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The gentler side of RA love


I’ve been quite hard on Richard Armitage in my previous posts, so I decided to balance it out with some cuteness.

What makes us more relaxed and happy than a set of cute puppies, kittens and Richard!

 Have a super cute day! 🙂

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  1. This is really lovely!!! Wish you a perfect day!!!

  2. He’s definitely a masterpiece of Western art!

    • I don’t know Mrs Armitage, but every now and again she must look at her son and think: Now, that’s something I’ve excelled at 🙂 The woman should give herself a huge pat on the back!

      • I wonder what she thinks sometimes, too — but in total ignorance of all of the data, I imagine / hope / fantasize that she also thinks that when she sees her other son. 🙂

        • I can only imagine, based on how my Dad feels when I or my sis accomplish the tiniest things, she must be really proud of the pair of them. Probably less so with regards to her son playing the part of Paul in BTS 😉 Even she would shake her head at those socks in bed! Which woman wouldn’t!

          • Lol. What this points out to me is that we read the question in light of being children in our own parental relationships. I suppose if I were a mother I’d see it yet again differently.

          • More so, we see events in a different light with age and experience. Who knows, maybe when I’m 80 I’ll look at those Paul socks and think what a sensible young man he is. British houses can be quite cold and drafty. If the rest of him needs to be nude, at least his feet are warm and snug 😉

          • I thought it was an index of haste. He wanted to be in bed with her so badly he forgot to take off his socks.

          • Shame she wasn’t in such a haste that she kept her tights / pantyhose on! That would make things a tad more difficult and would teach him a valuable lesson 😉

          • LOL 🙂

          • Perhaps Paul wanted “traction” and the socks helped? Giggles!

          • LOL Gratiana! Would it make it more difficult? Isn’t there a reason you do yoga barefoot? 🙂

          • If I remember correctly he only had 1 sock on in that scene and nothing on his other foot. 🙂 Gotta have another look though to be sure! 🙂 Great pictures, IWantToBeAPinUp! Loved them all!

          • Too funny Judit! That one sock may well be even more disturbing 😉 I’ll have to go back to BTS and observe *sigh*

  3. I will treasure the second image, two of my favorite things: cats and glasses … Another reason why I should do it? 😉

    • That’s so sweet Vec! I actually stuck RA with my 2 pups in a picture for my FanstRA post about dogs and RA characters 🙂 It’s been one of those days when I really needed something calm and beaustiful to look at, to calm the nerves!

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