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Slipping into the bedroom like Lucas

I was planning to write a tongue-in-cheek post about how Lucas and Adam visited a sleeping couples bedroom in the first episode of season 7 of Spooks.

The truth is a similar thing happened to me a few years back, and I dare say it was nothing like on TV.

Of course, I’m no terrorist, and I would imagine the thief that visited us that night was nothing like Lucas, or Adam for that matter.

We were staying in a flat in Cannes, in the South of France.

It was very hot, and we decided to keep the windows open for the night.

The realisation that someone had been walking around while you were sleeping is terrible.

At first I was angry I hadn’t woken up. Now I can’t imagine how traumatic that would have been.

The stages you go through once the realization of what happened are quite interesting.

The first is embarrassment – was I snoring or farting.

Then you go through shame – it was hot, did my nighty ride up,? Was my bum was in full moon mode?

Then you go ‘ninja style’ – if only I had woken up, I would have beat the crap out of the thug and taught him a lesson.

Then it hits you that you wouldn’t have done a thing if you were faced with the individual, and you start feeling vulnerable.

Then, every time you watch Spooks season 7 episode 1 you re-live the nasty  experience.

By the way, our gentleman caller had less sense than Lucas, and did not wear gloves.

Alas, the fingerprints he left after touching the wall and then pressing it to the window did not interest the French law enforcement.

Viva the French Police!

Instead of copying the data on our phones, our French thief just took off with ours, as well as with the passport, wallets, cameras, jewellery, duty-free goods.

He was kind enough to leave behind the rent-a-car keys, and he did end up dumping our documents under a palm tree a few kilometers down the road.

 I hope that one day he’ll climb through the widow of a John Porter- type, who does wake up, and does teach him a little lesson 😉

Not All’s fair in Love, Lucas

Call me cynical, but I believe that there are two vital rules connected to love nowadays.

I wanted to explore how Lucas North fairs.

How very dare you even suggest that I may be a tad obsessed with the MI5 operative!

Ok, yes, I’m nuts about him…

The first rule is to never EVER let yourself be filmed or photographed in an intimate situation.

I don’t care how wonderful  your SO is, how important, romantic, trustworthy this person may be, the chances are that the tape will last longer than the relationship.

 Lucas was dating the American CIA (short for: Can Aggravate All) blonde Ice Queen, with no sense of decency.

She’d do just about anything to get her way, and bugging his flat was no big thing.

I bet the woman was nuts and paranoid enough to record all of her bed buddies.

All for the good of the US of A.

My second rule of love is to never EVER get a tattoo or your lovers name or face. EVER!

I guarantee the ink will last longer than your relationship… or both of your lives.

It’s true that Lucas’ tattoos served a different purpose altogether.

They were about survival, fitting in with the rough crowd, partaking in the daily activities of the harsh prison life.

Lucas never got a tattoo to ‘celebrate’ his relationship with Sarah, if that’s her real name.

I think she looks like a Cruella Debitch.

What tattoo would he get of her anyway?

Her image on his skin would just give him frostbite.

Maybe a praying mantise would be more appropriate?

I wouldn’t think having a tattoo was beneficial for a spy.

Wouldn’t that make you more memorable?

Then again, those tight Lucas jeans etched themselves on the mind of every female who cast her eyes on them, so I don’t think staying low-key was high on Lucas’ list.

I wonder if anyone has got a Lucas tattoo?

Maybe a  Richard Armitage tattoo?

The thought is a bit frightening.

How would you feel if Lucas North got your name tattooed on his bottom?

He did, you know.

Here is the proof!

This whole posts reminds me of a fan who got a David Brent from ‘The Office” tattoo.

By the way, if you haven’t seen The British Office, you must do so, immediately!

That is some scary stuff…

Sometimes it’s hard Being Human

Don’t you just love it when you come across something new and exciting thanks to being a RA admirer.

Sometimes it’s by accident –  like the discovery of the poet Simon Armitage.

This time, I decided to scope out the other Hobbit actors.

My first, and most obvious choice, was Aidan Turner.

