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Love is in the Air in Middle Earth

Love is in the air, and I’m not just referring to our adoration for the dashing Thorin!

It seems that the character of Tauriel (played by Evangeline Lilly), a sword-wielding warrioress elf, may well be romancing the lovely Kili (Aidan Turner) in the Hobbit movie.

This spoiler comes courtesy of Mr Turner himself.

I simply love a man with loose lips 🙂

Tauriel plays a small part in the original novel, but she seems to have hit the jackpot in Dwarf loving.

By the way, for those who hold out hope that Thorin might get some sweet lovin’ elvish-style, may I remind you that he is Kili’s uncle, and the Hobbit is not a Greek Tragedy, or a Brazilian telenovela!

We are yet to catch a glimpse of Evangeline Lilly’s character (am I the only one who thinks the actress has the coolest name ever?), although knowing my luck it’ll be out by the time this post is published.

I’ll keep abreast and update.

By the way, if you’ve read the Hobbit book, you will have noticed that it is a boys club.

As in almost ‘no girls allowed’.

It’s interesting that Sir PJ has decided to expand the part of Tauriel, and yet, he’s not using the actress to promote the film, for the time being anyway.

 I’m sure there are more than a few geek boys who would appreciate her presence.

Here is a scan from the Total Film article:


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  1. Tauriel action figure have been announced but I don’t know if anyone has seen them yet. apparently there was a glimpse of her in the material screened at Comic Con and I read she is is dressed in a costume similar to Legolas’ and has brown hair.

    • Thanks Jane, I have to research Tauriel and see if I can find a photo of her. I think the casting is very good. There’s something elvish about Lilly, and it’s nice to see more women in the film.

  2. Tut, tut, Pinup Girl – you did it again. Tauriel is a warrior elf – there’s no need for that old-fashioned sexist “ess”. 😦 I loved Evangeline as Kate in “Lost”.

    Aidan has a slight similarity to Richard so PJ chose well to make him Thorin’s nephew 😉

    • LOL, I have to confess, I had no idea who Tauriel was, so I googled her, and that’s what it said 🙂 The -ness suffix is a strange little thing. We have it in Polish, and some women call for it’s an addition with regards to job titles. The only problem is, it also mean ‘little’. So if someone is a psychologist, by adding the -ka it actually can mean little psychologist, something less than the masculine version.
      I’ll say it right now: if Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage shared a gene pool, and came from one family, I’d say there just isn’t any justice in the world. I’d also hope the whole family would reproduce like rabbits to populate the world with beauty. Just to balance the rest of us Norma / Norman Normal’s out 😉

    • I have never heard warrioress! Though in German every word has it’s female form and it is commonly used, Kriegerin, Elbin, Lehrerin etc..

      BTW the character of Tauriel is not in the book, there is just an unnamed captain of the guard, and one automatically assumes he is male, and it seems they developed that character into Tauriel and made her female.

      • It does seem a bit silly, but I figured that’s how Tolkien described her, and I was NOT about to mess with die hard Tolkien fans 😉 It would make sense she’s not in the book, because I couldn’t remember her. Then again- who am I kidding? I was focusing mostly on Thorin, so she could have slipped by.

  3. Those of us who are Americans know her very well as “KATE,” the main woman character on the long-running and very suspenseful television show, “LOST.” I loved that show and was so excited when I heard Lilly was going to be in this movie!

    BTW, now we Americans finally have a chance to tell the rest of you — DOWNLOAD LOST ON NETFLIX or BUY IT ON AMAZON. It is one of the very best out there. JJ Abrams is the creator and writer — you might otherwise know him as the creator of “Alias,” starring Jennifer Garner … and also the creator of the new “Star Trek” movies … I can’t even list all of it, but he weaves a yarn like no one else. Completely worth the time to check it out.

    This was a fun post! Good way to wake up on this side of the Pond.

    • Thanks Heidi! As a complete ‘Lost’ fan I am happy to report it was huge in Euope too 🙂 You just know a series has made it big if even Polish television has shelled out, stuck a voiceover guy reading the Polish translation, and airing it around 8.30pm. it’s one of those shows that had you glued to the TV. I remember getting the first series on DVD and just having a ‘Lost’ marathon. I think the only probem was that the creators raised more questions than they answered, but I love a good mystery. I adore Kate’s character, and was more than a little jealous about all the smooch action she was getting. The good doctor AND Sawyer? I bet Lilly would wake up in the morning thinking she had the coolest job in the world.

  4. How sad I am to know that it’s not a Brazilian telenovela! I would have been lovely to have PJ’s gang nearby!!! 😉
    So it won’t be only about war, fighting, killing… but also love?? It seems to me a refreshment in the middle of so much testosterone!!!

    • LOL! Those are HUGE over here, and have been for many, many years 🙂 Every one has gotten addicted to a telenovela at one point or another. Probably if you follow the plot, there are some similarities. Well, apart from everyone being someone’s long lost sister/brother/mother, people getting pregnant left and right, falling down stairs and that sort of thing. Then again, maybe that’s all in the Hobbit, and the reason Sir PJ could turn the book into 2 long movies 😉

      • The telenovelas’ plots are so obvious… I can’t stand them, but unfortunately many people like!! I’m counting on something different and more interesting in PJ movies!!! And if it’s not that interesting, at least we have two sexy dwarves!! 😉

        • Amen to at least 2 sexy dwarves. I think people all over the world love the telenovela, because it’s so exotic. The storylines are so farfetched, the characters engaging. I remember when they aired ‘Dynasty’ on Sundays at or 6pm. We were glued to the TV screen. This was right around the fall of communism, and I think we all needed a bit of Alexis to ease us through it 🙂

  5. Kili – the other sexy dwarve!! LOL

    • I’ve notive Sir PJ has planned it out very well. We have Thorin, for the masculine macho fan, Kili for the youthful dreamer fan, then there’s Fili, for the blonde hair and blue eye admirer (not my cup of tea, I’m afraid). It’s like the Chippendale of dwarves. If the movie bombs, they can fall back on the Chippendales Male Revue in Las Vegas LOL! 😉

      • Chippendale dwarves! Now that is really, really BAD! 😀


        • Yeah, very naughty 🙂 Like we wouldn’t pay good money to see that! I can’t quite picture a dwarf in a banana hammock, this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to be given the opportunity to! LOL!

      • ROFL…..Chippendales! I’d pay to see that!

        • OK, now I’m sensing a business opportunity here! It seems there is a market for such a show, and I have a feeling I’d actually mortgage my house to experience it 🙂 Peter Jackson, strike the Dwarf iron while it’s red hot. Make a deal with a Las Vegas casino, kick Celine Dion out of there, and give the people what they want!!!


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