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To the RA Community…

Dear RA Community,

By now you would have read the post about what happened to our friend Fedoralady, from The Armitage Effect.

If you haven’t, I suggest you also read what Jasrangoon wrote in her post, where you can also leave your comment.

I remember a few weeks back exchanging comments with Fedoralady regarding bullying.

She mentioned that she has fallen victim to it, but, being the woman she is, didn’t go into details.

I remember replying that there will be no bullying in the RA community –  not on my watch.

How very wrong I was!

What I didn’t take into account is that the worst sort of bully will maneuver from the shadows, free to do as much harm as possible.

This ‘person’ has done unimaginable damage, not only to Angie, but to all of those who supported her dream to go to Comic-Con, and pooled resources to make it happen.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am, how mad I am!

How dare this person shatter the dreams of someone who has been such a positive part of our community!

What we should have been doing is collecting money to get this ‘person’ some psychiatric help, which is obviously needed.

Ms. Bully!

People refer to you as the 0.1% bad in our 99% good RA community.

I disagree. You are NOT part of the Richard Armitage community PERIOD!

We stand for respect, support and friendship.

Nothing about you makes me think you understand the meaning of these words!

I can’t imagine how a plan to destroy another person is hatched.

Do you wake up in the morning and decide that’s what will make you feel better?

Do you take pleasure in causing other people’s misery?

We’re not just a bunch of fangirls admiring an actor.

I’d like to think that we are friends who share this unique experience.

When you, so viciously, go after one of us, you wage war on all of us.

You are a horrible, lost individual.

You only know hate and malice, and all I can do is feel sorry for you!

You are a coward who pounces on their prey when they least expect it.

We will get through this, a little bruised perhaps, but the good in us will help us prevail.

I can only pity you.

You will always be stuck in the shadows with your misery.

Ps. You don’t know Richard Armitage, you cannot know his wishes with regard to his fans, or any other sphere of life.

For his sake I really do hope he’ll ever have to deal with you in person.

If you’re present at Comic-Con, I would suggest RA’s people check under the bed before he goes to sleep. I’m getting a very strong psycho vibe from you, and now I am actually worried for his safety!

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  1. Well said and thank you IWantToBeAPinUp ! That coward bully is a very little little little person and I cannot pity her.

    • I’m just really heartbroken someone would do such a thing! I feel powerless that there’s nothing we can come up with to remedy this situation. It seems this ‘person’ chose the time to attack so that we could do nothing to counter it. It’s just a sad day, all around 😦

      • Oh, the timing of all this shows she is very crafty. She certainly blindsided me. I’ve never thought this person was unintelligent, just unbalanced in her thinking. She is a gifted person. But from my perspective she uses her abilities to do evil and not good.

        • The timing was perfect I’ll give her that. Oh, and that’s not the only thing I’d like to give her, but I’m trying to stay calm and (semi) balanced, and not stoop to her level. I write, then go back and delete all the swear words. Using bad words is not what a lady does, but believe me, I don’t feel like a lady today.
          Angie, what can we do? Is there anything?

          • I’ve used a lot of bad words about this here in the privacy of my own home with my dear Benny. 😉 But I do try to restrain myself in public.

            As to what can be done–Agzy, I don’t really know. Some people who knew about this early on offered to contact Jonah at CBR on my behalf giving testimonials, but I felt the damage had already been done. She had painted me and to some extent the entire fandom as suspect, so I felt those efforts by fellow fans would quickly be discounted by the fanboyz at CBR. They had clearly made up their minds I wouldn’t be a good fit with them after she stirred up things.

            I’m not feeling too charitable towards them at present, either, to be perfectly honest. In fact, I have used some of those bad words to describe them! 😉

            I don’t want the world to get the impression there is a lot of infighting and ill-will within the RA community, that we are a bunch of silly, star-struck women trying to knock each other down figuratively and literally to get our hands on RA and thus resort to bad-mouthing one another in email messages.
            That would be an injustice to the community and to Richard. And no, I do not want to stoop to her nasty little level.

