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Armitage is a Stranger in Moscow

I really like the thought of Richard Armitage flying over Europe all the way to Moscow to film the seventh episodes of Spooks season 7.

This is my absolute favorite clip of RA as it’s quite casual and candid.

He clearly has a great sense of humour and knows how to charm the ladies.

I’m surprised the woman holding the camera (I read somewhere she was a producer on the show) did so with a steady hand.

I like this clip because it isn’t an official interview, therefore it seems like RA’s guard is down and it gives us an insight into what he might be like on set.

And let me tell you, what I see I like 🙂

By the way, the next time you watch the episodes in Moscow, please notice that, although it is shot with a grey filter and Ross and Lucas are wearing heavy coats, everyone around them is sporting T-shirts and summer dresses.

I understand that spies have many gadgets they need to carry on their person and a weapon to conceal, but surely wearing autumn / winter clothes smack in the middle of summer would make you stick out like a sore sweating thumb 😉

Ah, the (not so well achieved) illusion on television.

Images: RACentral

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  1. lovemrthornton

    Whenever I see a Richard interview, my absolute favorite part is the way that guy laughs. Straight-from-the-belly-like-a-bowlful-of-jelly-happy-Santa-Claus-top-quality laugh. It’s awesome.

    And I never noticed that about the T-shirts around the 2 of them in that episode! That’s hilarious!!!

    • Richard mentions that the taxi keeps breaking down because of the heat. I bet the actors had a bone to pick with the costume department! Then again, after Guy’s Leathers walking around Moscow in a wooly coat in summer might have been a breeze 😉

  2. It made me laugh! On my trip to New Zealand all had summer clothes and I was wearing heavy clothing for cold. It simply was not hot enough for a Brazilian. But Armitage, of course, must be accustomed to the cold!

    • LOL the Brazillian weather fascinates me. Luciana ofter comments how she’d like a cool day every once in a while. That’s hard to hear over here in Europe, when you’re actually freezing your sensitive bits off 😉

  3. You’re very observant to notice the different clothing. I only had eyes for Lucas in those scenes so I didn’t see that his coat was out of place. He looked so fine, I couldn’t stop staring. Good thing he’s fictional or I might be considered rude! 😀

    • Hihihi, I do get your point Bccmee, but at college I had to analyze costume in a film, so I guess my viewing for pleasure is ruined for life! I also have a strange fascination with Moscow and placing Richard / Lucas there really peeked my interested.
      My best friend in moving there for a year or two, so I will get to reenact my Doctor Zhivago fantasy when I visit 😉

  4. Those are my favorite scenes him so tall and lanky taking his big strides.

    Too funny as even after seeing this interview I never noticed the crowd 🙂

    Btw not sure if you ever saw this fanvid with MJ’s song


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