He’s playing Kili, a dwarf from the House of Durin, and  Thorin Oakenshield’s nephew.

Let’s just  say, I didn’t really go for Mr Turner by accident.

He’s what you would describe as ‘easy on the eyes’, and if I’m honest, he’s right up my alley 🙂

(if you need a reminder of the last non RA hottie featured here, it was Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones…)

Yup, I definitely have a type… I don’t date it, though…

But, back to the wonderful Aidan Turner.


I decided to check out Being Human.

It’s a story of a vampire (Turner), a werewolf (a wonderful part for  Russell Tovey) and a ghost, all living in one house in Bristol, and trying to live in the most ‘human’ manner they can.

Please note that I have seen the UK version. I know there’s a US one from 2011.

 I have just finished season 1 and wild horses could keep me away from season 2.

All I know is that the cast changes after season 3, when Aidan leaves the show (perhaps to go on a quest to NZ).

Mr Turner plays a simply delicious vampire, who is trying to suppress his urges and do no harm to humans.

No small feat when you are sporting a sexy pair of fangs, and feeding on human blood (for which there is no substitute) is linked to sexual pleasure.

I’ll give this to Aidan Turner, he has the sexiest, most sincere smile I’ve seen on a man in a while.

He may not be everybody’s cup of tea (my sister says he’s a bit like an Italian gigolo), but that sexy accent proves he’s all Irish.

Have I mentioned I had a thing for men with an Irish accent?

Gothic Sparkhouse

I’ve been feeling deflated these past few days, and I’m struggling to be my bouncy self.

I know it’s only temporary, but I can’t rest until all my exam results are in, this school year is put to rest, and my thoughts can continue in their usual chirpy manner.

Last weekend I re-watched Sparkhouse.

The last time I had seen  it was on YT on an IPad, with each episode sliced into 10 minute parts.

I liked it, but I can now confirm that as much as watching something in this way can provide a quick fix, I could appreciate the mini-series so much more on a TV screen.

I had missed so many elements the first time around.

I remember thinking: Poor John!

This time around I was thinking: Poor poor Carol!

In keeping with the gothic convention, this story has all the element we would come to expect of (it is loosely based on Wuthering Heights, after all).

We have the rural area, the crumbling house, long past its glory.

The distance from other dwellings helps to hide the depravities that take place there.

There is a feeling of doom and gloom.

The characters are dissolutioned, with no prospects for the future, and a depressing feeling of never being able to move on somewhere better. They feel trapped in the reality that surrounds them but, for one reason or another, feel compelled to exist in a tortuous environment.

With the feeling of seclusion comes depravity. The social norms and taboos don’t influence the lives of the inhabitants of Sparkhouse. Carol was clearly let down by the authorities who were meant to protect her.

The fall of the authority is an important theme.

We can clearly see the weakness of paternalism. Those in a father-figure position are either too weak to protect their family, or are the cause of suffering. The parent becomes the child. Adolescents are face with grown-up problems, and are forced to take on the role of protector of other children.

I used to think: Poor John! because I focused on the Armitage character.

 I felt like life would be wonderful for him if only Carol loved him back. I felt like she was using him and didn’t care about his feelings.


Carol is the clear victim here.

She is a product of a horrible upbringing, one that made her constantly fight to survive.

Every single man in her life had let her down.


Yes, even John, in some ways.

She was always honest with him, which is something I overlooked the first time around.

She made a promise to be faithful to him, and she did.

She vowed they would be ‘proper’ man and wife. I can’t even imagine what sex must be like for a victim of child abuse, rape.

Even if it distraught her, she still upheld her part of the agreement and slept with John.

It’s true that if you look at other male characters in Sparkhouse, it’s hardly fair to call John a  wrong-doer.

He has a kind heart.

It’s his loneliness that makes him weak. It makes him vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

His affection for Carol, and the desire to be with her clouds his judgment.

I have no doubt that he wants to look after Carol, but I think he would always prove too weak for her. Perhaps, because all Carol has ever experienced in life is pain and disappointment, she could never fully surrender to John. He, in turn, would always be too weak to have a positive effect on her.

