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Hats off to Philip Treacy

In an effort to balance out my Armitage craze, I’m determined to give other topics a fighting chance 🙂

This post was inspired by an image I had come across:

It shows images from the Royal Wedding last year.

It’s a bit mean and I don’t think the Princesses looked that bad.

What it did remind me of is how much I love and admire Philip Treacy – the most famous hat designer of our time.

They truly are works of art and makes me regret that wearing hats is not that popular.

They are described as Surreal and sculptural.




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  1. Looking at these hats make me wonder why wearing hats are not so popular in Brazil… a pity, because I really find them very charming!!!

    • I would imagine that having your head covered like that could give you heatstroke in your climate. It’s not like he designs cute little straw hats that protect your skin so you don’t get freckles. You need a strong neck to carry tese. But I agree. You could just stuff your hair under it and now worry about it 😉

      • Over here the hats would help a lot to protect us from the merciless sun… lol.
        Regarding PT’s hats, I guess they have more to do with a fashion ornament than protection, but they’re charming anyway!!!

      • Wearing a hat in Brazil would have more to do with protecting ourselves from the merciless tropical sun… LOL. Guess FT’s hats have more to do with a fashion ornament than protection or for hiding your hair, but they are charming. 😉

  2. Wow, these are definitely works of art! I’m not sure I could pull one off though, even if it was fashionable. 🙂

    • I bet you could! Anyway, if you stick something like that on your head, whose going to notice a face or any other part of you 😉 I need one on days when my hair is floppy and I don’t feel like ‘putting my face on’! There’s some comfort in being upstaged by a hat 😉

  3. Piękne!:) …oh ..marzy mi się okazja i mężczyzna przy którym mogłabym założyć(nałożyć?:) taki kapelusz. 😉


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