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First Contact with the Armitage

Every time I google Richard Armitage, one of the second and third option that pops up are:

Richard Armitage girlfriend

Richard Armitage married

It’s comforting to think that, no matter what happens, the guy is, first and foremost, an actor 🙂

Don’t you just love the “I’m feeling Lucky” next to RA’s name. I wish!

It makes me laugh every time, but it also reminds me when I was first bit my the RA bug.

I remember checking out his IMDB profile.

I was surprised to learn he had been on Spooks and The Vicar of Dibley.

I had watched earlier seasons of both, but for some bizarre reason stopped.

And then…

Yup, I probably checked out if he was married, had any kids, had a hot supermodel floozy he schlepped  around town to parties, premiers and such 🙂

The question is: If I had read he was married, would it have changed the course of my RA admiration?

I’d like to say a definite NO!, but I’m just not sure.

I don’t think it would matter now, though!

By the way, the poll is anonymous.

I’d love your honest opinion.

It’s obvious that we all want to respect RA’s privacy and right to keep his private life away from the spotlight.

Two polls today:

And now:

Can’t wait to see the results 🙂

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  1. You may not know this but I have been a fan of Richard Armitage since 1999. Not many people can say that! 😉

    I didn’t think to Google him until 2010/2011. 🙂

    And Richard was the first person I had ever thought to Google!

    I didn’t get that “I’m feeling lucky” bit during that search and I’m feeling really deprived now


    You’re lucky I don’t have any idea of your real name or nationality or residence because I’m extremely curious about you……in a nice way! I’m not a stalker!!!!

    I hope you don’t feel as though I’m criticizing your writing in any way but sometimes I get the feeling that English might not be your 1st language. But, then, I’m probably way off beam!

    Whatever….I really enjoy your posts and you come up with some very interesting ones! I admire that.

    • Hello Kathryn! My first non-stalker! I feel honoured 🙂
      I feel like I’ve been writing a bit more about myself of late. Seeing as it took me 6 months to gather up the courage to comment on other peoples posts, I’m still making good time LOL! You are, to some extent, right. English was my first language, but didn’t remain my primary one for long, as we moved back to my native country – Poland (third largest RA fanbase, after US and UK, which makes us a country of women of excellent taste in men!). This blog was an attempt to start practicing my writing skills, which have been neglected. I read, swear, think and count in English, but I’ve always felt that my writing needed improvement. As I’m busy with my MA thesis, which I’m also writing in English (I’m studying American Culture at Warsaw University), I thought this blog would be the ideal way to learn to organise my thoughts (scattered as they are), and to exercise those writing muscles. Little did I know at the time, my blog has become so much more than I could’ve ever imagined 🙂
      You are very welcome here Kathryn, always! I don’t know if I deserve it, but I always get the coolest, nicest people stopping by here! Yay me!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

      • Luciana….if you have a region/zone free DVD player, then is also a great place to look.

        I agree with you…Ricahrd’s worth savouring in all his glory, isn’t he?

        • WOW! Am I making some glaring typos tonight or what? (It’s 10.21pm in eastern Australia – I live in Canberra, our nation’s capital)

          • I keep saying WordPress doesn’t like me – look at where some of my replies end up!

          • LOL! I have a problem with my laptop. It sometimes doesn’t acknowledge the letters I punch, and I end up with incomplete words 🙂 Nothing worse than pressing the final comment button and then noticing there’s something amiss 😉 Rest easy Kathryn, we’re all very relaxed here with this sort of thing!

        • Fortunately I have a zone free DVD player… it helps a lot!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

      • Thank you. Sorry I forgot to say that earlier – I’m really a bit dozey tonight and might have to give commenting away for a little while and rest the old head and body. The chronic fatigue side of fibromyalgia affects my concentration and memory something shocking so I hope I haven’t said anything out of turn.

        When I’m in bed, I’m currently listening to Richard read LOTN to me – yet again! The audiobook’s a bit expensive to buy and is available from only 1 English site (I think) but I absolutely adore it! Richard doesn’t just read it – he performs it 🙂

        ‘night, ‘night, sleep tight. 😉 [I’m sure you’ve listened to Richard’s Cebeebies stories on YouTube, so just imagine that he’s saying “goodnight”]

        oh, yes,one other thing. Good luck with your studies

        • Too funny! There was a huge storm the other night, and as I was watching it, I was listening to LOTN. It’s my absolute favorite. I cry! I laugh out loud! Another good reason not to be in a relationship – how the hell would you explain THAT to your SO!
          Nighty night Kathryn, sweet dreams! I hope we’ll have a chance to chat soon. It’s been a real pleasure!