            As to suing, that is a complicated and expensive option I have neither the financial wherewithall nor the heart to pursue. I did not sign a contract with CBR. It was an agreement via email to use me as a reporter. They changed their minds at a very inconveniently last minute.

            Some fans seem to still be holding out hope I will get there. They shouldn’t.

            It’s simply too late for me to go at this point. I have no pass, no tickets; I no longer have a room reserved; my plane takes off in less than three hours and here I sit 2,000 miles from SD. It ain’t gonna happen, ladies. I can’t wait for Comic-Con to be over and done with, frankly. And that is a damned crying shame. I am not being a defeatist here; I’ve always been a cockeyed optimist. I’m just being realistic.

            All I can say is–watch out for this woman, Richard. She’s poison.

          • Oh, Angie, it must be heartbreaking for you to have to write something like that, and I assure you it’s very difficult to read. Those guys at CBR have probably been freaked out by her, and as they don’t know you personally, it was difficult for them to be objective. Who knows how much poison this person used, and from what I gather she’s quite a smart cookie. Shame she uses her brain to do so much damage.
            Short of you buying a gun and getting engraved bullets which say ‘Richard+Angie Forever’, I can’t imagine what in your conduct would scream Mad Armitage fan. You’ve done nothing that would indicate anything besides the fact that you are a lady with class (and plenty of southern sas! sorry, had to add that). Please, don’t let her break your spirit! Don’t let her take anything more. Go back to your blog, with your head held high. She’s taken away the chance for you to be at CC, but she shouldn’t be able to take your enjoyment from the event. Write the best d*mn posts you can! Show her that although her evilness (is that even a word?) won that round, this is one battle she cannot win!

  2. I do not know what has happened, but according to the little I read about it and suppose has happened, I’d say: happiness bothers very much! And internet is perfect for those jealous and coward people hide themselves and attack! We must be wise and strong to deal with it, but I know it’s not always possible!

    • It’s just a sad say for us here at RAland. My heart goes out to Angie, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for her. Attacking someone online is one thing (and not a pretty thing at that), but the line has SOOOOO been crossed when it was taken to RL. The sheer implications of this ‘C U Next Thursday’s’ actions are horrid. It begs the question of what’s next?

      • This is what is worrying. If she would make the effort to do this to me, ro sabotage my dream, our dream– to whom and what will she do next? Frankly, I don’t want her anywhere near Richard Armitage.

  3. Thank you and very well said, my sentiments too. I’m still shell shocked by the day’s events. United we stand!!

    • Together we stand indeed! The question is once we stand, what do we do next?
      After what happened to Angie, my mind is imagining what else such an unbalanced individual can do. She’s taught us some very painful lessons. For one, even when we feel we are amongst friends, there may well be someone lurking to do us harm. Lesson two is, as much as we are a beautiful community, someone like that will be seen as part of it. With the Hobbit madness starting, and a greater degree of eyes on us, we’ll be asssociated with someone like that. The question is – what is to be done about it?
      The thrid lesson is – if something relating to RA in RL is about to happen, we can’t announce it until after the fact, as not to allow Miss Loony Loonison and any other individual to do damage.
      These are all very hard lessons and I can only be sorry it took is unfortunate event for us to start to earn from them.

  4. Dziękuję Ci za ten post IWantToBeAPinUp!:)
    …najpierw myślałam z żalem o biednej Angie;((schorowana dziewczyna której jedyną skuteczną tabletką przeciwbólową jest Ryś)..potem zrobiło mi się żal Ryśka..hmm..biedny facet prawdopodobnie będzie musiał się spotkać z tym indywiduum…a może nawet dostaje od tej pokręconej osoby listy i sprawozdania z wykonanych zadań( może nawet obawia się tej osoby). Wydaje się ze ta osoba długo obserwowała i wyczekiwała na atak….ciekawe co dzieje się w takiej głowie?…a zresztą nie jestem ciekawa …i tak nie będę w stanie pojąć motywów takiej osoby.

