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Little Richard’s Childhood Toys

It’s hard to imagine Armitage as a young boy, but I think we can all agree that he must have been the cutest child ever.

I don’t doubt they must be a nude on a bearskin rug picture of him somewhere in the family album.

Oh, to get our hands on that 😉

It got me thinking of what toys could have been his favorite.

Here are a couple that were popular in the late 70s and 80s.

Perhaps Richard still has his childhood Teddy Bear tucked away somewhere in his house

My First Sony may have been his first experience of singing along to Madonna or Elton John


Maybe RA got his hands on Operation


I remember having a Pound Puppy


Maybe this Koosh Ball was waiting for RA under the Christmas Tree


Then again Rubik’s Cube was on Richard’s wish list


Maybe RA identified with HeMan and SheRa


Maybe little Richard was flexing his artistic muscle with Spirograph        


       Maybe Rich liked to snuggle up to his Care Bear

Perhaps Light Bright brightened up Richard’s day

Perhaps Hot Wheels was what made Little Richards heart aflutter

What do you think was Richard’s favorite childhood toy?

Here’s a: ‘ Hi, my name is Richard’ clip to get you in the mood to think 😉

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  1. A blast from the past. I think Care Bears were not around (yep, I am dating myself) or maybe they were and I was deprived as a child. Everytime I pass by a Care Bear i want one!

    I think Richard was probably singing and dancing as a kid. He probably had a creative imagination and put on plays for the family or something like that.

    • I have to admit that I drew from my childhood memories of being raised in England and I am a few years younger 😉
      You’re right, I bet he had a snazzy walkman and plenty of mixed tapes. I’d love to know what was on them!

  2. Between us, my brother and I had everything you listed above. But I wonder if those toys were available in England? Also, Richard was more a child of the 70s than the 80’s so he wouldn’t have had Care Bears or Pound Puppies (I’m only a couple of years younger than him and I was too old for those when they came out). I wonder if he had a Big Wheels (three-wheel, plastic “bike” that hugged the ground. I loved mine. I’m sure he had a Slinky at some point, and got in tangled up or stretched out on day one like the rest of us.

    Have you ever seen the VH1 show “I Love Toys”? It had the top 100 toys of all time on it. My brother and I were shocked at how many we had on the list. 🙂

    As for bearskin rug pictures, I think we got to see plenty of that in Between the Sheets. 😉

    • All of these were available in England. I may have compiled the list based on my own memories and I really enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane 🙂
      I bet he had the cutest bum in those bearskin rug pics. Mrs. Armitage! Spill the beans!!! Oh, the stories that woman could tell 😉

  3. lovemrthornton

    *ahem* I’ll be dating myself here, but I, too, was a child of the 70s. Most of the toys you list here were not part of our repertoire. But as I solely focused on the world of Barbie, I can’t speak for the boy side of things. And as my younger brother is RA’s age, but sadly American, the only toy I remember him playing with incessantly was his American football. If they had Operation and Matchcars in England, yes, probably! Every home in America had those two things if there was a boy at home. 🙂

    This was a fun post, and by the way, great photo of Sir Guy with the plushie.

    • I too was a Barbie doll girl. I really don’t like how they have given her a facelift, the ones from my childhood looked so much friendlier. You can imagine my surprise when I grew up and realized I would not end up looking like my Barbies. Thoroughly disapointing!

  4. This was a fun trip through the land of forgotten toys — I remember all of these and had many of them. In regard to Armitage: I was going to say what others have said; some of these are slightly offtimed from my admittedly non-English perspective — not because the toys weren’t there, but because windows for using toys are so short. I am two years older than Armitage (he’s about three years older than my brother), and I had a Lite Brite, but my brother never would have touched it. Ditto Spirograph. Care Bears would have been much more my brother’s grouping — but where we grew up, only girls, never boys. I would almost bet, though, that he must have had Legos — everyone I have ever met with whom this topic has come up did.

  5. lovemrthornton

    Y’all are making me feel ancient! I think I’m the oldest person in this little RA community! And that includes RA! (My birthday was Monday, so maybe I’m feel the extra sting. 😀

    • I know someone who’s 84. That’s the oldest I’ve encountered. Are you that old?

      • lovemrthornton




        I can happily say that the big 5-0 is still in the distance. But still.

        • I look at woman nowadays and notice age means so little. In the past 25 was old, then 30 was the barrier between sexy and granny, now woman well into their 50s look fab 🙂
          As I’m getting a third college degree my fellow students are over 10 years younger than me. Believe me when I tell you, not in a million years would I want to be so silly and a bit dim. I look at them and think whether I was so clueless at 21.

    • Happy Birthday!!! I’ve stopped guessing how old or your people in RA World are. Somehow I don’t think it matters, we’re all absolutely insane and that is ageless 😉

      • lovemrthornton

        LOL, so true! I think all women who love RA are age 13 at heart. All you have to do is look at the comments online. All I can think is, “I think I said the same thing about Donny Osmond when I was 12.”

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