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Richard, The Bearded Boy Wonder

I don’t usually post on very current RA news.

I think I’m too busy hopping to other blogs to see their reactions and thoughts.

I also like to schedule posts, just in case life and other cataclysms pop up, so by the time I go over a new topic, it’s not that new anymore.

The latest proof that Richard Armitage is actually out there somewhere coincided with a post I had been planning to write anyway, so what better incentive than these pictures:

The quality isn’t the best.

 I cropped the images to protect the lovely person who was kind enough to post them.

 If you’d like to learn more, you can find all the info on RANet.

There’s no two ways about it!

The beard seems to be here to stay!

It makes me wonder, though, if they attach a fake beard, wouldn’t it be better to have a clean-shaven face, so the glue sticks better?

I have to admit, I have yet to experience a faux beard situation, so I just don’t know.

Maybe it’s a weave 😉

So, every time he has to go in the water, he says: You better not mess up my weave and get it wet!

Just days before these pictures emerged, the topic of RA’s baby face had been making the rounds.

I can’t lie, I was hoping to see the back of it (do not confuse this with me wishing he’d have a hairy back…).


My comment to this confession from RAConfessions was:

I’m glad we’ve had the chance to see him in his bearded glory, it cuts down all the ‘I wonder what he’d look like with a beard’ chit-chat. We’ve seen him. Now it needs to go!

It’s not that it hasn’t been fun!

Check out these images from RichardArmitagesBeard (no joke!).

We’ve had different versions the beard / stubble:

My favorite look? Lucas stubble.

That’s the look I hope to see at ComicCon 😉

I hope you have a wonderful morning!

Here’s a nice cup of Bearded RA to start you off right 🙂


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  1. A cup of RA?? Yes, please!!! The better way to begin my day. 😉
    But, I also wish this beard goes aways as soon as possible!!!

    • I know some have become really attached to it, I like it as somethin that has added a little bit of spice, but it’s time to go back to the sugar 🙂
      If I had that cup of coffee, I would need a Red Bull to get me started in the morning 😉

      • For me, just regular coffee. No need to add anything else to stay completely awake!!! 😀

        • I’m going through some tough times, so I need that extra boost. It feels like autumn here (I even wore a woollen pancho today!), I’m waiting for my last exam result, but it didn’t go well, and I need to get an A to be sure I get a scholarship. It’s been a bit hectic and stressfull, and it’s drained me of all my energy…

          • I see!! But don’t worry too much before the you have the results. Good news may be coming for you!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an A!!
            In relation to the weather… I wish I could share the temperature with you. It’s 25 degrees Celsius out there and it’s supposed to be winter!!! Guess I need some iced RA coffee!!! 😉

          • LOL, well at least now I know where summer has got to! I don’t mind the weather too much, it suits my mood 🙂 They say it’ll be over 30C this weekend, and I can spend it at my summerhouse, sitting in the shade, re-reading my Sookie Stackhouse novels 😉

  2. I’m a fan of the beard but I imagine RA will be shaving it after the production wraps. Maybe his whiskers can be auctioned off for charity, LOL!

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  4. I don’t think they attach a fake beard now. As I understand he had a fake one during the first block we saw the the beginning of the real on in the vlog. Between the photoshot and the CA premier it did grow longer and bushier (how fast do men’s beards grow, BTW?) and what we see now resembles the fake beard from the beginning but is real. I think it will stay on for Comic Con because he may go back and do a bit more filming afterwards. And it will help to sell him.

    • Could be that RA is all natural 😉 Can you imagine the crumbs in that beard, if it is his own! Do you have to comb it regularly? Does ir require conditioner? Do you style it with hair gel or some pomade, so it isn’t unruly? Does it get split ends, so you have to give it a trim every now and again? So many beard questions! Maybe we’re not so ready to let it go after all!

  5. Ach ten nieznośny Rysiek!…obawiam się ze zachowa brodę, tak łatwo się za nią ukryć..a ja tak lubię ten jego 3-dniowy zarost, mam tez słabość do dłuższych włosów Guy-a of Gizborne(2)

    • Zgadzam się! Nie ważne że taki 3-dniowy zarost może zrypać całą twarz! Póżniej taka kobitka chodzi z tyłkiem orangutana na buzi Hahaha. Niech wiedzą że ma dostęp do męskiego faceta!

      • Twarz to pół biedy!:)

        • Hahahaha, muszę wysilić pamięć jak to kiedyś bywało że aż fizycznie się czuło taką randkę, i to przez kilka kolejnych dni 😉 Gorzej jak po takiej randce z samcem nie zostaje nic. To wtedy pozostaje tylko żal, bo lepiej było po prostu posiedzieć w domu, zjeść zupkę chinską, wyciąć skórki i odżywkę nałożyć na włosy…

          • Hahaha!…jaki kuszący obraz, zamknięty w tym ostatnim zdaniu. Czy wspominałam ze b.lubię twoje poczucie humoru i też chciałabym być Pin Up?:)
            …ha ..niestety chcieć to nie móc!;)

          • A ja Twoje! Właśnie dziś komuś opowiadałam jak sobie świntuszymy czasem i jaki z tego ubaw jest 🙂 Bardzo się cieszę, Asia!

  6. FIrmly with you, Pinup. Off with the beard.

  7. Where do you live, Luciana? I’m coming to visit 😉 25 degrees on a winter’s day – un bloody believable!

    I think we’ll be having 12 max today in Canberra! LOL

    • I live in Brasília, Brazil! 😉

      • Ah ha,,,,I thought you might be somewhere in South America. 🙂

        And I really love Canberra and don’t even mind our long cold winter – although it’s cold inside my house today! I need better heating. Maybe I’ll hop across the Tasman (Sea) to visit “The Hobbit” set – just maybe that sexy Thorin 😉 could give me a bear hug to warm my cockles!!!

        • I think you are a lucky person to be in a cooler place and to have a good excuse to ask for a sexy dwarf’s hug!! 😀
          But do I need any excuse to ask for his hug?? Don’t think so… Lol

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  9. Noooo, the beard is awesome!


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