    • To bardzo przykre! To przechodzi jakiekolwiek pojęcie! Nie dziwię się na miejscu Ryśka że woli pozostać odizolowany od fanek. Nigdy niw wyobrażałam sobie że może go coś przykrego spotkać z naszej strony, teraz widzę że jednak zdarzają się czubki! To taka komunistyczna Polska, gdzie pisało się donosy, bo Kowalski malucha sobie kupił.
      Proponuję zrzutkę by kupić tej wariatce jakieś leki psychotropowe. Mam namiary – cały czas dostaję emaile proponujące viagrę z Meksyku i preparaty na powiększenie rozmiaru penisa. Może będą mieli coś na uspokojenie dla tej jędzy!

  5. Thank you, everyone. It’s so sad to be betrayed by someone who claims to be part of the RA community looking out for his best interests. As far as I am concerned, she is just a wanna-be. The malice, envy, jealousy, and under-handed tactics she displays while lurking in the shadows display her true self. And it’s not a pretty picture. If the majority of RA fans WERE like this woman, I wouldn’t be a part of the fandom now. I don’t have the time or energy to devote to destruction and despicable behavior. Thank goodness you all are the complete opposite of what she represents.

    • Fedora, she IS NOT part of this community, no way, no how. What she’s done wouldn’t make her a part of any community (maybe the Moriarty community of evil!). I just wish there was more we could do.

  6. Wonderful words IWantToBeAPinUp!
    Although I have only been part of this community since January/12, I never imagined that such horrible things could arise in a group as special as this.
    Is sad and disheartening, but is also the opportunity to show our support, unity and strength!

    • It’s very sad, it shouldn’t have happened to anyone, and yet I’m at a lost to see how it could’ve been prevented. What’s more worrying is I’m not sure what we can do in the future to ensure even worse things don’t happen.

  7. Great post. Well said. What an awful, disgusting person she is.

    BTW, I love your blog.

    • Thanks Redlyn. Vile is the word that has been going around in my head. Vile and evil! Everyone’s support for Fedoralady just proves that this individual has no place in our community. I hate to sound like an angry villager with a torch, but that’s how I feel!

  8. I just think this is terrible and completely mean spirited, whoever did this to Angie, who is one of the nicest people I have met in the RA fandom is lower than low. I was looking forward to hearing her reports at comic con. I am so sorry for you Angie *hugs*

  9. Well said, PinUp. I’m so sorry for Angie. Now the community must stick together, more than ever, to show to this horrible person what we are capable of in terms of unity, friendship and kindness to each other. No to all forms of bullying!

    • Amen Fabi! What happened to Angie actually seems to go beyond bullying, if you really think about it. I’m just really happy that there are so many amazing people supporting Fedoralady. It’s a tough time for her, and I know she could use our support!

  10. Thank you Pin Up and all the others above for all your support of our dear Angie. I think it is a disgrace that this person will in all probability get away with this evil deed she has perpetrated. The word “evil” was what came to my mind when I first read what had actually happened. I was, and still am, in shock at what this person took upon themselves to do. If in some twisted way she thought she was acting for Richard she is indeed in dire need of help.

    I know we wanted so much for Angie to go as our ambassador as much as we wanted her to go for her own sake. That this has been snatched away hardly bears thinking about. I don’t know when I was EVER this angry! I have to agree that this person is NOT a member of our community and never will be. What I have found among us is friendship, love and support of which she obviously knows nothing. It seems to me that she doesn’t even have a conscience or at least an active one. If she did she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

    Bless you Angie and come back to us with your blog very soon! My days, and I’m sure the days of many others, will not be the same without you!

  11. Nigdy nie pomyślałbym, że ktoś może posunąć się aż tak daleko, aby zranić tak miłą i kreatywną osobę jaką jest Angie. Naprawdę bardzo czekałam na jej relację z Comic-Con….Teraz kiedy sława RA rośnie, zaczynam się bać, że więcej będzie takich samozwańczych obrończyń RA.

    • Myślę że wszystkie jesteśmy w szoku. To takie podłe posunięcie, ale jednocześnie bardzo niebezpieczne. Nie mówimy tu o kilku nieprzyjemnych komentarzach czy emailach. Ta osoba pojawia się już od jakiegoś czasu, więc problem jest dość stary. Być może ta cała sytuacj to dobra nauczka z której musimy starać się wyciągnąć wnioski. Mam nadzieję że to nie przepowiednia tego co nas czeka!

