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Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

MoonWalk Experiment.

The Porter Brick Wall



I’m still on a bit of a John Porter high and I’ve been thinking of all the obstacles he’s had to overcome… only to be shot in the head!

How rude!

Here are a few:

His wife and the hormonal teenage daughter

No sane woman would reject Porter, especially when he’s travelling halfway around the world on missions. He was out there risking his life to earn money for that ungrateful family.

The beating, whipping, punching

As good as Porter looks bloody and sweaty, there should be a law against damaging that beautiful face.

The constant betrayal

With the amount of backstabbing, it’s a wonder Porter even got out of bed.

The sympathy shag

I can understand that for men sex is sex, no matter the motive. But you can’t feel too good about yourself when you find out a woman slept with you because she was ordered to do so.

The curse of the dodgy wig

This is too painful to even write about…

Porter deserved a happy ending!

I shall always remember him like this…

and this…

and perhaps a little bit like this…


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