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Illustrating Beauty- Coby Whitmore

Coby Whitmore is a mainstay of American Illustration.

He spent the majority of his life and professional career in New York.

He’s best known as a painter and magazine illustrator for such publications as Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, and Saturday Evening Post.

His work typically showcased the post-war, white, American family living a life of moderate luxury.


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  1. lovemrthornton

    These are absolutely amazing!

    One funny thing is that I used to have a blog about my journey through my separation and divorce. I used the “purple” shot of the people drinking wine in one of my posts — randomly selected it — and had no idea until now who was behind it.

    Thanks for the education! And these are great to see.

    • Thanks! I started this blog to save all the things I come across online for my thesis paper. I was planning for it to be a rough draft of ideas. Then I realized that when my university runs my masters thesis through the anti plagiarism software I’ll have a lot of explaining to do 😉 I steer clear of direct links between the two.
      I’m thrilled that people learn about new things here, it’s also a constant process for me too! I sometimes remember about something wonderful that I had experienced and include it here as a homage of sorts.
      Writing about your seperation and divorce must have been tough, but I can see how “putting it out there” would help with the healing process. I hope that now that purple illustration can have positive connotations for you now that you’ve worked through things. It never ceases to amaze me how strong women are when things get tough!

  2. Your blog is fast becoming one of my favorites. I love the variety and all the exposure to art and artists I’m not familiar with. Good job.

    • Thanks SimpleGirl! That really is wonderful to hear! You are always welcome! I know I’ve said it before, but it’s the people who visit and comment that make the whole experience amazing!


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