  12. Again, may I say thank you for the encouragement, support and dare I say, love shown to me. It means more than you all can know. Bless you.

  13. The voice in my head is still screaming with frustration and anger at the injustice and nastiness of this sabotage and it’s instigator.
    As Teuchter said, we were all so happy for Angie that she could go for her own sake, and we pulled together to make sure it happened. After the rotten luck she’s had, no one deserved a few days of fun at ComicCon more than she. Plus she was going to be our eyes and ears, a task we knew she would carry out admirably, and that we were looking forward to so much.
    I hope that those concerned at CBR are pointed in the direction of these blogs, and see the support that Angie has, even though it won’t change the outcome. It’s their loss too.
    The sad perpetrator of this nastiness will never have, and cannot take away, the love, respect and support that Angie has in this community.

  14. Wracajac do samozwańczych obrońców RA, czy widzieliście droga koleżanko ostatnie wpisy na IMDB?…co się dzieje?..któz to wysyła te dramatyczne apele?..znasz moze tych ludzi IWatToBeAPinUp?

    • A tego co wiem to Nasze Ryśkowe już dawno się odcięły od IMDB, bo to taki dziki zachód pełen kowbojek z problemami hormonalnymi. Ale dobrze myślisz. Nasza sabotażystka często się tam pojawia i udziela swoich mądrości. A jak broni Ryśka! Ogniem i mieczem!

      • Dziękuję ze odpowiedziałaś:) Już od dawna chciałam o nie zapytać ale brakowało mi odwagi i odpowiednich słów w j.Angielskim. Jest tam kilka osób których komentarze czytałam i nie mogłam uwierzyć że też takie wielbicielki ma Ryś. Wiesz takie gotowe na krucjatę… …chyba zbyt mocne słowa.

        • Nie, zgadzam się z twoim opisem. Niestety ‘Kotka’ która wywołała zamiesznie nie jest mile widziana na blogach, dlatego IMDB to jedyna okazja by gdziekolwiek zaistnieć. Większość blogerek ją wywala i blokuje możliwość komentowania. Najbardziej przykre jest to że jej obecność na blogu Angie wyszła na jaw przy tej okazji. To taki niebezpieczny Ninja z obsesją na punkcie Ryśka

  15. I agree with everyone, and my thoughts echo those of Mezz. That this person has sabotaged Angie’s chances of going to CC is a savage blow to Angie herself – who REALLY deserved to go and have a good time after all she’s had to go through – and it’s technically also a blow to everyone in the RA community who couldn’t attend CC themselves. We’re not there, but she’d be there and she’d let us know what’s going on, so it would feel as if we’re all there and get to be a part of the excitement too. She could probably get to meet RA, or at least see him, and it would feel a little as if we all met him. First and foremost, it would be a great reward to Angie for hanging in there and getting through her illness, and I’m gutted for her (or YOU, if you read this).

    By the threatening “C U next Thursday” (mentioned above) – which she made wasn’t going to happen – it’s frightening to think that now that Angie won’t be there to represent the level-headed (sane, if you like) fans, if this person is going, she could technically pose a threat to RA. After all, she’s now got rid of the competition. If she’s not even going herself, it’s an even bigger outrage (if that’s even possible), because then it really was all just done out of spite. If she’s going herself, I can sort of figure that she saw Angie as a threat – perhaps not an actual threat to RA that he needs this person’s protection from (geez, I would’ve thought they’ve got pretty good security at CC because of the stars attending) but a threat to this person’s … I don’t know, chances of hanging out with RA or something like that? A threat to her “monopoly” of him? Which isn’t even likely, considering CC is a BIG event.

    On a side note, I’m wondering if she feels as if she’s in some kind of special contact with RA, and that he communicates with her in ways that only she can interpret. Because that has a name and is diagnosable under DSM-IV.

    • Traxy, darling,
      From her comments at IMDB in which she openly admits to being who did it, it appears she was concerned this “over-obsessed Armitage fane” i.e., ME, would somehow blacken the good name and reputation of comic book fans and ill-serve CBR. Someone “out of control.” Like ME.

