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Mueck and Photo-Realist Sensation

This post is one in a series, and is connected to the art exhibition Sensations.

You can read more about it HERE.

Some may find the content disturbing and the themes mentioned may be upsetting.

In other words, you need to make up your own mind whether it’s something you would like to engage in!

Ron Mueck is a photo-realist artist.

We value artists for their interpretation of  reality and for their unusual way of portraying it.

Mueck does the opposite.

It’s his unnerving accurate depiction of humans that makes his works so fascinating.

On entering one of the rooms you find a naked man lying on the floor.

When you move closer you realise the man is dead.

On the one hand the eerily lifelike sculpture draws you in and you find yourself analyzing the detail.

This is accompanied with the feeling of shame.

After all, the body is nude and, by being an observer, you are committing a grave offence and breaking the taboo of nudity and death.

The image depicts the artists dead father.

The concept is disturbing and unsettling.

A strange form of relief follows in the next room.

Here, the deceased father is portrayed as an angel, albeit a bit bored.

This sculpture offers a form of catharsis.


Other Mueck pieces are also fascinating.

They aim to capture important moments in our life, both the beautiful and the painful.

They say a lot about our fears and anxieties.

Here are a few of my favorites:



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  1. Wow. These are…WOW. Love them.

  2. I saw a few of these at a Mueck exhibition. Apart from just how very real the sculptures appear, and the amazing details, it’s fascinating how each of them just brings out some different feeling in you – I guess because it’s so like being in the same room as another person (albeit they might be 10 meters tall or 2 foot short!).

    Great post, really interesting.

    Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

    • Thanks Bug 😉 I think playing with the size of the sculptures is supposed to give us a kick. With the father, I understand presenting it in 2/3 of the actual size means it keeps us from falling off the edge, only just. The giants are wonderful!
      You’re very lucky you got to see a Mueck exhibition!

      • oh yeah, I know – and it came to my home own too 😀 Not sure when I’ll ever get another chance, but i’d definitely want to see more.


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