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Richard Armitage at War (Less Ordinary)

BBC Radio 2 A War Less Ordinary

It honours the non-combatants who are often overlooked when discussing the wartime experience.

It is a selection of poetry and songs, all describing the personal experience of those who, though not on the front, fought and suffered during the war.

Richard Armitage lends his beautiful voice to the project by reading poems.

I don’t want to be vulgar but the combination of RA’s voice and poetry should be bottled and sold as the most potent aphrodisiac.



Here is the link to the whole program. I highly recommend it!



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  1. “I don’t want to be vulgar but the combination of RA’s voice and poetry should be bottled and sold as the most potent aphrodisiac.” I couldn’t agree with you more!! ♥ His voice is so sexy, talk about the whole package!

  2. lovemrthornton

    After you posted that beautiful short reading out of North & South here, I did a search for other audio Richard readings and discovered this poem. You’re right, it’s astoundingly beautiful. It’s like “listening” to a fine Monet hanging in a Paris gallery. I don’t have any other description for it to do it justice.

  3. lovemrthornton

    … sorry I should clarify … I was referring to the first piece you listed here. And wow, you have even more! I just saw the first video and posted a comment without realizing you had extras! LOL!

    • LOL! I’m feeling extra indulgent today 🙂 We aim to please (meaning myself and other RA nutters) . It may be drought out there, but this man is a gift that keeps on giving!


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