      All because I create funny, sexy fanfic and fanvids featuring Richard’s characters. CHARACTERS. It’s fiction. I do know, in fact, the difference between fantasy and reality. If you want to consider someone dangerous and out of control, etc. for that, then for heaven’s sake, somebody please lock up that EL James woman, because she’s a true menace to society.

      She indicated to Jonah there was “bad blood” berween us, which implied that I might have had osmething to do with starting it. Gee, who is the one who trashed my writing a while back and when I stood for myself, proceeded to leave not one, but two blistering and lenghty tirades against me at my Live Journa Page? Bet she of the PURE intentions didn’t point THAT out to the boys at CBR. Two posts I never responded to simply because I didn’t want to sink to her level. But she isn’t just casting a bad light on me with these tactics; she is doing so on the whole RA fandom. And that really, really, really pisses me off.
      Frankly, I wish she’d go back to her comic book buddies exclusively and keep her nose out of anything to do with RA and his community. She is NOT the boss of me.

      • And forgive the typos. I have bad eyesight to begin with and allergies are making my weak eyes nice and sticky and foggy here at 3:30 am 😉

      • Sad, very sad. 😦

        • It’s sad she misrepresents us and that people fall into her trap.

          • Indeed. I saw the IMDb thread and her reasoning behind her actions, and to an outsider, she sounds perfectly reasonable. What she neglects to mention, is a) you’re an actual JOURNALIST, from what I’ve gathered reading your blog, and journalists often take on freelance jobs. You might not be of a comic book fan background (then again, I wouldn’t know), but that doesn’t mean you can’t write an article that would be of interest to the magazine’s readers. I mean, The Hobbit cast isn’t at CC promoting a comic book anyway, they’re promoting a FILM. b) The fanfic and fanvids you have put together are, like you say, of the characters he has played, not of the man himself. How many fanvidders and fanfic writers are there in the RA fan community? Loads! Do you have to be an insane stalker to create those things? No. (And indeed, she says she herself has written sexy fanfic, so how’s that for throwing stones in glass houses?)

            The motives are also a bit muddled. Was she trying to prevent a non-comic book geek from representing a comic book magazine which she feels is wrong (I can sort of understand the argument, but it doesn’t take away the fact that such things don’t really apply to freelance journalists – and in fact, if you’re a freelance journalist only writing about comics, you probably won’t get hired a lot, because you could ONLY write for very specialised magazines), or if she’s done it to prevent an “obsessive fan” from gaining access to RA – which could be understood if you were indeed obsessive, which it really doesn’t sound to me like you are. Not more than the rest of us, anyhow! 😀 The end result is still the same – done out of spite, seemingly motivated by “they bullied me so now I’m bullying back”, which is never a good idea. 😦

            So yeah. If she was outed, it woud play into her hands, because then she could say she was victimised and bullied (which she says she’s been before) … so … rock and a hard place. 😦 I’m just sad you didn’t get to go because a third party decided they didn’t want you there. That’s just wrong and you don’t do that to someone!

          • Traxy, I spent ten years working as newspaper reporter for a group of small town newspapers before the rotten economy led to me being laid off. And then I had the stupid car accident . . . anyhow, I have written literally thousands of articles on every sort of subject and I won a very loyal readership for my stories and my columns I’ve written about every subject from Elvis impersonators to the problems with obesity in America, an in-depth article on methamphetamine’s manufacturing, use and side effeects and its effects on our community, the arts council’s annual musical fundraisers and fireworks at the county’s board of education meeting.

            As I pointed out to Jonah, I have done a number of entertainment-related stories. That includes a series of articles covering the making of a film by a noted independent filmmaker in my own county, where I spotlighted locals appearing in the film and went behind the scenes on several location shoots. I was the ONLY reporter who scored a personal one-on-one interview with said director after the movie’s premiere in my home town. And do you know why? Because the producer admired my writing and my professionalsim.