  2. Usually, when I have a “first contact” with an actor/actress who calls my attention, I look for his/her available works in my country. Later I look for other information. Regarding RA, I almost got crazy because N&S was his only available work over here…;-(

    • Well, could be worse Luciana, it could have been that the only thing available was Between the Sheets, and I dare say, that just wouldn’t do! Do you still have trouble with getting RA related things? Perhaps I could help 🙂

      • Well, has been helping me a lot. I’ve bought some os his other works. I still have a long way, but I’m not in a hurry. It’s nice to savor his acting slowly… 😉

        • Well, if you need help in any way let me know, I may be able to help. There are some things that I’m not going to invest in, like Between the Sheets, so I only have clips with RA. Some things I couldn’t get the traditional way, so if I can assist you, let me know!

          • Thank you very much for the offer. I’ll keep it in mind!!!
            Regarding Between the Sheets I agree with you!!!

          • First time I watched Sparkhouse was on YT! No joke! I watched episodes sliced into dozons of 10 minute parts, poor quality! It was an interesting experience. I know better now 😉

          • OOOOOH…tell me more! 😉

          • I always try to help when help is needed, especially a fellow RA admirer 😉 You can always email me and tell me what your heart desires, I will do my best to fulfill, within my meager means 😉

  3. I would actually love it if he were in a relationship! I’d like to play matchmaker and pair up everybody! But especially him because I think he’d make a wonderful father– and who wouldn’t want more little Richards in the world?!!

    • I’ve aways said that if a male specimen was needed to repopulate the earth, Richard gets my vote! I find that my matchmaking needs increase when I’m myself in a relationship. There’s something a tad depressing, though, when you’re single, to see everyone around you pairing up like it’s Noah’s Arc 😉

      • Take heart, my dear Pinup Girl…….you’ll find love when you least expect it….well, so I’m told!

        Could you matchmake me with a man who’s non-sexist, intelligent and articulate – a bit like our darling Richard, in fact! He doesn’t have to be as gorgeous as Richard but tall might be nice (I’m a whole 5’2′ tall so most men are going to be taller than I am anyway 😉

        I’m probably a bit old for Richard – 65 – what do you reckin? 😉 I’m am

        • that should have been “reckon”, of course!

          My son is 5 months older than Richard but I can still dream about Richard, can’t I? Matthew tease me mercilessly about my “crush” as he calls Richard!

          • I was teased at first, now my RA crazy seems to be a fact of life for those surrounding me:) Perhaps they are accepting because I don’t have pictures on the wall, or don’t wear T-shirts with his face on them. I was thinking of flying to Sweden for the premier of the Hobbit with my best friend. I told him I’d be making special T-shirts for us to wear, and he seemed oddly OK with it. When I questioned him further he said: I’ll wear that T-shirt. It’ll be winter in Sweden, and it’ll be hidden under my sweater and coat LOL!

          • T-shirts…now that’s an idea! It’ll be summer in Wellington for the premiere!

            I actually told my son on Wednesday night around 11pm (after I babysat his 2 darling little kids) that I was giving serious thought to hopping across the Tasman (Sea) to go to the premiere and then doing a little sight-seeing or the other way around. I said to him that I’d never get the chance to do such a crazy thing again and that it’s a rather expensive cinema ticket! He grinned and said “Go for it, Mum!” Ah ha…..maybe he’s not so square after all! [I simply couldn’t resist throwing in that old 1960s’ expression]

          • How wonderful (and what great timing to inform him AFTER you’ve done him a big favour LOL!) I love it when the ones closest to us accept our crazy and support us! I think one of the best features of our RA community is that it inspires us to dream, to think big, and act on impulse, do something we ordinarily wouldn’t. Look at Angie and ComicCon, Calexora with travelling to London to see RA in a play. Servetus and the Heinz trading cards. It pushes us waaay out of our comfort zone!
            I was thinking of designing a few T-shirts that I will either print out on special paper at home, and then iron on, or I’ll get them done professionally. If they’re any good, I’ll probably post the designs closer to the date, maybe someone else will like them 🙂

        • If only I could Kathryn, I would, but based on the men I meet, that’s a tall order! I think I’d be able to find a man. Full stop 😉 Anyway, what is age? Look at Madonna. She’s in her 80s and still baging those toyboys LOL! and wearing hotpants LOL. I joke, she’s not a day over 60!

