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There’s no easy way to say this. I’m a Cheater!

Dear WordPress,

I have to make a confession.

I have been a bad BAD girl!

I haven’t been totally honest with you and that’s the foundation of any relationship.

There’s no easy way to say this, best just say it honestly.

There’s someone else!

All the times that I didn’t spend time with you?

I wasn’t busy with work, or college, or with…. well… having a life.

I was with HIM.

He makes me feel young and full of life.

He’s made me giggle, laugh out loud, jump for joy.

He’s brough out my creativity and I feel like I want to explore different ways of expressing myself.

I stay up late just spending as much time as I can with him.

I feel a rush of pleasure when he has something new for me and I blush when he approves of my actions.

He’s artsy, bold, creative and very funny!

People turn their nose at him, saying he lacks the airs and graces.

But they don’t know him like I do.

He’s kind, sweet and supportive.

He may be a bit too frank and direct for some, but what he possesses is an honest heart and child-like enthusiasm.

He speaks his mind and holds nothing back!

He let’s  me show a more a more daring side of my character, and he doesn’t mind if I swear (which, as you know, I do a lot in RL).

I hope this doesn’t mean we’re through.

I am willing to try having an open relationship and fitting both of you into my life.

You both fulfill different needs, and I wouldn’t want to let go of either one of you.

I hope you understand and are willing to make things work.

With love,

A new Tumblr Addict, IWantToBeAPinUpToo

Here are some things from my new life that I’ve been holding back, worried you wouldn’t approve:

Cross-species love for Armitage 😉


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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. roflol!!!! The last one is a scream! I about lost my coffee.

  2. You are forgiven!!! LOL…

  3. I found your Tumblr several days ago and LOVE it! You aren’t the only one who cheats on WordPress, I too have a Tumblr. It is so different from this blog format and pretty much anything goes, which is very liberating. Have fun, that is the main thing! 😉

    • Yay! I’ll see you there! It’s so far removed from anything remotely real, I’m just enjoying the silly enthusiasm that goes along with it. Dear lawd, I actually laugh at gifs of cats in silly costumes or falling off things 😉

  4. I have a tumblr, too, but I haven’t used it much. (The reasons for that are too complicated to explain, but one is that I’m actually tired of appearing to be one thing and having this whole separate life elsewhere). However, I have to comment on that last one because, I too, giggled myself to death. I saw the actual ad a few times this spring while driving home. It’s an ad for chick-fil-A , a fast food chicken sandwich chain — and the cows are protesting the fact that they are being supplanted by chickens. Putting RA in there is hilarious, it’s up there with the Käsegeheimnis thing you did a few weeks ago.

    • See, that’s a cultural aspect that can’t be read by someone in Europe. I can’t stand talking chickens advertising chicken stock cube, and singing pigs for a ham ad. What are these ad sepcialists thinking? I shall remain ignorant and think it’s cows expressing their love. Sometimes life is much easier that way 🙂

  5. Well now I’m following you on Tumblr too! I don’t do much there but I have an account. Not enough time to play there much. 😀 Very fun graphics!

    • I just love that it turns out there are so many of us over there. I know of a few people from blogs who pop over to Tumblr, but it seems I’ve uncovered the secret hand shake 🙂 No I feel part of some exclusive RA society- tof those who frequent blogs during the day, then get down and dirty at night on tumblr 😉 LOL!

  6. RATumblr has become a new addiction for me and I love yours !!!

    • Thanks Nadia!!! It’s become a bit of an addiction for me too! I had no idea so many people from the ‘blog world’ are out there too. It’s really important, I think, that no matter the medium, we are after all, part of one RA community!

  7. 😀 ….byłam tam IWantToBeAPinUp!…ale miałam radochę…Dzięki!:)

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