            However, in her eyes my work in cheap and badly written. And how could I have ever won numerous Alabama Press Association awards, inckuding being part of a small but dedicated staff that won the Award of Excellence three years in a row? Oh, and I almost forgot about my magazine stories for not only our publication, but other publications for colleges and the state arts council. I even once interviiewed the former Archbishop of Canterbury. And he thought I did a good job with the interview–imagine that, litlte ol’ me who has no talent.

            Nawwww, I wouldn’t have been any good covering that comic book stuff. Because I have been stereotyped as an obsessed, out-of-control fangurl of Richard Armitage. And those guys bought it. That’s what makes me think considerably less of them, frankly. They should have gone a little more indepth with their research.

          • Yes, exactly. For the record, just to clarify, if you were under the impression that I somehow doubted your journalistic credentials, that was not my intent. I fully believe you to be a qualified professional who would do a great job in reporting about CC, which is the point I was trying to make. You’re a professional journalist (global economic mess aside) – not some nutjob who’s so desperate to meet RA that she’d do anything to gain access to him. She’s not just made you not be able to do something fun for yourself, but she’s caused you to lose out on a job that you were more than qualified to do.

          • I know, Traxy, and I didn’t mean to get carried away. I just started thinking about my past experiences and the variety of stories I’ve done and I couldn’t help thinking. “Damn! They would have been lucky to have had me!!” 😉 It wasn’t just my loss and the community’s loss; it was CBR’s loss, too. Pity they couldn’t have seen through her “concerns” and overcome their own prejudices against anyone who dares admit to being an RA fan.

          • Cool, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. 🙂

          • We might even be on the same paragraph, babe. 😉

          • And again, I apologize for the typos, I woke up from a brief amount of sleep with chest pains (no worries, just not digesting last night’s pizza too well) and my eyes keep weeping this gook, which gets on my lashes, which then smears up my eyeglasses. I had a reputation for clean copy back in the day. 😉 In fact, I took pride in general in my writing. But it wasn’t good enough for these guys.

          • You’re a great writer, and we all have off days. Hope you feel better soon. *hugs* 🙂

          • 😀 I think of that saying, “God isn’t going to put any heavier burden on me than I can bear. But sometimes, I really wish God didn’t have quite so much faith in me.” 😉

    • I was more than happy to have Angie represent our RA community. I think she would have done a fab job! Let’s not forget that that’s the reason she was going to CC. It was paid work for her, so Miss CU actually managed to: 1. Make Angie lose her job by misrepresenting her to her employer 2. Kill her dream of attending CC 3. Make us look like a pack of maddened loonies, with, I guess, poor Angie as our ring leader.
      What’s frustrating is this person has clearly lost touch with reality, which makes the success of her scheming even more painful.
      I hate to say it, but we all need to start being careful about the personal info we write about, especially the big blogs in our community. I have a feeling that this first taste of success may lead to bolder moves in the future!

      • Obviously, in her zeal to prtotect the good name of comic book fans, she never stopped to consider the employment issue. Maybe she thinks I am independently wealthy as well as overly obsessed and out of control.
        Because we celebrity fans are a different breed from the comic book enthusiasts, you see.

        Re any future developments we don’t want jeopardized, I guess we will have to do a Spooks and meet in the washroom. 😉

        • I’ve just read the IMDB board. That woman really has no clue. She really has no clue who you are. You’re biggest fault is that you haven’t been a a comic book fan since the age of 14. Shame on you Angie, with your silly journalistic background and professionalism. It was obvious you were only going there to cut RA’s strand of hair for your locket!
          Had you known that you needed to hang around the CBR messageboards waiting for KK’s approval of your level of comic book knowledge, you wouldn’t have been so harshy punished by her. Good to know. Who knows what the punishment will be in future?

          • Obviously, while i possess the Good Taste Gene, I lack the Geek Girl creds. I guess if I had been toadying up to her for the past couple of years, sitting at her feet and drinking from her vast fountain of knowledge on men in tights and capes, I might–just might–have been acceptable in her eyes. Only I wouldn’t have been able to look at myself in the mirror every morning because I would have sold my soul to the devil.

