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Sensation of Young British Artists- an Introduction

In 1999, when I was living in New York, something quite unusual happened.

The media were commenting on an art exhibition that was to be opened in Brooklyn.

The unusual part was that it was followed by protestors and even the mayor, Rudolph Giuliani criticised it.

The exhibition, Sensation, was a collection of contemporary art owned by Charles Saatchi and features Young British Artists.

It first took place in the Royal Academy of Art in London, then toured to Berlin.

I can now say it was one of the most important and meaningful art experiences in my life, and can only really be compared with the Tamara Lempicka exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.

I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to experience it and was able to appreciate it.

Some artwork was really shocking.

Some, I felt, delivered a cheap thrill, but others really changed the way you interpreted life.

The exhibition was accompanied with a CD commentary by David Bowie.

I can’t imagine a better choice!

There were some very powerful pieces, too many to include in one post.

Therefore, all this week I am planning to write about artists that really influenced me and left a lasting impression.

I do, however, have to attach a warning to the posts connected to Sensation.

Although I don’t think my choices are vulgar, they are not for the fainthearted.

Therefore, people of delicate sensibilities should make up their own minds whether to read the posts or not.

They will contain images of nudity and themes that some may find disturbing!

I hope you enjoy!


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