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The Armitage Runner’s Bum

Truly a post I can sink my teeth into 🙂

I have written about the Armitage Runner’s Body in a previous post, although the lack of any concrete information on the topic makes me think it was more of an excuse to rant about the man’s exterior.

Now I’ve left the best for last.

Strong thighs and good abdominal muscles are essential if you want to run a little better than an enthusiastic 5-year-old.

There’s no doubt RA has a shapely gluteus maximus– the largest and most superficial among the three gluteal muscles.

It is the primary contributor to the shape of the buttocks, and gives him a bum you could bounce coins off.

The primary purpose of this muscle is to maintain the erect position — of the trunk of the body (get your mind out of the gutter, please…).

Perhaps Richard has, at one time or another, experience a real ‘pain in the butt’ (and I’m not talking about the crazy fangirls…).

Muscle strains may occur in a variety of muscles causing butt pain in hamstrings, gluteal muscles, adductors (muscles bringing legs together), abductors (muscles bringing legs apart), or hip rotators, etc. as the good Doctor McLaughlin states.

Let’s hope Richard has a good masseur who can massage the pains away 😉


Changes suggested by Kathrynruthd  🙂

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  1. OMG!!! Almost choked on my breakfast….Lol
    In the future I’ll have my breakfast before checking your blog!! 😀

  2. I do love the man’s Callipygian curves. That is one beautiful bum, divine derriere, pleasing posterior, awesome arse . . . *thud*

  3. Slightly disappointed there’s no pic of his bum minus his clothes…I know there’s a lovely gif of Lucas pulling on the boiler suit, shortly after your screen cap above, floating around Tumblr…aha!

  4. Totally agree! A perfectly gorgeous man bum.

  5. Nominated for the post more enjoyable. a great way to start the day!!!!
    thank you 😉

  6. Better than anything in Spartacus……….. a most desirable rear!

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