    • Ah, darn, then that really leaves me out – I’m past child-bearing age! 🙂

      I agree with you, Phylly….have you read Servetus’ post on “If Richard Armitage fell in love”? I think most of us wish him to have whatever makes him happy and I have a feeling that he’d eventually like to have partner to love and to love him just as much.

      • That post was wonderful, and I read it on a really strange day. I agree with wanting him to be happy. I think I’ve mentiond before, in a comment of Phylly’s blog, that I have a bit of a different understanding of love and relationships. Some of us really can’t see ourselves going the traditional route of boy and girl meet, date, marry and live happily ever after. I’ve tried, but it just didn’t make me happy. That doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty of love around me. I have an extremely happy private life, have never felt lonely etc. It helps that most people around me are also single, and we’ve created a loving family unit that can rival the best marriage. It’s not the question of: you’ll meet someone. I have. It doesn’t work for me. I sometimes wonder if RA doesn’t feel the same way. It’s not that he hasn’t met the right person to have a relationship with. Maybe he just can’t see himself with anyone right now.

        • Oh, you are so right. We all have different needs, that’s for sure.

          Take yours truly for instance…..I’m 65 and so it was expected of me to conform to society’s pressure to marry and have children. I went through my teens and very early 20s saying to myself ” I don’t really feel the urge or the need to get married and have children” but I wasn’t brave enough to ever say it out loud. I married at 23, had a son and then a daughter, stayed in a bad marriage for 12 1/2 years because I thought I had to (society’s expectations again). I left my ex in 1982 and have remained single ever since. I really don’t feel as though I have to conform to society’s wishes any longer. Moral of the story – don’t let ’em push you around, kiddo – it doesn’t make you happy to do what’s expected of you, believe me!

          I don’t feel any need to have a man underfoot – I say “I don’t need a man” and it’s the absolute truth. I usually go on to say “But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like one around occasionally”!!! he he. You see, I agree with Cher – she said once years ago that she thinks that men are a luxury, not a need!

          A want, a wish or a desire to have someone special in your life is a whole different kettle of fish. And it doesn’t mean that you have to devote your entire life and being to just one individual!

          Sermon over. I’m sorry I got a little carried away!

          • You hit the nail on the head. I sometimes feel, and maybe it’s horrid of me, that people in mediocre relationships feel unnerved that someone can be single and happy. Believe me, I’d be the first to say I wasn’t! I’m quite honest about my philosophy of love and relationships. More often that not I get a response to the tune of: You’ll see, you’ll meet the right guy and you’ll change your mind. Even if I do, or even if I have in the past, it won’t change how I feel inside.

  4. Awow. I totally loved this conversation! Isn’t it funny how we conform to society’s norms? I didn’t marry until I was 35 & while I don’t think I have ever felt a need to have kids, I am still struggling with my (almost certain) decision to not have kids.

    I discovered RA this spring & i think I waited a couple months before i checked into the ‘availability’. Lol. ;). That is a long time considering I still tend to look at ring fingers when I meet men……and I am married!

    I think I need to invest in the region/zone free dvd player as eveyrthing of his I have seen on netflix or YT at this point!

    Again thanks for today’s interesting read!

    • Thanks Kristi! It always amazes me that we come from almost all corners of the world (I have yet to get a reader from China LOL), but we all follow very similar patterns. The concept of being in relationships, being single, and having children comes up every now and again, and I’ve actually cried after reading some posts written by my fellow RA ladies. It just shows that although it was Richard that brought us together, there’s something much deeper and more significant that holds us here.
      Re DVD’s, I’ve learned that the cheaper the model, the better they read all sorts of files. I have to admit the first time I watched Sparkhouse was in an IPad on YT. These were 10 minute clips. I enjoyed it, but when I re-watched it the other day, on my telly, I absoutely loved it. I need to post the socks off this mini-series. It just proved 2 things: 1. If you’re an RA fan, you need to watch something he’s in at least twice. The first time, you’re just busy waiting for him to pop up. 2. The second time you watch, you can actually see his character woven in the tapestry of the action, as a part of the story, and intergrating with the other characters.
      So happy you popped by Kristi, I hope to see you back 😉

  5. I wish he were married with kids like Martin Freeman because that would make the whole whirlwind that is to come a lot easier. With MF everyone will easily accept the status quote until something happens, but RA will have to justify himself for being single (if he comments on his private life at all) and become the object of various speculations.