 I doubt he’d have the strength to exorcise the memories of the past.

Then again, maybe John looking after Carol, loving her unconditionally is what would finally break the horrible cycle of violence and abuse in Sparkhouse.

I love Sparkhouse.

I have a feeling that when I go back to it one day, I’ll discover many other details that I have overlooked.

If you haven’t seen it, I urge you to do so!

All images: RACentral

Richard, The Bearded Boy Wonder

I don’t usually post on very current RA news.

I think I’m too busy hopping to other blogs to see their reactions and thoughts.

I also like to schedule posts, just in case life and other cataclysms pop up, so by the time I go over a new topic, it’s not that new anymore.

The latest proof that Richard Armitage is actually out there somewhere coincided with a post I had been planning to write anyway, so what better incentive than these pictures:

The quality isn’t the best.

 I cropped the images to protect the lovely person who was kind enough to post them.

 If you’d like to learn more, you can find all the info on RANet.

There’s no two ways about it!

The beard seems to be here to stay!

It makes me wonder, though, if they attach a fake beard, wouldn’t it be better to have a clean-shaven face, so the glue sticks better?

I have to admit, I have yet to experience a faux beard situation, so I just don’t know.

Maybe it’s a weave 😉

So, every time he has to go in the water, he says: You better not mess up my weave and get it wet!

Just days before these pictures emerged, the topic of RA’s baby face had been making the rounds.

I can’t lie, I was hoping to see the back of it (do not confuse this with me wishing he’d have a hairy back…).


My comment to this confession from RAConfessions was:

I’m glad we’ve had the chance to see him in his bearded glory, it cuts down all the ‘I wonder what he’d look like with a beard’ chit-chat. We’ve seen him. Now it needs to go!

It’s not that it hasn’t been fun!

Check out these images from RichardArmitagesBeard (no joke!).

We’ve had different versions the beard / stubble:

My favorite look? Lucas stubble.

That’s the look I hope to see at ComicCon 😉

I hope you have a wonderful morning!

Here’s a nice cup of Bearded RA to start you off right 🙂

Getting your Armitage kicks, day after day…


Like any relationship, fangirling requires a new boost of energy every now and again.

You know, when all the pictures have been looked at and gushed over.

When you’ve given most RA related videos on YT the thumbs up.

When you’ve watched  and re-watched all the DVD’s and clips.

There comes a moment when a little boost is required.

I found that the Tumblr community has provided that for me.

It’s a little like running like a 6-year old, in the rain, with no shoes, screaming at the top of your lungs.

New images and Vlogs are great at creating a buzz, but I usually don’t automatically craze over them. I need some time to let everyone else go over them, post about them, analyze them.

I liked the new N&S pics that have been unearthed and I adore finding ones I’ve never seen before.

They may not be new, but they are to me 🙂

Let me hear from you!

What provides your kick of new admiration energy?

What keeps your RA luv fresh?

You can pick multiple answers, poll closes in 7 days 🙂

Hats off to Philip Treacy

In an effort to balance out my Armitage craze, I’m determined to give other topics a fighting chance 🙂

This post was inspired by an image I had come across:

It shows images from the Royal Wedding last year.

It’s a bit mean and I don’t think the Princesses looked that bad.

What it did remind me of is how much I love and admire Philip Treacy – the most famous hat designer of our time.

They truly are works of art and makes me regret that wearing hats is not that popular.

They are described as Surreal and sculptural.




Lucas North at the local Chippy

Continuing on the theme of Skinny Minnie Lucas in the first episode of Spooks season 7, I want to focus on the first request he had when he was safely back on British soil.

If you remember, the disheveled, gaunt Lucas, with his ‘been sitting in the car boot for hours’ hair requested one thing:

Fish & Chips

It may seem like an odd request for some, but I guess if he was American, he would have asked for a burger and fries.

During my last few visits to London, I have mourned the disappearance of local Chippies.

You won’t get good fish & chips in Kebab shops. If the batter is made of breadcrumbs, it’s not real fish and chips!

The closest you’ll get to authenticity is perhaps a pub, but for locals, not tourists.

