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Getting your Armitage kicks, day after day…


Like any relationship, fangirling requires a new boost of energy every now and again.

You know, when all the pictures have been looked at and gushed over.

When you’ve given most RA related videos on YT the thumbs up.

When you’ve watched  and re-watched all the DVD’s and clips.

There comes a moment when a little boost is required.

I found that the Tumblr community has provided that for me.

It’s a little like running like a 6-year old, in the rain, with no shoes, screaming at the top of your lungs.

New images and Vlogs are great at creating a buzz, but I usually don’t automatically craze over them. I need some time to let everyone else go over them, post about them, analyze them.

I liked the new N&S pics that have been unearthed and I adore finding ones I’ve never seen before.

They may not be new, but they are to me 🙂

Let me hear from you!

What provides your kick of new admiration energy?

What keeps your RA luv fresh?

You can pick multiple answers, poll closes in 7 days 🙂


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  1. Let me start with my comments about this post… ;-)) (As I had promised not to make any more comments in a previous post, I had to keep my promise there, but not here…lol).
    Well, I don’t need any kick of addmiration energy. What I was feeling just after ‘discovering’ RA was too much for my sanity!! Hard to put that in words!! Wow… Right now, after having a overdose of RA works, visiting many blogs, reading many interviews and articles, my ‘addmiration energy’ has gone to normal rates and I’m feeling much more confortable about it!!

    • I understand what you mean! I feel like I go through waves. There are moments when I minimize my RA posts, because don’t really feel inspired to come up with an interesting post. But then something happens and I get a new wave of RA admiration and I dive into the fandom with full energy. I think a balance is healthy, and it makes the whole experience a pleasure 🙂

  2. It’s just nice to see him again. 😀


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