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Richard Armitage WANTED… and found (a bit)!!!


Richard Armitage, where are you?

It’s been too long!

We’ve been patient and (mostly) loyal.

Must we wait till July for you to grace us with your presence?


It seems all I had to do it threaten to send an army of slightly crazed women to search for RA, because while I was sleeping, a new Peter Jackson / The Hobbit vlog appeared 😉

Get your screen caps at RichardArmitageNet!

Thanks so much for the speedy hard work you put in!

And HERE you will find the Vlog with a studio tour from Peter, Mr. Jackcson if you’re nasty!

Sometimes a little threat here and there gets the job done!

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  1. Yes, good question… where is this guy???
    By the way, I’ve been missing a lot visiting your blog… nice to be here today!!!

    • At least we know where he’s been with the next PJ Vlog! Must the man ALWAYS leave me wanting more???
      Luciana, you are very welcome here any time 😉

      • Well,thank you. I’ve been traveling for 25 days, but I’m going back home today and than I’ll have access to internet and, of course, I’ll be able to visit you blog more often.

        • It’s wonderful to have you back! I hope to hear about the highlights of your trip! I bet you had an ace time 🙂

          • It’s wonderful to be back. My trip was fantastic. It’s difficult to decide which city I liked the most!! I’m in heaven!!!

          • Keep that feeling as close to ypur heart as possible! The time when you’re still emotionally attached to your voyage and at the same time relieved and happy to be home, is the most wonderful feeling ever!

  2. Lol Mr Jackson if you’re nasty. Loved that.


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