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Make your own Hobbit Wallpaper + Dwarves that brighten up the day!

Every day something new and exciting pops up in the Hobbit world.

Warner Bros gives you the opportunity to make your own desktop and mobile wallpaper, profile icon, Facebook cover, or Twitter skin, using the amazing panorama image.

It’s easy to use, and really fun.

By the way, Heir of Durin has posted images of posters from Comic-Con.

These especially sent my pulse racing 🙂

I think our worries that Richard Armitage won’t look like himself can be put to rest.

Thorin is one irresistable and regal dwarf.

And he seems to have regained RA’s best features!

You’ll also be seeing more Kili / Aidan Turner admiration on this blog in days to follow 🙂

I really can’t resist a guy with wavy black hair, and a sexy Irish accent.

When I saw the following image I thought: How the heck am I going to fit that in my bedroom? 

I could always use the sword as a scarf rack.

Does he come with an assortment of accessories and different clothes?

More importantly, does it have the Ken problem down below?


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  1. When I stop laugh at your last sentence, I’ll think about a proper comment for this post!!! 😀

  2. What does an anatomically correct dwarf look like?

  3. Well dwarves are chunky little fellows so I imagine there would be a reasonable circumference 😉

    • LOL Beachbaby! Chunky, you say… On a completeley unrelated note, don’t you just hate when a figurine falls and it’s always the part sticking out most, like the nose or ears that gets chipped off…Perhaps the Ken option is the best 😉

  4. I’ve not worked the wallpaper yet since a twitter friend posted them cut up in perfect size for my devices 🙂 which is what I love most about them! Looking forward to you Kili research. Someone else pointed him out a year ago and I saw him in Desperate Romantics, Hattie but got stuck in season 2 of Being Human something I should try and pick up again!

    • My sister is convinced the poster of Kili at Comic-Con is him before the dwarf make-up 🙂 I like him just the way he is. There’s something about getting stuck mid season 2 of Being Human, I’ve just gone back. I desperately want to see Desperate Romantics, but have encountered problems with the first 2 episodes. Less said, sooner mended 😉 Yes, Kili is making the whole Hobbit / Thorin experience even sweeter!

      • Sure looks like his natural self though I presume he’s wearing a wig. His power is all in his face 🙂 which he knows very well! Seen this poetry clips of Desperate Romantics?

        There is more and a great interview about his role on YT
        The series is a heavy dramatization, is that your problem you refer to?
        LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one who got stuck in Being Human ..

        • Thanks for the link! The problem is this: I buy a lot of DVD’s, but before that I need to sneak a peek to make sure it’s something I’ll enjoy. Unfortunately I’m having trouble getting my hands on the first episode, and my internet connection in the countryside makes watching it streamed online close to impossible (a worry I’m also having with footage of the upcoming Hobbit pannel today).
          I’ll probably just end up getting the DVD, and hope Aidan Turner manages to give me return on my investment 🙂
          Re: BH2, I think people struggle through it because the tone of the series changes so much. The first series is more about the 3 characters trying to be as human as possible. Then it shifts to vampire politcs, anti-supernatural religion etc. It’s just a really big leap. Having said that, I am enjoying it 🙂


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