  16. I read the IMDB board too. For me it sounds like a personal vengeance (she says “there were bad blood”). Madame “je sais tout” is a hypocrite,full of herself and oozes jealousy. Plus, she is a delator.
    If I well understand her reasoning, it is forbidden to fantasize about actors, their characters and especially about “her” Richard Armitage. Consequently thousands of RA fans are sick, crazy and dangerous but SHE is the absolute perfect RA fan. But oh la la read what she writes “P.S. If you poke around my profile on that link, there is some John Porter fanfic with sex in it. Sorry. I hope Armitage does not mind sexual things about the fictional characters he has played. If he does, I will remove it.” Dear bully, it’s no good, really not good !!!
    OMG, wake up loony bully ! And that’s what you are although you deny it.
    I like the last comment on IMDB “You may hide behind a deluge of pompous words, but actually you are just a miserable bully who has offended people time and again. You disgust me.”
    P.S. I’m going to copy paste her fanfics before she delete the paragraphs with sex !
    (forgive me if my english is not correct)

    • Nadia, your English is great:) I also noticed the mention of her Porter sex fiction. That she’s a royal hypocrite, there can be no doubt! It’s like she’s written a bible on how to admire RA, and we are all sinners who don’t adide by the law she has so kindly tried to lay out for us. I especially like the fact that the only thing she feels she can be accused of is being a tattle-tale. Wake up lady! You’ve done MUCH worse.

      • She has delusions of grandeur and she is simply–deluded. I specifically named my blog in the message I originally sent Jonah, mentioned I wrote fanfiction and yes, that I was an Armitage fan and had a particular interest in The Hobbit panel. But I also mentioned my many other credentials above and beyond all that.

        I did not present myself in a false manner to him or try to hide anything. I didn’t think I needed to. Everything would have very likely been OK if she hadn’t set out to do her dirty work. Physician, heal thyself.

    • Your English is just fine as far as I am concerned,, Nadia. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. It’s OK for her to write sex scenes featuring Richard’s fictional characters, but it’s not OK for me. Because . . . .???? I write better ones? People enjoy reading mine more? LOL

      And that is all I have ever written about–there’s never been a “I had sex with Richard Armitage” fiction amongst my works. Sure, I thud and squee and drool over the man–I don’t pretend I only find his body of work appealing, and not his body as well–but I do not and never have looked at him as just a piece of meat. I am insulted that someone would even suggest that. I am often cheeky but it’s all meant in fun and as I have said repeatedly, don’t take me seriously at such times.

      I respect his keen intelligence, his amazing talent, his strong work ethic (OK, I wish he’d ease up a bit there sometimes), I admire his gentlemanly, modest nature, I adore his wonderful sense of humor which is never mean-spirited. He is simply a lovely human being. And you know what? I am going to be so bold as to say I think he’d like me as a person, too, and he’d like you all. I think we’re a pretty nice group of gals.

  17. What irks me about her is that she is a hypocrite. She is so concerned about people crossing RA’s boundaries and violating his privacy and personal rights and not treating him with due respect, but has also no qualms at all to violate other people’s rights and feelings and even interferes with their real life affairs. She also doesn’t subscribe to the idea that RA has voluntarily chosen to become a public figure (even if that was a side effect and not his main aim) and has to live with the result that he is discussed on the internet in a way that may be questionable, but thinks it is fine to attack fanfic authors that write stuff she doesn’t like because they did put their writings out there voluntarily. She has never heard of live and let live, something RA recommended to his fans.

    • Amen, Sister Jane, amen. I am not sure I have ever encountered a bigger control freak in my life. She is such a complete and total hypocrite. And how exactly can an actor be an actor and not in some way, shape, form or fashion also become a public figure?

      It’s not like an author who can shut themselves away from public view. Writing has been described as a solitary profession.

      To act one must have an audience, one must interact with other performers. Richard chose this profession and he knows what goes along with it. You have to do publicity for projects, red carpets and so on. Yes, he is shy and a private person; but it seems to me he has become increasingly comfortable and skillful in dealing with that process as his career has evolved.

      KK and her “pure” intentions–balderdash!! She is so full of you-know-what I am surprised she hasn’t exploded already.


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