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The Armitageopolis Currency

I’ve been studying for my American Cities 1910-present course exam at Uni, and my mind is occupied with the socio-economic aspects of the urban areas, hence the theme 🙂

When travelling to Armitageopolis, don’t forget to exchange your money.

The currency is perhaps the Armitage Buck (RAB)?

Perhaps I’ve got the name wrong.

What should be the official currency of Armitageopolis? 

What’s the exchange rate?

Let’s hear your suggestions!


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  1. Armitageopolis sounds good to me! I’d like to submit this as the official $1 bill: 😉

    • OMG! I’m in the countryside and the internet connection is crapaloo, so it took a while to download but IT WAS WORTH IT!!! I’ll take $1oo LucasArse Dollars please! What can one buy with an Arse dollar is what I’d like to know! More Armitage arse? LOL! That just made my day!

  2. lovemrthornton

    If the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar is $1.50 per 1 British pound (sorry, I don’t have the pound sign on my keyboard) …. Then I’d propose something warm and happy for our Armitageopolis currency.

    The RCA (RichardCrispinArmitageopolis) should be the equivalent value of one John Thornton train kiss per $1 U.S. Dollar.

    We should have a lot of kissing in our city, particularly if we have a requirement for all male residents to look and sound like Richard Armitage.

    Thank you, that is all.

    • I like the idea of kissing as a currency, as I’ve just rewatched N&S and the kissing there is hmmmm! Let’s just say- Good job Mr. Thornton! Margaret was powerless. He should’ve kissed her when he first proposed. She wouldn’t have dared refuse!

  3. In Armitagepolis I would never have economical problems as I would not want to spend my Armitage Bucks…lol

  4. I would be a rich beyond my dreams, I couldn’t part with any of my Armitageopolis money!

    • Sometimes, when we go crazy at the new smallest picture of Ra and get really excited, I think that we really are rich. Everyone is so blaze about the world nowadays and no one dares to show any sort of positive feelings. We’re lucky to have something to be so enthusiastic aboout! I mean, we have ArseDollars!


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