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On Seeing Armitage in Dreams

Continuing the theme of seeing Armitage in the least likely places, I wanted to have a look at how RA may invade our dreams.

Many fans / admirers / RArmy have shared their experiences of dreaming about Sexy Armitage.

These may include the waking dream fantasies.

 Some bloggers dare to share their most intimate thoughts with the rest of us, much to my admiration for their courage.

It takes a lot to find the strength to uncover your deepest thoughts, unless you are a raving exhibitionist.

I will ALWAYS support those who wish to find the freedom of expression in their blogs.

Many Armitage dreams are ones that the mind forms during sleep.

Some are, no doubt, so hot and elaborate, they could only be confest anonymously.

I must admit I quite envy those who are have experienced dreams connected to either RA or one of his characters.

I have only ever dreamt in RA terms once, which leads me to conclude that I have an either lazy subconscious, or one lacking imagination and passion 😉

My dream must have been spurred on by the image of Grizzly Gizzy, in front of the fireplace, trying on his suit of armour.

I don’t think I need to go into detail as to why this image in particular seemed to have reflected onto me, but what is interesting is that at that time I hadn’t even seen Robin Hood.

This leads me to think that I must have overloaded on various RA related blogs.

The dream saw me standing in a room across from Guy, who is shirtless, in front of the fire.

I felt like I was peeking at him with fascination, and ducked so he wouldn’t see me.

Of course he did, and gave me the famous Gizzy smirk, knowing full well how handsome he looked, and how ashamed I would feel looking at him in the state of disrobement.

What about your RA dreams?

Care to share?

Which character invaded your dreams?

Was it perhaps the actor himself?

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  1. Time for more confessions??? Lol…
    Actually, I dreamed about RA twice… I’m sorry to confess they were really ‘disappoiting’. The first one I don’t remember, but it was something ordinary. The second one, we’re sort of friends, chating in a living room… 😉
    I hope someone has a more exciting dream to confess here!!!

    • Could be a lot worse, Luciana 😉 Was it your living room or his? Was he in character, or did you just chat with RA? I think the dream underlines how friendly he seems to us, and I think there’s no doubt that he would be lovely and easy to talk to.

      • Oh, I dreamed about RA himself and I have no idea whose living room was that one…lol

        • Well, someone lucky enough to have RA just sitting about on their sofa 😉 I wonder what a Thorin dream would entail. I would imagine it being quite scary. Then again, based on what I’ve read on RichardArmitage Confession, some women like to imagine getting hot and heavy with the dwarf. I’m not passing judgement just yet, will have to see the film and decide if a dwarf can actually make me tingle 😉

          • Indeed… Now… Thorin’s appearance is not very appealing to me, but lets wait for December… 😉

          • He seems very angry in all the scenes we’ve seen from PJ’s vlogs. I’m not one for a violent man, but I sure do like a man with passion. Knowing RA, he’ll provide us with bucket loads of that. The jury is still out till December!

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