Not sure about the description of the film, but let’s hope there’s a twist at the end.

Open mind.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been feeling the urge to watch Twister again… dunno why…

Actually, come to think of it, I think I could prefer Richard was in Twister– the movie.

As in a movie based on the game Twister 🙂

The title ‘Category Six’ is… interesting, but I still feel Bccmee hit the nail on the head with Tornado of Love.

According to Tornado Project, an F6, is known as an Inconceivable tornado.

Here is the description:

These winds are very unlikely. The small area of damage they might produce would
 probably not be recognizable along with the mess produced by F4 and F5 wind that
 would surround the F6 winds. Missiles, such as cars and refrigerators would do
 serious secondary damage that could not be directly identified as F6 damage. If
 this level is ever achieved, evidence for it might only be found in some manner
of ground swirl pattern, for it may never be identifiable through engineering


Sounds like Armitage will be spending plenty of time exposed to a rather powerful wind machine.

I hope he bundles up, because it sounds very nippy.

It also makes me wonder about the beard.

Surely such a bushy bundle attached to his lovely face would be a hazard.

What if he got a flying cow or barn tangled in it?

If the insurance company does demand he shaves the beard, after being in the NZ sun, won’t be look a bit like this?

Nevermind, we’ll let the lucky makeup person deal with that!

Perhaps we have all got the wrong end of the stick with this project?

Maybe it’ll be a remake of The Wizard of Oz, with the widowed father searched for his son in the Land of OZ.

I’ve taken the liberty of checking out some snazzy ruby slippers for Richard’s character to wear.

Maybe a pair of ruby zoot suit shoes?


Then again, with all the running around, maybe a pair of trainers would be better?


Or perhaps an obvious nod to the Hobbit?


Just remember Richard, click your heels 3 times and say: There’s no place like home…


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  1. Sitting here, having my breakfast, I’m lauging (as usual) and wishing I had one tenth of your imagination!!! I can’t stop laughing when I imagine Richard running in the middle of a tornado wearing those last pair of shoes!!! 😀
    I confess that I was not too excited after reading about this new RA movie, but I’ll do like you advised me: keep my mind open (and wish that the movie comes to Brazil – nobody knows)!!!

    • LOL! The only thing I can say is: the more my imagination goes a bit wild, the more time-consuming the post becomes 🙂
      I’m not too tickled by this new one. I was hoping RA would go down the Johnny Depp route than the Taylor Lautner one. Having said that, if I had read the Porter description, it would have got 2 thumbs down from me.
      I also started watching the 4 episodes of The Golden Hour, where Richard plays a medic in a orange jumpsiut. Do I love it? No, but even when the show is so so, Armitage still manages to breath some life into his characters.
      With him, at least you know you’ll get sex on legs who acts his heart out! 🙂

      • LOL
        At least Richard usually turn movies into something special!!! 😉

        • That he does! The only exception I can find, where my eyes weren’t fixed on RA was Shakespear Re-Told Macbeth. James McAvoy just hits that out of the ballpark. His intensity as a actor served the character he was playing very well. RA had a smaller part in it, and I don’t think he could really spread his acting wings.

          • One can’t make miracles!!!
            By the way, James McAvoy is another great actor!!! Love his movies!!! 😉

          • He’s a bit of an enigma. He’s not really ‘m type’, but I adore everything he’s been in. I first say him in a UK show Shameless, then Wanted with Angelina Jolie. He had me with Atonement. It’s the intensity! It makes for great viewing. BTW in Macbeth he uses his Scottish accent!

  2. I. Am. Dying! YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!

    But in seriousness, thanks for explaining the F6 category, because even last night on Twitter, I said I didn’t think there was any such thing as an F6. Who knew???

    As a person who has experienced tornado warnings since childhood in Ohio, I can tell you this will be an intense film. I always thought the screenplay for “Twister” was horrible, although the special effects were pretty darn amazing. Who is the screenwriter on this one? If it’s someone like JJ Abrams, we’re in for a good ride. I need to look into that.

    Also, I’ve been joking around about RA effectively doing a U.S. Michigan or Midwestern accent (think: “Sarah Caulfield”), but then another person on Twitter pointed out that he pulled off a pretty decent accent in Captain America (even though that was just a couple of lines, he did well).

    I’m actually more interested to hear him as an “American” than to see if he shaves off that beard. Will everyone throw popcorn at me if I say I’ll miss the beard? 😀

    • The accent is a worry, not going to lie. Let’s hope he and The Spooks Ice Queen don’t have the same language coach 🙂 If he does go American on us, that would mean that on top of Hobbit obligations, he’s had to study hard. I adore a man with ambition!
      Then again, he may be playing an English expat.
      I don’t mind the beard, but I’d like to see what’s under it 😉

      • Poor guy is going to feel schizophrenic after going straight from New Zealand and Thorin to buggy Michigan and a nasal-laden American accent (ask me what I really think about Michigan accents) … but you’re right, he’s ambitious.

        Actually, if the screenwriter allows him to play an English expat, it’ll *sweep American women away.* (Sorry couldn’t pass up at least one chance for a *corny* play on words! AH! I did it again! They grow lots of CORN in Tornado Alley! 🙂

        • I can spot and American accent, know if it’s the north or south, but I struggle with different states. As I was raised in Manchester, I like the British accent, but it’s probably like you and an American accent. Nice, but not knee-wobbling. I have a thing for the Irish and Scottish accent though, and the RA northern one 😉
          Hahaha with the puns. I’m a but mad for them myself (I smuggled a few in the post). BTW, did you notice the wheat in the beard? Years of studying American culture at college is paying off LOL!

