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Skinny Minny Lucas

I really shouldn’t be celebrating the start of my summer just yet.

I still have one exam to go: Change and Continuity in the US (by the time this post is out, it’ll be over). I had a dream I got a D+ from it. Because I’m what you may call a mature student, I put plenty of pressure on myself to get straight A, even a few A+. The reason behind this is: what’s the point of studying as an adult if you’re going to do a crapaloo job of it?

I don’t need another degree for work, getting an MA will not benefit me in any way, apart from learning more, expanding my horizons, feeling that I’m moving forward all the time.

Anyway, as I’m still in the countryside, I like to light the fireplace in indulge in my collection of DVD’s.

I’ve re-watched N&S, but I’m leaving thought and comments on that for the first week of July, when I’ll be celebrating my 1st RA anniversary. I have a few ideas for posts, and can only hope that the internet access here will allow me to do everything I have planned.

Next, I decided to pop in Spooks season 7.

Let me tell you – Richard Armitage is beyond skinny in this. Just beyond!

He looks so gaunt, I’m surprised they didn’t have a doctor on set in case he fainted.

When I watched the first episodes of season 7, I’m sure the thought had crossed my mind, but I was too busy Oohing and Ahhing that it’s Armitage, to probably register just how stick thing he really was.

RA actually reached a point where you believe, you just know that Lucas spent 8 years in a Russian prison.

Without a layer of fat on his face, the skin stretches on his nose and cheekbones.

I found it painful to watch.

He looks not only malnourished, but also dehydrated.

It was like all the elasticity of his skin had disappeared and his muscles are more accentuated.

Even the buttons on my favorite Lucas shirts (which RA seemed to wear in interviews too), weren’t popping like we adore them too!

On the subject of the Lucas in the bathroom scene, there have been voices raised that it’s a bit disgusting that he:

First wipes one armpit with the towel

Then the other…

And then he pats down his face…

Rest easy, Lucas North loving lasses!

I have taken it upon myself to pay close attention to the whole sequence, and can confirm that Lucas adjusts his towel, so that he uses a fresh, dry section of it to pat down his face.

But even if he did just: wipe pit, wipe pit and then go for the face, I think he can be forgiven seeing he spent so many years in horrible conditions.

We could write it down to enthusiasm at actually seeing soap, a fresh towel, and… well… probably running water and a loo!

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  1. Oh, Lucas/Richard was skinny alright in “Spooks7” but, to me, he still looked healthy enough to chase down the baddies. 🙂

    Anyway, as soon as he brought in those donuts and licked the choccie icing from his thumb, I knew he was quickly on his way back to his normal size 😉

    • So, what your saying Kathryn, that despite being so skinny, he was still sexy as all hell! He did ravish that donut 🙂 Finger-licking good. And the donut wasn’t bad either 😉

  2. I’ve never seen ‘Spooks’, but from the pictures I can see that he’s clearly skinny… However, it’s always a joy to look at this man… lol

    • Luckily he ‘bounces back’ pretty quickly! When I compare Lucas in season 9, in season 7 he looks like the Olsen twins’ brother 🙂 BTW need I say I recommend watching Spooks? I’m planning to buy the earlier seasons. I remember watching the first two and loving it.

  3. lovemrthornton

    Ironically as I read this tongue-and-cheek commentary on poor Richard’s weight loss, a sudden thought struck me, and it was quite encouraging:

    So many women have commented on their alarm of “skinny” Richard, and yet, at least in my American culture, we obsess about becoming rail thin ourselves.

    The irony.

    Even yesterday when I was at a public pool, soaking in sun and feeling proud about what I’ve accomplished with my body by doing Yoga and Pilates regularly — I looked around at teenage lifeguard girls — TEENAGERS — and cut myself down mentally for not yet returning to that lithe and youthful size that I was at 18.

    How ridiculous and unbelievable that I did that to myself.

    Anyway, all this is to say, whether you intended it or not, your blog entry this morning helped one person put the brakes on an unhealthy train of thought. If we as women can jump from our concern over a movie star’s weight to a healthy and reasonable image of ourselves, that would be quite a coup.

    This was a great jolt of self-reflection for me, thanks to you today! Happy Saturday. 🙂

    • That’s lovely to hear! We are all insane. We live in a culture where the less there is of someone, the better. Who wants to be described as a Zero? Who wants to look like a lollipop? Big head attached to a stick-like body? It should all about health and appreciating who we are. I’ve gone on so many fad diets, I wouldn’t be able to list them What is even worse is I’ve done the whole ‘herbal’ Chinese diet pills, which turned out to have a amphetamine-like ingredient. Heart palpitations, sleepless nights, moodswings., painfully dry eyes and mouth. But I sure looked good in a pair of TH jeans 😉
      I respect that Richard went the extra mile with this part, and being so skinny reflected the characters past, but I’m happy it didn’t last long 🙂

  4. Well, luckily Richard only did it for the role. I ‘m glad he got healthy quick. I didn’t like that look on him, either. Apparently, he wanted to look as bad as he could, but he also wanted to be able to do the fight scenes. I thought I read somewhere where he even wanted to shave his head, but the producers didn’t want that. You know for sex symbol reasons.

    • It is painful, although actors have done much worse fo a part. Haven’t we heard of removing teeth and such? It is interesting that we make such a fuss about actresses gaining weight for a part, and ending up looking like the average lass on the street. I think dropping so much is a lot more dangerous. A shaved head? Now, that’s an interesting concept. He’d end up looking like a lean, skinny Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films LOL 🙂

  5. I think the first set of cloths he was given was meant to be Adam’s and deliberately too big for him, to make him look even skinnier.

    • That’s interesting and would make sense. Then again, with the amount of explosions, bloody wounds etc. they’d probably have a seperate set of clothes for the MI5 operatives 😉

  6. A very late comment here but on re-reading what others have said and looking at the above pictures I have to say that although he obviously lost a lot of weight (I think he said over a stone – 14lbs) in order to look malnourished, he still looks amazingly fit. His muscles are still well defined and even though I didn’t like seeing his ribs in some of the pictures from that episode I still thought he looked stunning. The shots where the camera pans up his body from the top of his jeans up to the Blake tattoo are quite literally breath-taking! 🙂

    • His body looks good. he’s lean and has plenty of muscles. I think it’s the face that is so haunting. His nose pops out more than usual, his cheeks are sunken, and the skin seems so dehydrated. Partly I’m sure it was the make up that formed the hallow apprearance, but there’s only so much they could do. I think the sucide was the most difficult to watch. It reminded me of Anne Hathaway rejected some role because she had to play a woman giving birth, and as she’d never gone through that, she decided not to take the part. It’s called acting. I doubt RA ever tried to commit suicide in a Russian prison, but because he’s a GOOD actor, he was able to play the part so painfully well!


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