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In need of MORE Armitage Voice!

I do believe we are in dire need of some more Armitage Voice!

Some photographs I can like more, some less.

Some roles are more attractive, some leave us wanting more (poor Kruger)

But the voice is the one constant.

I’ve limited myself to the amount of RA audiobooks I listen to.

The simple truth is I stay up late, miss sleep just ploughing through the 12 or so hours of delicious velvet voice.

Believe me, I learnt that listening to Armitage audiobooks can be unhealthy when I was in the grips of The Lords of the North.

This is an absolute favorite of mine.

Ted Hughes ‘Song’.

He had me at ‘Oh Lady’!

In 2007 Richard Armitage read from the letters of the poet Ted Hughes in BBC Radio 4’s Afternoon Play

Last, but not least, it’s only fitting to include ‘Yours’ by Leo Marks.

I can only urge, request and… well… beg for some more Armitage audiobooks, narrations, TV commercials!


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  1. lovemrthornton

    Fabulous — thank you so much for all of these links. As a newbie, I have yet to hear them. I did request that my library order “Lords of the North,” and when it gets here, I’m the first to be allowed to borrow it. I checked out the price on Amazon, and it was a whopping $84. Maybe I should just keep looking for a copy to own at a lesser price.

    At any rate, it’s great to have these in the meantime. Thank you for these little jewels.

    • $84???? I hope that comes with a Richard Armitage of its own! That’s just beyond crazy! I’m not saying it isn’t worth it, but I thought love shouldn’t cost a thing 😉
      That’s what I loved about libraries in NY, they were so well stocked with the latest bestsellers, CD’s and videos (this was 1999-2000, so DVD’s were still unpopular).

      • lovemrthornton

        Yeah, maybe I haven’t looked in the right places yet. As far as libraries go, I’m in little po-dunk Kentucky, so that’s probably why they had to order it. Not at all like the offerings in New York (have lived there, too, so I know. 😦

        Hopefully I’ll find it soon, though!

  2. Snicker's Mom

    His voice is so soothing, just hearing it took some of my stress away.

    • lovemrthornton

      You know what, my child has Asperger’s Syndrome, and recently we have discovered the CBeeBie storytime readings. He now requests every night to hear “Mr. Richard” reading a story. So we call one up, he listens to one, turns right over and is OUT.

      It’s just amazing.

      That guy probably has no idea that when he did those readings, at least one little child would find them so calming. For us, it is a really big deal. Bedtime was horrible until recently. It’s just unbelievable.

      • Snicker's Mom

        That’s amazing! I’m really glad RA’s voice has made such a huge impact in your child’s life and yours. His voice does have an amazing calming quality. 🙂

      • That really is amazing!!! I know a parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome and I know how difficult some every day tasks can be. I now think of them as amazing children that deserve extra smart parents who can guide them and help them utilize their talents.
        That story about your son really put a smile on your face 🙂 I guess your son is really fortunate to have that special parent!
        BTW aren’t you happy you’re into Richard Armitage and not Game of Thrones or Charlie Sheen. Can you imagine what bedtime would look like then ???

        • lovemrthornton

          LOL! Game of Thrones??? What’s that??? (just kidding!)

          And thank you for your kind comments. Kiddo is 9 and has an IQ of 142 but difficulty socializing … and emotionally, he plays with children younger than he is. He also responds to stories like those that RA reads. It’s become a tranquil bedtime routine for him now, and RA is doing much good for one child in the world without realizing it.


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