    • Not quite sure why Richard (or anyone else for that matter) would need to justify being single. Please explain.

      Just because someone’s married or in a live-in relationship doesn’t always mean that his/her partner is supportive emotionally or at all.

  6. Hello everyone!!

    I noticed there hasn’t been any post since last June (sorry for my poor English. It’s not my first language). I just wanted to share I’ve been recently stricken by RA. I “discovered” him last week through North and South. I had watched The Hobbit a couple of days before that, but of course I had no idea who RA was. Of course, after N&S I googled him and have been doing so ever since. He’s my new obsession!!! That’s why I found this blog 🙂 I’d love to watch whatever I could find where he’s been on. I’ve watched N&S on Netflix-USA. I think they also have Robin Hood available. Any sites suggestions to watch his work online? I know there are some short clips on YouTube, but I wonder if I could find whole episodes. Thank you for any suggestions/recommendations. I wish I could just get him out of my mind. I completely understand you girls. There’s magnetic force in that man!!!

    • Hello, welcome MM! I know what it’s like when N&S changes your world.
      As to finding RA related clips, it all depends where you are. I’ve watched a few episodes of Strike Back and Robin Hood online by simply googling the phrase: watch [name of series] online, but to be honest I just ended up putting Armitage DVD’s on present wishlists and building up my collection that way. There’s just something about watching Richard in high quality that feels Oh so right 😉
      You are very welcome in the Armitage Army, I hope to see you around. Please don’t worry about English not being you mother tongue, you will find that that’s the case with many Armitage Admirers. You’ll find that Richardetts are very friendly!

      • Thank you so much for your reply, AgzyM!!! I’ve been able to watch Robin Hood and MI-5 on Netflix 🙂 Today I found out they now have The Vicar of Dibley-Christmas Specials available. So I look forward to watching it. It feels really nice to know there’s people out there who share your same “obsessions”(?) I definitely think that any Psychology faculty could start a good research on the Armitage effect, hahaha, don’t you think? He was so powerful in N&S, it was like his eyes could pierce you. He just drove me crazy. I thought this was something that happened to teenage girls… it just seems like a regression to my teens. HAPPY NEW YEAR, ARMITAGE GIRLS!!!!!

        • I’m so happy you’re making your way through his work. You are in for a treat! I also enjoyed Richard’s performance as John Mulligan (yet another one..) in Moving ON: Waving not Drowning. It’s one of those parts where he gets to play a very intense and ambiguous part. And he looks Hooooot! All is forgiven when he bats those beautiful eyes 😉
          I also really liked ShakespeaRe-told: Macbeth, but I have to be honest that it’s James McAvoy who stals the show and Richard plays a supporting role of Peter Macduff. Still some RA eye candy, but I couldn’t take my attention from McAvoy as he plays an incredibly role.
          Anyway, enjoy swimming in the warm pool of RA delight and keep me posted as to what gets your thumbs up 🙂

  7. I just have to tell you that it drives me mad that RA hasn’t a girlfriend. I look that up like almost everyday. I so hope he gets a girlfriend because I’m close to insane right now.

    Its also cool that he has so many grazy fans of different ages. First I was embarrased over getting so obsessed over him because I thought I’m too old for that, I’m 26 bytheway. But I quess its just not teenagers that feel like that.

    • No need to feel weird about your RA madness, it hits smart women between the ages of 18 to 70+. With regards to RA and a girlfriend, I don’t think there’s even really been one in public, even the woman who appeared by his side seemed more like an old friend. One can interpret that in many ways and maybe for out fantasy life a single Armitage is much better LOL!

    • uhmmm, It doesn’t bother me at all 🙂 He can feed our fantasies better…

      • That’s what I always say. for his own good it’d be great. For my thoughts- not so much. It takes effort to blank out the girlfriend. Believe me, I have to do it all the time with Aidan Turner 😉


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