Your best bet would be to venture out of the main centre of London, and go to a residential area, and not a posh one!

There’s a better chance of scoring this dish is the estates (low-income neighborhoods).

When I was a child, we’d sometimes have fish & chips from our local chippy, wrapped in white  paper.

The outer layers would be newspapers, to keep the heat.

The bonus is that all the grease would be soaked up by the paper.

Nowadays, they pack it in those horrible white plastic containers, that are so bad for the environment that even Mc D’s have stopped using them.

I can’t tell you what a delicacy fish & chips were for me as a child!

The chips must be cut into thick chunks, with a crispy shell, and soft inside.

I like mine with plenty of vinegar poured on the chips. The only problem is that the vinegar would soak into the paper, and you’d have to top it up to get that strong taste.

The fish batter must be beyond crunchy. With its golden brown shell, it should house a firm cod filet.

Depending on your preference, you can add mushy peas.

They don’t look that appetizing, but the taste is amazing!

There’s a British Fish & Chips restaurant in the centre of my city, but I dare not try it!

On the one hand, I’m afraid it’ll be nothing like the authentic British.

What I fear more is that I’ll actually love it and become hooked.

No matter what Nigella Lawson says, deep-fried food – not that healthy!

Let Proust have his madeleins. For me and Lucas, fish & chips is what takes us back to happier times 🙂

Skinny Minny Lucas

I really shouldn’t be celebrating the start of my summer just yet.

I still have one exam to go: Change and Continuity in the US (by the time this post is out, it’ll be over). I had a dream I got a D+ from it. Because I’m what you may call a mature student, I put plenty of pressure on myself to get straight A, even a few A+. The reason behind this is: what’s the point of studying as an adult if you’re going to do a crapaloo job of it?

I don’t need another degree for work, getting an MA will not benefit me in any way, apart from learning more, expanding my horizons, feeling that I’m moving forward all the time.

Anyway, as I’m still in the countryside, I like to light the fireplace in indulge in my collection of DVD’s.

I’ve re-watched N&S, but I’m leaving thought and comments on that for the first week of July, when I’ll be celebrating my 1st RA anniversary. I have a few ideas for posts, and can only hope that the internet access here will allow me to do everything I have planned.

Next, I decided to pop in Spooks season 7.

Let me tell you – Richard Armitage is beyond skinny in this. Just beyond!

He looks so gaunt, I’m surprised they didn’t have a doctor on set in case he fainted.

When I watched the first episodes of season 7, I’m sure the thought had crossed my mind, but I was too busy Oohing and Ahhing that it’s Armitage, to probably register just how stick thing he really was.

RA actually reached a point where you believe, you just know that Lucas spent 8 years in a Russian prison.

Without a layer of fat on his face, the skin stretches on his nose and cheekbones.

I found it painful to watch.

He looks not only malnourished, but also dehydrated.

It was like all the elasticity of his skin had disappeared and his muscles are more accentuated.

Even the buttons on my favorite Lucas shirts (which RA seemed to wear in interviews too), weren’t popping like we adore them too!

On the subject of the Lucas in the bathroom scene, there have been voices raised that it’s a bit disgusting that he:

First wipes one armpit with the towel

Then the other…

And then he pats down his face…

Rest easy, Lucas North loving lasses!

I have taken it upon myself to pay close attention to the whole sequence, and can confirm that Lucas adjusts his towel, so that he uses a fresh, dry section of it to pat down his face.

But even if he did just: wipe pit, wipe pit and then go for the face, I think he can be forgiven seeing he spent so many years in horrible conditions.

We could write it down to enthusiasm at actually seeing soap, a fresh towel, and… well… probably running water and a loo!

Summer Pin Up Girls by Elvgren

The posts have been heavy on Richard Armitage lately.

What can I say? The heart wants…

Time to balance out my posts with a different type of pretty!

 I’m away for a longish weekend, in an attempt to spend this scorching weather in the countryside.

I have one more exam on Saturday, then that’s it for this semester.

In the meantime, here are some beautiful images of Elvgren Pin Up Girls.

All images: The Love of Vintage
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