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Two Jolly Amazing British Gentlemen

I’m continuing on my quest to get to know other Hobbit actors.

The first one was the mouth-watering Aidan Turner, who I hope to see plenty of in the future.

The next choice of actors was inspired by a post I found on The Potions Mistress.

For the record, I’d just like to say that this is not another post about whether Richard Armitage is or is not gay.

I have the most amazing readers and people who comment here (do I tell you that often enough?), so I have no doubt that you will understand my point.

This topic has appeared on other blogs, has been discussed at length, nothing exceptionally good has come of it, and this is something I would like to avoid. Every rational human being has an opinion on the topic, and the truth is we just don’t know.

Many people don’t care either way.

I’d like to keep it that way 🙂

The actors I’d like to mention here today have a lot in common.

They both epitomise The British Actor.

They are both very characteristic, and have a huge following.

They are both in the Hobbit.

They are both openly gay.

Sir Ian McKellen plays Gandalf the Grey, returning to the part, which he played in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

I don’t about you, but he IS Gandalf the wizard to me.

The other is Stephen Fry, who plays the part of The Master of Laketown, although many associate him with his comedic roles, like in the Blackadder series

I simply adore these two.

Both are my list of 5 ideal guests you’d invite to a dinner party.

They are what we could call the quintessencial British Gentlemen.

They’ve both taken active part in trying to save the pub called The Hobbit, after the American firm which owns the copyright to a number of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works  – ordered the owners of the Southampton, England pub to change the name or face  legal action. They’ve gone one step further by offering financial support.

They are both openly gay, and I think could serve as an example to other actors who, out of fear for their careers, choose to remain in the closet. They are proof that a talented actor who is openly gay, will always find good parts, and can have incredibly successful careers, which span decades.

Sir Ian appeared as himself in Extras, where he gives Andy (played by Ricky Gervais) advice on playing a gay character.

He also goes on the describe his ‘acting process’.

Every time I hear an actor talking about ‘his method’, I am reminded of this clip.

This is by far the funniest clip EVER, and shows how Sir Ian can make fun of himself.

Talking about Extras, Stephan Fry also appeared in an episode.

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  1. In spite of loving actors/actresses from different nationalities, I have to confess the British ones are my favourites and I never miss the opportunity to see them acting. 😉 It’s truth that I don’t have many opportunities as the American influence is stronger over here, but fortunately in the last years we’ve been receiving more and more movies from all over the world and this diversity is really interesting to me!!!

    • You just can’t beat a British actor! I’m not sure what it is about their craft, and their personality, that makes them stand out. It seemes like Hollywood is so polluted, that all you end up getting is a lot of fake and fony. I know British actors dream of making it big on the other side of the pond, but I’m not sure it’s worth it!

      • Exactly my thoughts!!!

      • Not sure either, but I think when it comes to getting the best parts within the UK, international experience and success help a lot. I have always felt that even with UK TV and film, some doors still were closed for RA and I hope that may change.

        • He will have plenty more options, but sometimes the good old BBC produces such high quality shows that so called ‘Hollywood’ could learn a thing or two. Sometimes a smaller budget means that everyone has to do a better job. There will be no CG and explosions to cover up bad acting.

  2. These two actors are so talented and such class acts. I was already a big fan of each, but the situation with The Hobbit pub increased my respect for them.

    It makes me sad their sexual orientation even has to come up in conversation. I just don’t understand why so many feel the need to attach gay onto the word actor. We don’t go around attaching the word heterosexual to straight actors. Shouldn’t it simply be about their talent? (Sorry to have jumped on a soapbox, I’ll get down now). 🙂

    • I agree with you Jas (and the soapbox is always at the ready here!). The reason why I think it’s important to support gay actors is that it takes courage to be who you are, especially when you are in the public eye. In many ways these openly gay actors pave the way for regular people to be OK with coming out. It may not be as important in Britain or the US, but in a country like mine, where many people would swear they’ve never met a person in their life, I think it send a clear singanl that “they’re here and they’re queer and that’s OK”. I remember being at a George Michael concert, where he dedicated a song to the man he loves. I’m not sure if the stadium understood what had happened, but they were cheering. Many of these are people who are ver homophobic, but seeing that it was a famous person, it was acceptable.

      • I think even with people that are not homophobic (in Germany we are used to gay public figures, including some high ranking politicians) it is still something that is in the front of people’s mind and tends to overshadow other attributes a person may have. It is not like let’s say married or single, Brit or American, tall or short. And what goes on in people’s mind may distract from an actor’s performance even if the performance is as it should be and not camp or anything at all.

        • That’s why these two actors are a great example of artists who let their craft do the talking. They are open about that part of their lives, but it doesn’t define them.
          By the way, I do adore the BRitish camp. I think it shows what a great sense of humour they have as a nation. My country is responsible for raising the issue that Teletubbies are gay. I bow my head in shame.

  3. Uwielbiam obydwu Panów!:) ….chociaż uważam że Stephen Fry jest bardziej seksowny:)
    Jaka szkoda ze te geny wyginą….właściwie mam jeszcze trochę czasu…na coś się przydam, mogę posłużyć jako inkubator!:) choć z drugiej strony jeśli dzieci odziedzicza inteligencję matki(a tak jest najczęściej)to na nic wszelkie starania.;(

    • I jeden i drugi jest nietypowo sexy. Może to kwestia ‘nie dla psa kiełbasa’? Być inkubatorem dla np. Eltona Johna? Nie byłoby żle, plus dziecko miałoby wspaniałe życie! To prawda że szkoda że geny Fry i Sir Iana nie zostaną przekazane, ale nie ma gwaracnji co by z tego wyszło. Demi Moore i Bruce- obydwoje bardzo atrakcyjni, a gdzieś to się pogubiło przy rozmnażaniu 😉

  4. :D…nie dla psa kiełbasa!…:D
    rzeczywiście co do Willisów -wszystkie pociechy podobne do Bruce’a!:) seksowny facet jednak jego mocno zarysowana szczęka nie dodaje uroku dziewczętom;)….oby też nie odziedziczyły po nim braku poczucia humoru na swój temat;)….ponoć prywatnie to kiepsko z jego dowcipem.


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