  3. Guess I shouldn’t be talking about James McAvoy here, but here we go… He’s not my type either (he’s too young for me), but after watching him in one of his first movies ‘Inside I’m dancing’ I thought the guy had potential and in his next movies he proved I was right!!

    • He’s not my type physically at all, but I just can’t deny he has my attention 😉 I have to see the movie you’vr mentioned. I’ve hear about it. Does he play a disabled person? I have a knot in my throat every time I see Atonement. I cry like a baby, and I have a runny nose and sniffles. I’ve seen it so many times, but I always hope that it will end well 😦
      Talking about actors youneger than myself, apart from RA, all of them are at least 5 years my junior! At least they are 18 😉

      • Don’t talk about crying to me as I’m used to it myself. 😉
        Well, this is the movie, but it’s not a depressing one, in spite of the plot!! Another good JM movie is ‘The last station’, which also involves many good actors. It’s about the last days in Leo Tolstoy’s life!

        • I will research and try to get my hands on them 😉 I’ve just finished watching Desperate Romantics, and I liked it so much I’m rewatching it (always a good sign). It follows the Pre-Raphaelites. It’ very funny and more thn a bit naughty 😉 No tears here (almost…).

          • Another BBC production. Guess it must be really good!! I’ll keep this title in mind for the future!! Thanks for the tip!!! Wish you a wonderful weekend with better weather (over here it’s cooler) and good movies’ choices!! 😀

          • Thank Luciana! You too! I’ll send some rainy cool clouds your way, shall I? Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  4. Maybe not all is lost as they recently hired this guy to rewrite the script:

    I’m not getting my hopes up too high, but he might be able to do something with it. At least it is a good chance for RA to play an American and show if he can handle the accent. I suppose breaking into the American market is want he wants right now and it can’t be easy to find a decent first project. It could have been a lot worse.

    • A little OT here, but I couldn’t help but notice that the new writer, Simon Beaufoy, was born in Keighley, the location for Mr Thornton’s Marlborough Mills in North and South!

    • That’s the million dollar question – will there be an American accent? If so, it’s vital he pulls it off. For some actors it’s effortless, but when it’s strained, it’s such a struggle to watch. Oh, and no pressure, Mr Armitage 😉 Just channel your inner Yankee!

      • I hope he will! If he can’t master the accent, it will seriously limit future career options. He can’t play Englishmen all the time.

        • Yes and no. It would widen his choices, but look at Hugh Grant. I don’t ever remember him playing anything else but a posh Englishman.

  5. This was hilarious. I loved how you used your imagination with the shoes and beard. After seeing Dorothy’s shoes, I have an odd interest now in seeing RA masquerade as a woman. Haha.

    • Brooke, I’m so happy I’m not the only one re masquerading as a woman, Some Like It Hot style LOL! Those beefy thighs would look great in stockings, and he has the waist to pull it off 😉

  6. This is brilliant! I want to see the Twister game made into a movie now. I literally LOL’d!

    • I know, me too! The thought of Richard playing Twister is steaming hot! I’m sure I’d pay for a movie ticket to see that for 2h 🙂

  7. Great post!! LOL. I’m a bit dubious about this as well, but I liked Twister, so I guess I will enjoy this …. I hope it is not a long shoot, and he has another project up his sleeve. What surprised me were the news articles … some were written as if this was RA’s “big break”!!

    • It’s maybe horrible, Mulubinba, but I’m also hoping they’ll shoot the tornado thingy in the summer, and Richard will move on to another project. I’ll watch anything he’s in (I’m going through The Golden Hour now, but can only do one episode at a time), but I was hoping he wouldn’t go down the action/thriller route. I’d die with joy if he could be in a Woody Allen film, I’ll be OK with romantic comedy, I’d really love to see him in something more artistic. Having said that, I trust his choices, and he is a little fish in a big pond now, so he’ll probably have to pay his dues.

      • I fear we will see him on the action/thriller route for a little longer. It is were most money is made and what his previous work recommends him for. I wish we would see him in something more “artistic” as well, but someone has to recognize that he has both the acting talent and the brains and dedication for that first. And I don’t think RA would chose a small, artistic project if a high-profile action movie is the other option, I’m afraid.

        • We also cannot overlook the fact that he’s not in his 20s anymore. I know it doesn’t matter to us, but in Hollywood I could see that as a barrier. No matter what happens across the pond, at the end of the day, he can always go back to British tv/movies. Many times they produce more worthwhile viewing than anything the US has to offer!

          • Especially in the action genre he will have to compete with actors that are both younger and more established than him. His future will be playing middle aged characters anyway and that is why I like that he plays a father of teenage kids.

          • We also can’t forget that he’s been auditioning for Hollywood films for some time now. I’d love to see the list of parts he’s been up for, but didn’t get. And it’s true that based on Spooks, Strike Back, Captain America and Hobbit, I could see directors typecasting him for the action genre. We can only hope some director or producer will see outside that box!

          • I would love to see that he tries to break the mould, but I guess the projects he could get that are more “artistic” and character-based are less well paid and less high-profile. I just hope the Hobbit offers enough “acting” moments (as opposed to “action”) to recommend him for a different type of role.

          • Somehow I’m not worried about the Hobbit. From the tiny bits we’ve seen, Thorin seems like a beefy part, and Sir PJ seems to have moved the dwarves away from the cartoonish portrayal many would expect.
            RA was a struggling actor for many years, so it would stand to reason he’d chose a job that was best paid. i just really hope that wasn’t the only reason he took the part on Twister 2… sorry, I meant Category Six.

    • One of the young actors that apparently play his sons tweeted that he will film for two months, that is not too long. At worst this movie will soon be forgotten and the Hobbit hopefully will being better offers.

      • Oooo I admire how well the RA fandom is informed. 2 months I can live with. The worst thing that can happen is it’ll go straight to DVD.

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