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The New Panoramic Picture of The Hobbit – and I like the view!

And so it begins!

Prepare yourself, as it has started raining the Hobbit!

I’ve heard voices that the Hobbit should be renamed the Dwarf.

Something to ponder, Sir PJ!

The new panorama picture is breathtaking! Thanks Bccmee!

I started to take it apart, then I found that The One Ring had done a brilliant job of it.

Best leave the analysis to the more knowledgeable!

The storybook picture really is brilliant for people who know The Hobbit very well.

If, like me, you need a helping hand, I highly recommend you check out their post.

We, the RA fans, always knew Richard Armitage is an incredible actor, and would excel in any role.

Luckily, Sir PJ and his people saw potential in Richard, and gave him one of the leading parts in such a big project.

Now, the rest of the world will learn about him.

Does that make us, the Armitage admirers, superior in our taste, as we recognized his talent long before most people had?

I’d like to think the answer is YES! 🙂

He looks majestic and proud!

And that’s just how I feel when I look at this picture of Armitage.

My favorite section of the panoramic pic is this:

It shows Gandalf arriving at Bag End.

Then it moves on to The Unexpected Party, with the dwarves drinking to the success of their mission, and Gandalf looking on, sensing that trouble may lay ahead.

The right side shows Thorin and Bilbo, and the troll cauldron.

It will make you wish December was here!

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  1. Yes, it has started raining the Hobbit’s pictures and this is going to drive us crazy until December!!! 😀

    • Well, it’s going to drive me super crazy if I have to wait till 28th of Dec for the Polish premier!
      I was planning a weekend away to a city where the Hobbit is shown a lot sooner, but I was told by my nearest and dearest to stop thinking about it. And I don’t mean – It’s silly, don’t even think about it! My birthday is in November, so I have a feeling this may be somehow connected 😉

      • I hope it’s worth all this anxiety!!! You know, when I first heard PJ was going to do The Hobbit, I told myself: No thanks. Three LOTR were enough for me. I’m not a huge PJ fan LOTR series… but then N&S appeared in my life and nothing remained the same…LOL. Now, here I am, waiting anxiously for movie!!!

        • It’s nuts, I agree. I’m actually a LOTR fan, and every year we marathon it.
          Do you know what’s the worst about the Hobbit release date in Poland? How it makes me feel! I was actually glad that the UK premier had been postponed (turned out to be untrue). I was happy that someone else would share in my misery. That doesn’t say anything nice about me, and I am ashamed!

          • Well, I agree that it’s going to be ‘hell’ to read all the comments RA fans are going to do about the movie and not be able to see it…LOL!!! I don’t know if it’s some sort of consolation, but I’ll only watch on December 21 or maybe later as during this period of the year I’m usully traveling. ;-(

          • By the time 20th Dec rolls around it’ll be spreading like wildfire online. I find Tumblr is the worst when it comes to spoilers. I like my Vampire series like True Blood and Vampire Diaries (don’t judge LOL!), and I usually find out which character has been turned vampire there! Not nice! I hope there will be so many elements to the Hobbit, that only by seing it can you really appreciate the storyline!

          • We can be miserable together Pinup, as it looks like the Australian release isn’t until the 26th, although that is yet to be officially confirmed. 😦

          • I really am sorry Mezz. As Poland is a Catholic country, the 26th would be out of the question – it’s the second day of Christmas. Plus, at least you don’t have to worry that someone will get the bright idea to dub the film in Australia. It’s almost like the film powers that be in our countries just don’t understand 😦 Have they not seen a picture of RA as Thorin?

  2. At least foreign movies are not dubbed in Brazil and I’ll be able to listen to RA real voice!!

  3. This is so exciting. New items are popping daily! Not sure if my heart can take it. ♥

    • I know! People are starting to look at me funny. Not to worry, I look back at them just as funny, because they just don’t seem to understand the magnitude of what’s coming in December 😉 That’s why it’s so lovely to have my online Richard Armitage ‘sister-wives’. LOL!

  4. Woohoo….5 months to go!!

  5. ….pamiętam jak skakałam z radości kiedy spadł pierwszy śnieg…ja: “Mamo!..Mamo! SNIEG!!..hurra! Mama:”O Boże! znowu:(“…..teraz też tak się cieszę na nadejście zimy:D

    • Ja szykuję aparat by chodzić po Warszawie i pstrykać zdjęcia plakatów 🙂 Nie pamiętam bym kiedykolwiek widziała podobiznę Ryśka na naszych ulicach, tyle tam brzydoty, że taka piękność nam się przyda 😉

  6. Pingback: Make your own Hobbit Wallpaper + Dwarves that brighten up the day! « I Want to be a Pin-Up

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