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Sometimes it’s hard Being Human

Don’t you just love it when you come across something new and exciting thanks to being a RA admirer.

Sometimes it’s by accident –  like the discovery of the poet Simon Armitage.

This time, I decided to scope out the other Hobbit actors.

My first, and most obvious choice, was Aidan Turner.

He’s playing Kili, a dwarf from the House of Durin, and  Thorin Oakenshield’s nephew.

Let’s just  say, I didn’t really go for Mr Turner by accident.

He’s what you would describe as ‘easy on the eyes’, and if I’m honest, he’s right up my alley 🙂

(if you need a reminder of the last non RA hottie featured here, it was Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones…)

Yup, I definitely have a type… I don’t date it, though…

But, back to the wonderful Aidan Turner.


I decided to check out Being Human.

It’s a story of a vampire (Turner), a werewolf (a wonderful part for  Russell Tovey) and a ghost, all living in one house in Bristol, and trying to live in the most ‘human’ manner they can.

Please note that I have seen the UK version. I know there’s a US one from 2011.

 I have just finished season 1 and wild horses could keep me away from season 2.

All I know is that the cast changes after season 3, when Aidan leaves the show (perhaps to go on a quest to NZ).

Mr Turner plays a simply delicious vampire, who is trying to suppress his urges and do no harm to humans.

No small feat when you are sporting a sexy pair of fangs, and feeding on human blood (for which there is no substitute) is linked to sexual pleasure.

I’ll give this to Aidan Turner, he has the sexiest, most sincere smile I’ve seen on a man in a while.

He may not be everybody’s cup of tea (my sister says he’s a bit like an Italian gigolo), but that sexy accent proves he’s all Irish.

Have I mentioned I had a thing for men with an Irish accent?

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  1. Hey, how come the females in “Being Human” didn’t get named?

    • I knew someone would notice 🙂 I’m not too keen on the actress playing Annie, plus I’m being very sexist, focusing on the men. Time to turn the tables 😉

      • Oh, OK, then …… long as we’re turning the tables on men….Aidan is rather yummy, isn’t he?

        I had to smile about his being cast as Kili, Thorin’s nephew……2 super hot guys sitting side by side at that press conference…. oh, yes 😉

        Wonder if Aidan’ll be a gorgeous as Richard when he grows up?

        • I became aware that he’s younger than I amand it was a little strange. then I cast my eyes on him and it didn’t seem to matter 🙂 Sir Peter sure knows what he’s doing, casting these hot men. It was the same with Orlando.
          RA is the type of man that just keeps on getting better with age, a bit like George Clooney. Not sure if Aidan is the same, but I hope so, as I have MANY decades of ogling sexy actors in me yet 😉

          • Oh, and you have, too! As I think you know, I’m 65 and I can still appreciate a gorgeous guy when I see one 😉

  2. Nice to meet you, Aidan Turner!!!

  3. Girl! We are on the same page! He is a fine man, and the voice is killer, too! I have gone through all 3 seasons of Being Human. I want to suggest “Desperate Romantics” for your viewing pleasure as well. Have a great weekend!:)
    Also, watch him in “Hattie” which is based on a true story. Very good in that as well (plays a curvy girl’s lover!)

    • But why, oh, why didn’t he ever seem to shower or change his clothes in “Being Human”….and that dirty, greasy hair…..yuck. 😦

      I much prefer Aidan’s current look.

      But he sure is a fine-looking boy 😉

      • I know the greasy look and mittens can be off-putting. I like that arty type, but he’s not the type of character that looks like he smells of fabric softner and cologne 🙂 I’m willing to overlook the scruff (and hairy chest) as I’m too busy focusing on that smile and the curly hair 🙂
        Man, I’m shallow…

    • I’ve tracked down both of these, but Hattie has a Polish speaker reading the translation, so that’s not going to happen. Desperate Romantics looks beyond yummy, I’ve got my hands on 4 episodes, but can’t find the first two 😦
      Have a wonderful weekend Kate!

  4. Did you see the skit the dwarves did for the Christchurch telethon? They focused on Aidan’s sex appeal. Here’s the link for anyone who missed it:

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