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Slipping into the bedroom like Lucas

I was planning to write a tongue-in-cheek post about how Lucas and Adam visited a sleeping couples bedroom in the first episode of season 7 of Spooks.

The truth is a similar thing happened to me a few years back, and I dare say it was nothing like on TV.

Of course, I’m no terrorist, and I would imagine the thief that visited us that night was nothing like Lucas, or Adam for that matter.

We were staying in a flat in Cannes, in the South of France.

It was very hot, and we decided to keep the windows open for the night.

The realisation that someone had been walking around while you were sleeping is terrible.

At first I was angry I hadn’t woken up. Now I can’t imagine how traumatic that would have been.

The stages you go through once the realization of what happened are quite interesting.

The first is embarrassment – was I snoring or farting.

Then you go through shame – it was hot, did my nighty ride up,? Was my bum was in full moon mode?

Then you go ‘ninja style’ – if only I had woken up, I would have beat the crap out of the thug and taught him a lesson.

Then it hits you that you wouldn’t have done a thing if you were faced with the individual, and you start feeling vulnerable.

Then, every time you watch Spooks season 7 episode 1 you re-live the nasty  experience.

By the way, our gentleman caller had less sense than Lucas, and did not wear gloves.

Alas, the fingerprints he left after touching the wall and then pressing it to the window did not interest the French law enforcement.

Viva the French Police!

Instead of copying the data on our phones, our French thief just took off with ours, as well as with the passport, wallets, cameras, jewellery, duty-free goods.

He was kind enough to leave behind the rent-a-car keys, and he did end up dumping our documents under a palm tree a few kilometers down the road.

 I hope that one day he’ll climb through the widow of a John Porter- type, who does wake up, and does teach him a little lesson 😉

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  1. I’m so sorry you had that happen to you, and that watching Lucas and Adam in that scene reminds you of it. I’m just grateful on your behave that he was really only interested in your stuff and not causing you physical harm!

    • Thanks Jas, I am grateful that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I need to reajust my thinking of Lucas entering my bedroom 😉 It’s funny how things like an episode of Spooks can trigger a memory, though. I live on the 4th floor in a block of flats, but can’t bring myself to sleep with the window wide open.

  2. Some situations work very well in the movies (and we can even laugh about them), but not in real life!!! Fortunately nothing happened to you and I hope nothing like that happens again!! 😉

  3. This actually happened to a friend of mine a number of years ago. She awoke to find a guy standing at the bottom of her bed! He told her if she stayed where she was he wouldn’t hurt her. He’d broken in through a basement window and had gone all the way to the top floor to her sister’s room but she is a little deaf and didn’t hear him. As well as money and jewellery (some of it of great sentimental value) he stole food and wines. Naturally they were very shaken up by the incident but very thankfully, unhurt! Soon after they sold the house and moved out of the city! Who could blame them?

    • That’s so sad, but I know it happens. I can only hope that at one point these b*stards little thingies will shrivel up and drop of! What goes around comes around! We moved to a hotel within 3 hours, which was a shame because the flat was all paid for. I can’t imagine what it’s like when someone invades your home!

  4. ….o mój Boże! to koszmar dziewczyno…jak z najgorszego snu…chyba się domyślam jak mogłaś się czuć:*

    • Gdybym miała super moce ala Kobieta Kot, to bym sobie z tym panem inaczej pogadała. Ae mało tego że nie mam super mocy, to nie wiem czy bym się zmieściła w to skórzane kocie wdzianko 😦

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